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WIP: Grey Hunters

A squad of grey hunters with squad markings.

WIP: Space Wolves

Working some Grey Hunters and Wolf Guard up to a tabletop standard for Saturday.

WIP: Space Wolves Landspeeder Free-hand

Tough to see with the camera phone photo, but I did some free-hand “nose-art” on the tail of my Landspeeder.  I tried for a classic World War II style pin-up girl, and I think it worked out alright for my first attempt at a free-hand in ages.  The text reads “Herja’s Hand” in Norse after on of the fabled Valkyries.

WIP: Space Wolf Landspeeder

WIP: Space Wolf Landspeeder, and a test of posting from my phone.

Space Wolves Gallery

Some of the new units that were painted up for the 1250 tournament a couple weekends ago.  The Thunderwolves and Long Fangs had been painted previously.

Warhammer 40k RTT Report

I played in a 1250 point RTT on Saturday using my Space Wolves.  It was a lot of fun.  There were 8 players there to start, and a 9th showed up at the start of round 2.  The armies present were two Imperial Guards, two Orks, Dark Eldar, Blood Angels, Necrons, Grey Knights and Space Wolves.  The organizer had his Daemons available.

Game 1:

My first game was against Fred who was playing Imperial Guard.  His list included a Valkyrie full of Vets, a big blob of troops with Lascannons, a small squad of troops, a Hydra, an Earthshaker cannon and a Leman Russ.  The game was annihilation and there was basically no terrain on the table at the beginning.  Then each turn a large blast sized “crystal forest” would randomly pop up on the field.

I ended up going second, and I didn’t think I’d have much luck against all the big guns.  Luckily Fred rolled pretty badly all game, and nothing was touched on the first turn.  I then returned by blasting his smaller Guard squad with my heavy bolters causing them to flee.  My Long Fangs knocked the Valkyrie out of the sky, and then a squad of my Wolves finished it off.  Those Wolves did last long, though, as they took a wound from the Leman Russ and then got shot by the Vets’ plasma pistols.  The one wolf failed his shield save against the plasma pistol, and then they failed their leadedship test and ran off the board.

That was the last that I’d really lose, though.  My Wolf Lord and the other squad of Wolves made it across the board and ate basically all of his army.  By the end of turn 4, I had basically tabled him, and finished it up turn 5 scoring 47 of the 48 points available.

Game 2:

The second game was against my good friend Nick’s Orkz.  He was running with two Battlewagons, one with a few Burnas and Mekz with a big gun.  The other was full of Boyz.  He also had a small squad of Nob Bikers, a large blob of Boyz and some Lootas.  I was playing on the same table, but this time we had terrain and the objective was to capture terrain pieces.

Things started off badly with us forgetting about the Night Fight portion of Dawn of War, so his big gun was able to immobilize one of my Razorbacks.  My Wolves all made it around the side of a building and hit his big squad of Boyz all at once.  They proceeded to get chomped by the wolves quite quickly.  Later in the game the Wolf Lord made it’;s way over to eat the Lootas, while a single Thunderwolf tried to take the Bikers, but came up short.  One of the more entertaining battles, though, was a squad of my Grey Wolves taking on a squad of his Boys from the Battlewagon.  The Wolves managed to win combat, and then swept them up.

On the last turn, one of my Grey Hunter squads was able to regroup and just barely run back to the trees in the center of the table.  The final results had the Nobs holding one hill, and my Grey Hunters holding some ruins and the central trees.  Neither of us managed to get the second or third objectives.  I ended up with 22 points, bringing my total to 69.

Game 3:

The last game was against Jerad’s Orkz.  He had two Looted Wagons, three big squads of Boyz, a squad of Gretchin and a Big Mek.  We were playing for three objectives; Jerad placed one in each corner and then one in the center.  I decided to make the one in the far corner the primary.  Jerad then proceeded to win the roll-off, which hurt my chances from the beginning.

I deployed my Wolves as far forward as possible, and then launched them on the first turn towards the Orks.  I was able to destroy both Wagons on the first turn, but other than that things went poorly.  One squad of Wolves along with the Lord charged into one of his Boyz squads and I immediately regretted it.  Obviously my last game had made me overconfident.  I only managed to kill 7 orks and all three of my Wolves had taken wounds.   On the next turn, my other squad of Wolves got shot up my his Boyz and each took a wound.  The wolves tried to charge those same boyz, and ended up doing very little damage before dying.  The original assault also ended up badly for my wolves, and the Wolf Lord perished on the following turn.

At that point, I had really no chance of killing all those Orks.  I ended up driving my Razorbacks around trying to avoid the Orks.  At the bottom of turn 5, I had managed to contest  the central objective, control the objective in my deployment zone with a single marine, and I had units in all four quarters for the secondary.  Sadly, the game went on to turn 6.  The lone marine died, and I was unable to contest the center.  I did still get the secondary objective, though for a total of 14 points.

I learned after the game, though, that I would have needed to get the full primary in order to win, as the Grey Knights player had massacred his opponent, scoring nearly full points and edging Jerad out of first place by a single point.  I ended up in third place, but I did pick up the Best Painted award, which I used for a box of Necron Warriors.

