Weekend Gaming: Mystics and More

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe usual crew of Joe, Kevin, and Louis came over Saturday and we kicked things off with Terra Mystica.  I was playing the Witches; Louis – the Nomads; Joe – the Cultists; and Kevin – the Swarmlings.  With bonus points for building big buildings in the first two rounds, everyone had built their stronghold in the first round.  I started flying around with my witches trying to setup for a town in round three.  I managed to get the town built, but it cost quite a bit of resources.  

Joe was working the cult tracks pretty well, but didn’t have much of a presence on the board.  Kevin and Louis were spreading out nicely and Louis had a fairly well connected empire.  I built a second town, and caught Kevin and Joe by surprise, quickly overtaking them for the first place position in the Air cult.  I then spent the last rounds trying to increase the size of my empire, but I couldn’t quite catch Louis.  It didn’t matter, though, as Kevin had a solid position on all of the cult tracks and had built a sizable point lead during the game, winning with about 120 points.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAGina then joined us for a quick game of Glen More.  I went heavily into the distilleries and wound up taking all three taverns.  It took quite a few jumps to the front, though, so I only had nine tiles and missed a few scoring opportunities.  Joe had grabbed a ton of villages, creating a bunch of chieftains and then took the castle that provided bonuses for each village.  That was the decider, as he wracked up points with chieftains and the villages.


Kevin, Joe, and I finished with Eminent Domain.  I went with a heavy military strategy, conquering as many planets as I could.  I did alright, with two planets giving me bonuses to warfare roles.  The problem was that every planet I managed to survey required six fighters, except for the one that required five.  It took too many resources to get them flipped quickly, so I ended up in last while Kevin and Joe managed to tie at 20 with a bunch of colonized planets.


Until next time, happy gaming!



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