Weekend Gaming: Domination in July

I hope everyone had a great 4th of July.  We spent most of Friday just hanging around the house and playing outside.  Saturday, we went to the parade and then spent the afternoon at the lake before heading to Phil and Dana’s for grilling.  The kids loved it and the food was great.  We finished the night with some fireworks and then bedtime.  We opted to skip the big fireworks show because the weather was turning sour and everyone was dead tired.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThen on Sunday, Gina decided that she was in the mood for a longer game and invited Kevin, Joe and Phil over for Dominant Species.  Joe was the reptiles, Kevin – the birds, Phil – the amphibians, Gina – the arachnids, and I – the insects.  Early on, I tried to worked to push the glaciation away from my area towards Phil and Gina.  Those two were duking it out early, and because I ended up not taking a card, it allowed Phil to take a card that removed the elements that Gina needed to survive in her area.  That caused an extinction of her existing species.  She was able to come back on the other side of the board on the next turn, though.


I had just to an early lead, but Kevin had control of the tundra and was scoring survival points, while Joe was amassing points by dominating with lots of species on the board.  Three turns before the end, Phil had to leave, and Dana took his place.  She ended up teaming up with Gina to attack Joe and I.  I ended up getting wiped out in the upper right of the board.  I had made moves into the left side of the board, though, and started dominating the tiles away from Joe.


By the end, Joe had taken a substantial lead, and Kevin had a large influence in the tundra and was dominating plenty of tiles.  I was able to adapt to and control the entire upper left of the board, and then damage Kevin’s position in the tundra slightly.  I scored 45 points with the Ice Age card, launching me into the lead.  Then in final scoring, Joe and Kevin came close, but I managed to finish in first place.


Until next time, happy gaming!


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