It was a well run tournament, and while the first mission was a bit goofy, it worked out alright.  The store has decided to stop hosting 40k and Fantasy tournaments on the same day, so there should be a lot more participants in the future, which should be great.

And now for all the pictures:

1250 Space Wolves

This is the list I plan on running at an RTT tomorrow.  It’s mostly an excuse to use the seven Thunderwolf Cavalry models I own, but it should be a lot of fun.

Wolf Lord with Thunderwolf, Wolf Claw, Storm Shield, Wolf Tail Talisman

5 Grey Hunters, one Meltagun
Razorback with Heavy Bolter

5 Grey Hunters, one Meltagun
Razorback with Heavy Bolter

5 Grey Hunters, one Meltagun
Razorback with Heavy Bolter

3 Wolf Guard, each with a Combi-melta (they join the Grey Hunters)

Fast Attack:
3 Thunderwolf Cavalry, one with a Thunderhammer and Storm Shield, another with Meltabombs

3 Thunderwolf Cavalry, one with a Power Fist, and one with a Storm Shield

Heavy Support:
5 Long Fangs, 4 with Missile Launchers

5 Long Fangs, 4 with Missile Launchers

It all adds up to 1249 points.

As far as strategy goes, the Cavalry will start out behind the Razorbacks for cover while advancing to midfield.  Once there, they should be able to go out and munch on things.  Each model in both units is unique to take advantage of wound allocation tricks.

I’m really looking to play this, as it should be fun in general, plus I’ve been working hard this last week to get things painted.  All three Razorbacks are done, the Thunderwolves and Long Fangs have been done for a while, and one squad of Grey Hunters is finished.  All that is unfinished are the other two Grey Hunter squads, so this will be the most completely painted army I’ve played in a long time, so it should look great on the table.

Weekend Gaming: Football Weekend!

Pretty fun weekend around here.  On Friday we spent the afternoon over at our friends’ house where we celebrated their daughter’s first birthday and watch the NDSU Bison football team win the FCS championship.  It was a blast.

That evening, Louis, Kevin, Ryan and Joe joined us for games.  First up was Acquire.  I started one of the smaller companies, and then it immediately grew to the point where it wasn’t going away until the end of the game.  Because of this, I wasn’t able to get into any other companies.  I barely had enough money to get into a tie for the most shares in my company.  In the end, Joe and I tied for that one, and he had controlled enough of the smaller mergers to easily take the win.

Next up was Railways of the Western U.S.  My baron required that I connect and industrialize Dodge City and Santa Fe.  Because of this I was doing a lot of shipping in and around Denver.  Sadly, because I went last on the first turn, I wasn’t able to snag the Hotel for Denver.  Louis go that card, so I was feeding him a bunch of points even while I was making points for myself.  Kevin and Gina had control of the West coast and were making some deliveries there, while Ryan had decided to go for the Golden Spike bonus and built all the way from Omaha to San Fransisco.  Joe was all alone in the lower Midwest, and Louis had a solid grip on the Salt Lake City region.  Louis was making consistent 3-4 point deliveries and with the bonus points I was providing him, he easily won the game.  Over all, though, it was a pretty low scoring game, with all of us sitting at just over 20 points (Louis had about 30).

We followed that up with a quick game of 7 Wonders.  I was playing Rhodes, and focused pretty heavily on military.  I was having difficulties, though, as I wasn’t able to get Stone until the end of Age 2, so I wasn’t able to start on my Wonder.  Then I forgot about Iron and wasn’t able to build the second stage of my Wonder.  Regardless, I still did alright with maximum military points and two very strong Guilds.  It wasn’t enough, though, as Ryan had pulled off 38 points worth of Science and edged me out by 3 points.

The last game of the night was Puerto Rico, with Ryan sitting out.  I went heavily into a Trading/Building strategy.  I was able to grab both Markets, and was routinely selling Coffee and Tobacco for big money.  I was able to build three of the big buildings.  Louis was doing a very strong shipping strategy, while Kevin and Gina were more balanced.  Joe was also doing a lot of Trading and Buying.  In the end, I was able to put up 43 points, which just barely beat out Louis’ 41 points.

Sunday was spent watching more football, while I worked on painting some Razorbacks for my Space Wolves army.  I am nearly done with one, which just needs detailing and weathering.  Here is a work-in-progress picture:

Overall a great first weekend of 2012.  Happy gaming!

Thunderwolf Group Shot

Now that I have finished up painting and basing all of my Thunderwolves, I figured I had better post a group shot of them.

The five on the outside are from Mythicast.  The one in back with the Thunderhammer is made from a Heroclix wolf, and the one in the front-center is a Dungeons and Dragons Vampire Dire Wolf.

The snow bases were done with a mix of baking soda, white glue and a bit of white paint.  I started by mixing it all up to a gloppy mess, and then smearing it on the bases.  Once that mix was on, I sprinkled some dry baking soda over the top.  The final step was sealing it all up with a couple coats of Krylon Matte sealant.

Final Thunderwolves

I finished up the last three Thunderwolves for my Space Wolf army a few nights ago.  They still need basing, but otherwise they are all done. Here they are in all their glory:


Last Three Plays:


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