Weekend Gaming: Lords of Waterdeep

Saturday was spent celebrating my son’s birthday, which was LEGO themed this year.  He had a blast.  Along with that, our friends Nick and Laura were in town.  We were joined by Kevin, Louis and Joe that evening for a game of Lords of Waterdeep with the expansion.

My Lord awarded a bonus for each corruption I had at the end of the game, so I focused on completing high point quests using said corruption.  I was expecting the game to be similar to last time where most everyone was sitting on a fair bit of corruption, but boy was I wrong.  There were a few quests that reduced corruption and a couple of buildings were built later that helped as well.

I did managed to build a decent lead, but stalled in about the sixth round.  Laura was able to overtake me and jumped out to a huge lead by the end.  Nothing is ever as it seems, though, and she didn’t have a enough end game bonuses to counteract the few corruption she still had.  Louis — on the other hand — had a bunch of end game points and finished in first.  I lost 32 points from my corruption even after my Lord bonuses and ended up in fifth, just ahead of Nick.


Gina joined us and we played 7 Wonders with all of us.  I was playing Babylon, and somehow managed to get a ton of Science cards.  I did poorly in all other categories, but I had a bunch of science plus my wonder and the guild card that let me choose which science icon to score.  After a little help from the others choosing which icons to score, I managed to beat Louis and his Giza wonder by only a couple points.

Gina wanted to finish the night with Flash Point.  Joe sat out and just observed.  We used the more challenging of the two base game maps and had all but the medic and commander roles represented.  It ended up being a fairly quick and straightforward game.  Louis was working the deck gun masterfully and hit nearly every time.  The fire was constrained to one side of the building, while the victims were typically on the other.  Nick kept the hazmat to a minimum and we quickly cleared the house of victims with zero casualties.


Until next time, happy gaming!


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