Weekend Gaming: Caverna and Trajan

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERACaverna was the choice again Saturday.  We had five this time, with Joe, Kevin, Louis, Gina, and I all playing.  I had intended to focus mines and donkeys to produce food and goods, but I never quite got there.  I was too slow to get a couple of the furnishings I wanted and just wasn’t moving as smoothly as I’d like.

Louis had a really nice farm going with only two dwarves.  Joe had four of his dwarves, while Kevin and Gina each had three.  I had a full five by the end of the game, but it wasn’t until I bought the furnishing that allowed me to feed my family with my weapons.  I was then able to spend my fortune of ore on feeding my family, but it wasn’t terribly inefficient.  Joe had the most efficient and powerful farm, gathering stone and using it for points, along with plenty of gold at the end.



Gina called it a night, so the rest of us stayed up for Trajan.  I am apparently terrible at the game, but it was still fun.  I wanted to work the senate and the military for points, but really didn’t progress either very well.  Kevin had managed to get two sets of four from the workers using a couple of wildcards, and that 40 points set him well in the lead.


Until next time, happy gaming!


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