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2000 Point RTT Report

I played in a small 2000pt tournament this weekend.  There were only 6 players in total, so that was kind of disappointing, but there was a decent selection of armies with two Codex Space Marines, two Eldar (my friend Nick and I), an Imperial Guard and an Ork.

Here is the list I was playing:

Farseer with Doom, Fortune, Spirit Stones, Runes of Warding, Jetbike
4 Warlocks with Destructor and Jetbikes
1 Warlock with Enhance and Jetbike
1 Warlock with Embolden and Jetbike

6 Fire Dragons
Wave Serpent with Spirit Stones and Shuriken Cannons

10 Howling Banshees, Exarch with Executioner and Acrobatics
Wave Serpent with Spirit Stones, Star Engines and Shuriken Cannons

10 Dire Avengers, Exarch with dual Catapults and Bladestorm
Wave Serpent with Spirit Stones, Star Engines and Shuriken Cannons

10 Guardian Defenders with Scatter Laser
Warlock with Spear, Embolden and Spiritseer

3 War Walkers with Scatter Lasers

2 Wraithlords with Missile Launchers, Brightlance and flamers

Game 1

The first round was Annihilation with Dawn of War deployment.  I ended up playing against Ryan’s Ultramarines.  He won the roll and deployed his scouts, a tactical squad and his captain in the table corner.  I deployed nothing.  On the first turn his tanks all rolled onto the board near the corner and his Speeders sped across to the center of the board.  I brought my Serpents, Council and Guardians in behind a pair of buildings, and my Walkers and Wraithlords up the middle.  Both of those failed their night fight rolls and couldn’t shoot anything.



Ryan managed to take out all three of my Walkers on the second turn and wounded one Wraithlord once.  My second turn was fairly uneventful with the Wraithords and Guardians only managing to take out a couple Speeders, but not finishing any squads.  My Serpents and Council just moved into position.

Turn three saw my Council losing a few members to Ryan’s tanks, but little else took place for Ryan, since his Terminators were unable to do anything to the Banshees’ Serpent.  One my turn, the Banshees jumped out and assaulted the Terminators and the Dire Avengers fired on a Tactical Squad.  The Banshees killed a few Terminators and lost a few of their own in return.  The Dire Avengers only managed to kill one Marine, and then on the next turn 8 Avengers were killed by return fire.



The Banshees finally finished off the last terminator on my turn 4, and tried to consolidate into a safer location.  The Dire Avengers jumped back into their Serpent and left the scene.  The Council finally made it up to the battle and took out a pair of Razorbacks, while a Wraithlord finished off the last speeder in one of the squads.  The Fire Dragons also managed to take out a Predator.


We were able to get to turn 5, but that would be it.  The Banshees and Dragons died to bolter fire and a Wraithlord died to lascannons, but that wouldn’t be enough.  The Council took out another pair of Razorbacks and that would end the game.

Final score – Eldar: 7 Marines: 4
17 points for the Eldar

Game 2

In game 2 I played against Derek and his White Scars Space Marines.  He had three tactical squads with rocket launchers and meltaguns all in Rhinos, two lascannon Dreadnoughts, three Landspeeders (two with meltas, one with heavy bolter), two Whirlwinds and a Land Raiders with 5 assault Terminators, Cassius and Kantor.  The objective was Seize Ground with 5 objectives.  Three of the objectives were placed in a tight triangle on the right side of the board, and the other two were on the left.  Deployment was Spearhead and I won the roll but passed the first turn to Derek, who tool the far right side of the board, so I had the near left.

He combat squadded the marines and the squads with meltaguns were in the Rhinos.  They deployed aggressively along with the Land Raider, while the Rocket Launcher squads, Whirlwinds and Dreadnoughts deployed in or behind cover.  The Speeders were held in reserves.  I deployed everything on or behind a hill with an objective on the top.  The Walkers were in front flanked by the Lords.  The Serpents were to the side of the hill with the Council and Guardians behind.  The Jetbikes were held in reserves.

I realized the mistake of my deployment on the first turn when my Banshees’ Serpent was immobilized and my Fire Dragons’ Serpent was destroyed.  Four of the Dragons ended up dead, but they still managed to run towards the Land Raider and immobilize it in assault with their Meltabombs.  In order to keep the Avengers safe, they just moved fast for the entire game until the last turn.  A Wraithlord immobilized one of the Rhinos.  The Council fortuned up and jumped over the hill to engage the Terminators.



