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WIP: Wolf Scouts

First nearly complete member of my band of Wolf Scouts.  There’s still some detailing and highlighting to be done, but I think he turned out pretty nice.

Finished Necron C’Tan Nightbringer

Finished up the Necron C’Tan last night.  I think it turned out quite well, though I’m not sure if I like the way the scythe worked out.  The blue/purple mix on the wrap turned out much better than I expected.  Now I just hit it with a matte sealer to take the shine off the cloak.

WIP: Necron Nightbringer and a new Camera

For our wedding anniversary, my wife and I bought a new camera.  It’s an Olympus PEN E PL-1.  It has an interchangeable lens and almost all of the functionality of a DSLR camera, but designed for dummies like us that are used to a point-and-shoot.  All I know is that we’ve had it for a day and we love it.  It takes great pictures.

Here are a couple pics of the Nightbringer C’Tan that I am working on.

One thing that the new camera really highlights, is that my lame photo setup consisting of a couple pieces of paper and a desk lamp just isn’t going to cut it anymore 😀

WIP: Necron Nightbringer

Here are some bad cellphone pictures of the Nightbringer that I am working on for my Necrons.  His flesh and the scarabs are Bleached Bone, washed with Devlan Mud and then blended up to white.  I think it turned out quite well and the picture really doesn’t do it justice.  Then the cloak is Liche Purple, and the bottom part has highlights blended from purple up to near white.  The upper portions will get the same treatment, while the ribbon part surrounding him will be highlighted in turquoise.

WIP: Grey Hunters

A squad of grey hunters with squad markings.

WIP: Space Wolves

Working some Grey Hunters and Wolf Guard up to a tabletop standard for Saturday.

WIP: Space Wolves Landspeeder Free-hand

Tough to see with the camera phone photo, but I did some free-hand “nose-art” on the tail of my Landspeeder.  I tried for a classic World War II style pin-up girl, and I think it worked out alright for my first attempt at a free-hand in ages.  The text reads “Herja’s Hand” in Norse after on of the fabled Valkyries.

WIP: Space Wolf Landspeeder

WIP: Space Wolf Landspeeder, and a test of posting from my phone.

Space Wolves Gallery

Some of the new units that were painted up for the 1250 tournament a couple weekends ago.  The Thunderwolves and Long Fangs had been painted previously.

First Necron!

I picked up some Necrons recently, so today I decided to try the paint scheme I’ve been thinking of. I’m going for kind of an ancient Egyptian theme with them, while staying away from the standard all silver robots.

I like the general look of the theme, and I think it will look great on the tabletop.  I’m not very happy with how streaky the bone color looks.  I’m not sure if that’s because of old paint or just not enough water.  The highlights also look a lot brighter in the pictures than they do on the actual model, but they could be blended in a bit more.  Finally, I’m not sure of the look of the gun.  I think it needs a bit more variation on the gun itself, and the gun barrel effect is just a placeholder until I can think of something better.


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