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Malifaux: Bette Noir

Here is Bette Noir from my Malifaux Resurrectionist crew.

I did something a bit different from the way I normally paint, and I used very little in the way of washes.  I really only used them for a bit on the skin, and the blood on the knives.  Otherwise all of the shading and highlighting was done using layering and blending paints.  I’ve very happy with the way the dress and hair turned out.  It could be a bit smoother between shades, but it still looks good.  The skin got a bit washed out in the picture, there is a bit more shading that apparent here.  As for the face, I’m not terribly fond of the eyes.  Not really sure how to do them better,though.

Overall I am quite happy with the way she turned out.

Malifaux: Nicodem vs. Lilith

Ryan and I played a 25 point game of Malifaux last night.  I was playing Nicodem, Mortimer, a Vulture, Bette Noir, and a Punk Zombie.  Ryan’s crew had Lilith, a Large Nephilim, the Cherub and Hans.

We rolled for strategies, and I ended up with Reconnoiter (secure table quarters) and Ryan got Assassinate.  We then deployed in opposing corners of the table.

We were pretty evenly matched for most of the game.  Hans was causing problems and shooting zombies, but Nico always had a group of zombies around himself as a shield.  I was able to get the Nephilim and Lilith down to one wound, but then Bette spent two activations completely whiffing at here and ended up dying after doing a lot of nothing.  On turn 5, the Nephilim was able to kill Mortimer, but couldn’t get to Nico.  Nico then proceeded to kill the Nephilim with a well executed Decay.  On the final turn, Lilith got into combat with Nico, but was unsuccessful.  Nico proceeded to finish off Lilith with a well placed Cane Strike and then managed a very luck draw to resurrect a second Punk Zombie, allowing me to claim three table quarters at the end of the game.

It was a very fun game, and we are starting to really get the hang of our crews and the game in general.  It was a very close game, but Nico just proved too resilient.  And I was able to get luck to turn my way at the end of the game, snatching the win.

Malifaux Battle Report: Nicoderm vs. Viktorias

My wife and I played only our second game last night. She was playing her Outcasts (Viktorias, 2 Ronin and Taelor) and I was playing my Resurrectionists (Nicoderm, Mortimer, 2 Punk Zombies). The table was 3’x3′ with three small buildings on the left, a group of trees in the near right corner and hills surrounding the area. The center of the board was relatively clear of obstructions.

The Outcasts deployed in the far left corner behind the buildings, and I deployed in the trees. Outcasts were going for Reconnoiter and I was going for a slaughter.

The first couple turns consisted of everyone moving forward, my zombies raced forward to get into combat, while Nico and Mort hung back and tried to generate some zombies with no luck. The gun-Vik moved straight at me with a Ronin, while the other Vik, Ronin and Taelor made a flanking move around the buildings to my left.

I was unable to get my Zombies into combat before the gun-Vik got to them, so my Punks were dead quickly and then Nico was surrounded. He was able to kill the gun-Vik with Decay, and get some Mindless Zombies, but by then it was too late.

At the end all, of the Resurrectionists were wiped out and the Viks were able to secure three of the four table quarters for the win.

Death Marshal #1

The base is not complete, but here is the first of the three Death Marshals.

Things I like:
The coffin turned out looking great.  I love the lighter brown
The gun looks good
The skin tone worked out how I hoped

Things that could be better:
The face turned out a bit chalky
The highlighting on the cloak could be a bit better
There doesn’t seem to be enough color, but I’m not sure what more could be done.

Malifaux: The Judge

I finished up the Judge tonight.  Overall I’m pretty happy with how he turned out.

Things I like:
The sword and the chain
The hair
The face and bandanna

Things that could have gone better:
The drybrushing, especially on the coat
Some of the detailing on the pants

Malifaux: The Judge

As an early birthday present, my wife bought us the Malifaux game rules and two of the boxed sets.  She chose the Viktorias set from the Outcasts faction, and I chose the Lady Justice set from the Guild faction.  The models are beautiful and a good portion of the reason I was interested in the game.  We haven’t actually played a game yet, but I decided to start painting up one of the figures tonight.  I started with the Judge.  Here he is in his partially completed glory.  I still need to do some highlighting and final touches, but I’m really liking the way he’s turned out so far, and he’s been a blast to paint.

the Judge front

the Judge back


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