On turn two, the Terminators jumped out and assaulted the Council.  The Dreadnoughts and rocket launchers were pummeling the Walkers and Wraithlords, while the Whirlwinds fired on the Guardians, but luckily scattered and only took out one or two.


The combat between the Terminators and the Council lasted for a few turns with fairly even losses on both sides.  The Farseer was destroyed on my turn 3, but the Warlocks managed to survive and on the top of turn 4 the luck of the Terminators changed and three were killed in one go.  The Council finished off Kantor on my turn four and the remaining Warlocks moved towards an objective.


At this point the Speeders had dropped in, the Banshees had taken out one Rhino and most of its contents on the other objective to my left.  My Wraithlords and Walkers were all but destroyed and my Avenger Serpent made a dash for the objectives on the right.



On turn 5, a Speeder moved in to contest the objective with my Guardians.  Only one Warlock remained and he moved in to contest the objective in cover.  The Avenger’s Serpent tank-shocked one squad of marines on the farthest point, but the Whirlwind was still there to contest.  If the game had ended here, it would have been one objective to zero in Derek’s favor, but the game went to turn six.


The Marines finished off the Banshees and the last Warlock, and also assaulted the Wave Serpent, but did no real damage.  The Dire Avengers disembarked to try and contest more objectives, while the Guardians tried to take out the contesting Speeder, but could do nothing but immobilize it.  At this point I made a critical error and did not move my Wave Serpent.  I tried to run with the Avengers, but only rolled a 1, so they were not able to get in range to contest, and my Jetbikes were just barely out of range as well.  The Wave Serpent fell to krak grenades in assault, and the game was over.

Eldar: 0, Marines: 3
21 total points for Eldar

Game 3

The last game of the day was Capture and Control with Pitched Battle deployment.  I played against Fred’s Orks, and while I don’t know his exact list, I know that it included 30 Hard Boyz, 10 Nobz, 10 Kommandos with Snikrot and Mad Doc, some Grots, a Truk, a looted transport a big mek, a squad of tank bustas, and two warbuggies.

Fred’s objective was place behind a hill to my left and my objective was placed at the top of a 3 story building on a wide platform.  The Boys were deployed to the right with the buggies, while everything else was to my left.  Snikrot and his squad was held in reserves.  For me, the Council was in the center with the Walkers.  The Serpents were on the right, and the Guardians and Wraithlords were on the building.  The jetbikes were again in reserves.

The first turn was pretty unimpressive with just one of the buggies getting destroyed by a Wraithlord and a couple boyz dying to scatter laser fire.

On the second turn, Snikrot and company came in from my board edge and jumped the Wraithlord at the base of the tower.  They did a couple wounds to the Lord, but it survived.  The Boyz assaulted the Banshees’ Serpent and managed to destroy it, killing a couple Banshees and pinning them.  Then on my turn, the Walkers fired on the looted wagon, but didn’t do much.  The Council jumped forward and opened fire with Destructor on the Doomed boyz.  After everything was tallied, they ended up with 36 wounds, and only saved 7, so they were wiped.



On turn 3, the tankbustas jumped out and took out one of the War Walkers.  The Nobs moved up in their truk and Snikrot’s crew finished up the Wraithlord and started their climb.  The Tankbustas were the next to feel the hurt from the Council and were also wiped out by Destructor wounds.


The Nobz assaulted the Council from their truk on turn 4, and this would last the rest of the game.  Snikrot kept climbing the building, but it was slow going.  The two remaining Serpents finally moved into position near Fred’s objective and the Fire Dragons jumped out and melted the Big Mek.  Taking a chance, I decided to assault Snikrot’s squad with my War Walkers in order to keep them away from my objective.  Surprisingly it worked, since Mad Doc was the only one with a power klaw and he was too far away to damage the Walkers.




Turn 5 would be the last turn.  One of the Walkers fell to Snikrot and Mad Dok, but that was about it.  The Grots were killed by Shuriken Cannon fire and ran off the board, and that was it.

Eldar: 2, Orks: 0
Eldar total, 39 points.

In the end with sportsmanship figured in I ended up with 69 points overall, which was good enough for second place.  Derek ended up with 76 points for first place.  It was a lot of fun with some great people.  I do wish there was a bit better turnout, but that’s alright.  I ended up winning a $20 gift card to the shop, so I put that towards the purchase of the Space Hulk box.

Overall it was a good day.

Howling Banshees

I painted most of the day on Sunday and managed to finish up all these girls.  I think they worked out nicely.  I kept the standard Aspect off-white/bone color for their armor, but then I did the helmets in yellow to continue the theme with the rest of my army.

Here are all of them:

And here is a close-up of the Exarch:

Eldar vs Ultramarines

Ryan and I played another game today with our 2000pt armies.  This will be a fairly short report, as the game itself was quite short.

Farseer – Doom, Fortune, Spirit Stones, Runes of Warding, Jetbike
6 Warlocks – Jetbikes, 1 Embolden, 1 Enhance, 4 Destructor
10 Dire Avengers – Exarch, Bladestorm, Dual Catapults
Wave Serpent – Spirit Stones, Shuriken Cannon
6 Fire Dragons
Wave Serpent – Spirit Stones, Shuriken Cannon, Star Engines
10 Howling Banshees – Exarch, Executioner, Acrobatics
Wave Serpent – Spirit Stones, Shuriken Cannon, Star Engines
3 Guardian Jetbikes – Shuriken Cannon
10 Guardian Defenders – Scatter Laser
Warlock – Singing Spear, Embolden
Wraithlord – Bright Lance, EML
Wraithlord – Bright Lance, EML
3 War Walkers – Scatter Lasers

3 Tactical squad, 2 with Heavy Bolters and Power Fists, 1 with Multi-melta
Sniper Scout Squad with Tellion
2 Razorbacks with Lascannons
2 Razorbacks with Heavy Bolters
2 Predators with Lascannons and side Heavy Bolters
3 Landspeeders, with Multi-melta and Heavy Flamer
2 Landspeeders, one with Multi-melta, the other with Multi-melta and Flamer
5 Terminators with Power Fists and Storm Bolters
Marine Captain

We rolled for the game and got Seize Ground with Pitched Battle deployment.  There were 4 loot counters, with three on the right side and one in the open on the left.  Ryan won the roll and decided to go second.

In deployment, I placed my Serpents to my left with the Dragons and Banshees in front.  The Council was placed in the center, and the rest was to my right near a hill.  The jetbikes were placed in reserve.  Ryan split his marines into combat squads and deployed in the Razorback (one squad was next to the Scouts’ Razorback).  The tanks were placed in a line along the center of his side, with the Scouts and remaining members of the combat squads hidden behind the Predators and a hill.  The Landspeeders and Terminators would deepstrike.


Ryan did not steal the initiative, and on my turn I rushed the Council and the Serpents forward.  Using the Star Engines, I parked two of my Serpent right at the end of his tank line.  The Council moved into the center.  The only action in shooting was the War Walkers taking out two of the scouts.  Ryan did not move anything other than moving one combat squad into the empty Razorback.  He also did very little in shooting as well, only killing one of the Warlocks.


Turn 2 is where things went very badly for Ryan.  My Wraithlords managed to do very well and each destroyed a Predator.  The Fire Dragons and Banshees disembarked and the Dragons melted the Razorback at the end, killing 3 of the Marines inside and only one of the Dragons in the resulting explosion.  The Council moved forwards, and threatened the tanks.  In assault, the Banshees attacked the remaining Marines, but only killed one.  The Council jumped the tanks and managed to get into contact with 3 of them.  Since the tanks hadn’t moved the turn previous, the Council hit automatically and with Strength 9 Witchblades against armor of 10, the Council made short work of all three tanks.


At this point, Ryan felt like the game was pretty much over.  We finished out the turn, but with rapid fire from the marines only killing 2 more Warlocks, we decided to call the game at that point.

Eldar Victory!

I felt kind of bad at the end of this one.  It was pretty lopsided.  We discussed some tactics, and things I would have done differently, so we’ll see how things go next time.

2000pts Eldar vs Ultramarines

In preparation for the tournament this week, and due to the fact that we have the week off from work, Ryan and I have decided to get together and play some games.  I was playing my mixed Eldar and he was playing the same tank heavy Marines, with the addition of 6 Land Speeders (4 of which were proxies, since his hadn’t come in yet).  Here are the lists:

Farseer – Doom, Fortune, Spirit Stones, Runes of Warding, Jetbike
6 Warlocks – Jetbikes, 1 Embolden, 1 Enhance, 4 Destructor
10 Dire Avengers – Exarch, Bladestorm, Dual Catapults
Wave Serpent – Spirit Stones, Missile Launcher
6 Fire Dragons, Exarch with Dragon’s Breath Flamer
Wave Serpent – Spirit Stones, Shuriken Cannon
10 Howling Banshees – Exarch, Executioner, Acrobatics
Wave Serpent – Spirit Stones, Shuriken Cannon
3 Guardian Jetbikes – Shuriken Cannon
10 Guardian Defenders – Scatter Laser
Warlock – Singing Spear, Embolden
Wraithlord – Bright Lance, EML
Wraithlord – Bright Lance, EML
3 War Walkers – Scatter Lasers


3 Tactical squad, 2 with Heavy Bolters and Power Fists, 1 with Multi-melta
Sniper Scout Squad with Tellion
2 Razorbacks with Lascannons
2 Razorbacks with Heavy Bolters
2 Predators with Lascannons and side Heavy Bolters
3 squads of 2 Landspeeders, each with Multi-melta and Heavy Flamer

The game today was rolled for and it was decided that we’d be playing Annihilation with Spearhead deployment.  I won the roll to go first and passed the first turn to Ryan.  Ryan deployed the Landspeeders at the front edge of his deployment zone, followed by his tanks and then the troops on foot in back.  I deployed the Guardians behind a hill flanked by the Wraithlords.  The Walkers were towards the center, while my Serpents and Council were on the opposite side.  The Dire Avenger and Banshee Serpents were in front with the Council and Fire Dragons behind.


Turn 1:

I did not attempt to steal the initiative and Ryan started the game by moving everything forward.  Two of the Speeders moved fast to get a cover save, while the other 4 took shots at the Avengers’ Serpent, but only managed to shake it.  The tanks were able to put two wounds on a Wraithlord and shake the Banshees’ Serpent with Lascannons and shake one of the Walkers with the Heavy Bolters.

On my turn, the Serpents sped towards the other end of my deployment edge to kind of flank the Marines.  The Council was Fortuned and sped up the center of the board.  The Walkers, Lords and Guardians all moved forward and took shots at the Speeders.  They managed to destroy one from each of the squads that fired the first turn, and then took the weapon from one and immobilize another.  So at that point there was two fully operational Speeders, one immobilized and another with just a flamer.


Turn 2:

Ryan’s Flamer Speeder sped into my deployment zone, while the other two moved forward and fired on the Seer Council, doing no damage.  The tanks all rolled forwards and also targeted the Council, but in the end only took out one Warlock and wounded the Farseer.

Again the Farseer Fortuned the Council, and they sped forward to take on the two Speeders.  They did little significant damage with shooting, but in assault they would be able to catch both Speeders as well as the immobilized Speeder and take them out with their Witchblades.  My Jetbikes also came on and with the help of the Guardians, immobilize the one remaining Speeder.  The Walkers fired on a Heavy Bolter Razorback and turned it into a weaponless, immobile bunker.  The Avengers’ Serpent fired on the other Heavy Bolter Razorback and immobilized it, while the other Serpents moved into position.


Turn 3:

This would be our last turn, due to time constraints.  Again the tanks rumbled forwards.  A lascannon shot was able to finish off the wounded Wraithlord, and a blast from the Vindicator took out a Walker.  The Marines marched forwards and fired on the Council, but again only managed to kill one and wound the Farseer.

All hell broke lose on my turn, as the Banshees charged out from their Serpent towards the Scouts wiping them out.  The Council burned up 6 of the Tactical Marines with Destructor and then charged them leaving 3.  The rest of the Eldar were unsuccessful at shooting any more of the tanks, so in the end the game finished with 1 killpoint for the Marines and 3 points for the Eldar.

Eldar Victory!





In almost any other scenario, I am able to take out Ryan’s tanks with no problems what-so-ever (much to his chagrin) but in annihilation, I can only roll 3’s and 4’s.  The Landspeeders had me worried in the beginning, but I was able to neutralize them early.  Bad rolling on Ryan’s part really helped me early in the game.  The Banshees definitely outperformed.  They were saved by the fact that it was the last turn, as standing out in the open is no good for them.  Finally, I need to drop the Missile Launchers from my Serpent.  They are rarely helpful in shooting, and I really think that the extra speed from Star Engines on the Banshee and Dragon Serpents could come in useful.

Completed Warlocks on Jetbikes

The Warlock portion of my Seer Council is now complete.  Here they are in all their glory.








WIP: Warlock Highlights and shading.


I was hoping to finish these tonight, but the highlights took longer than expected.  They just need some detailing on the gems, swords and control panels to finish them up.

WIP: More Warlocks

More work on the Warlocks.  Now all that they need is some detailing and cleanup.



Last Three Plays:


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