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Weekend Gaming: ‘Ard Boyz and More

This weekend I visited my parents for a weekend packed full of activities.

Friday night, we all went to the final night of the Pyrotechnic Guild International (PGI) convention.  Things were a bit delayed due to some rain, but once the show got rolling it was all fireworks all night.  There were three shows and each one of them out-performed most 4th of July celebrations.  They were absolutely amazing.

On Saturday I played in the preliminary round of the Games Workshop ‘Ard Boyz tournament.  I was playing Space Wolves and I was working with only a couple hours sleep, so things got off to a rough start.  There were 11 people in attendance with two Space Marines (Vulkan and bikers), one Blood Angels, one Imperial Guard, one Tau, one Tyranids, one Eldar, two Orks, one Grey Knights and one Space Wolves (me).

The first game I played against Eldar.  He had a bit of everything, with two Wave Serpents with Fire Dragons, Guardian bikes, Dire Avengers, Warp Spiders, Dark Reapers, the Avatar, Yriel, a Wraithlord, a Vyper and a War Walker.  After winning first turn, I completely messed up my deployment.  I completely forgot about the Night Fighting and the fact that he had Dark Reapers, so my Long Fangs were deployed in the open on a hill.  His side had better area terrain and he made the most of it.  I was able to kill the Avatar first turn with missiles, but that was it.  From then it was pretty back and forth.  His Reapers, Fire Dragons and Yriel killed off my Long Fangs, while I whittled away his stuff.  Neither of us were able to kill the traitor, though.  I tried to get the Eldar traitor across the board, but his Rhino got hung up on some ruins.  As for his, I completely failed to kill either of his Wave Serpents, even though I filled them full of missiles, lascannon, and melta fire.  They spent the game ramming and tank shocking things, and cause one of my units to run off the board.  My scouts also managed to do nothing of real note.  They attacked the Eldar from the rear and hit a Dire Avenger squad, but then proceeded to take 3 rounds to kill them and ended up getting blasted away by the Dark Reapers.  At the end we had only managed 4 turns and he ended up with the minor win, with 11 KP to my 9.

Second game, on the same table against Imperial Guard.  He had 6 Leman Russ tanks, a Medusa, three Scout walkers, two squads of vets in Chimeras, Marbo, and a couple big blobs of infantry.  This game went a bit better.  My Long Fangs kept to the trees and were able to survive the brunt of the cannon fire, while the rest of my army moved up.  I was able to kill or stall his more mobile stuff, so I was able to get onto the objective early.  The highlight was a single Vet with a demolition charge blowing up a Razorback in the middle of the table, and then wrecking another when I tried to tank shock him.  He finally died to plasma gun fire from another Razorback.  I was able to claim three objectives (center, mine, and non-deployment) and contest the other two, which gave me a massacre.

The third game was against the Blood Angels, who had the Sanguinor, 2 Death Company Dreads, a Death Company in a Land Raider, a Tac squad in Land Raider, an Assault Squad in a land Raider, 3 Heavy Support Dreads and a Librarian Dread in Drop Pod.  We had a discussion with the judge beforehand, and he ruled the Night Fighting was not in effect because it wasn’t listed in the rules packet.  My opponent gave me second turn for whatever reason, and started with his DC Dreads at the center line.  He then moved them up and dropped his Librarian right in front of my edge.  On my turn, everything rolled in and two of my Speeders went to work on the DC Dreads, killing one and immobilizing the other.  My Wolf Guard blasted the Librarian and killed it.  After that, though, things didn’t go as smoothly.  The Sanguinor ate up two of my Long Fangs, and his Land Raiders were blasting apart my Razorbacks.  I just could not get a damage result to fall my way on the Dreads or the Land Raiders.  I fired every melta I had into the Raiders and either missed, couldn’t penetrate or just didn’t do any real damage.  In the end, I had finally wrecked one Land Raider and half of his Dreads were dead and the other half were damaged.  I had failed to finish the Sanguinor or any of his infantry.  I had managed to get 1300-ish VP and he got 1000-ish.  So that was only good enough for a draw.

My finally tally for the day was 44 points after a minor loss, a massacre and a draw.  That was good enough for third place and a new Finecast Njal Stormcaller.  First place went to the biker Space Marines and second went to the Eldar (if I remember correctly).  I did find out during the second game that they were only doing 2 hour games, instead of the 2 and a half that we were supposed to, so that was a bit annoying, considering the first game would have changed dramatically in a few turns.  Other than that, it was a well run tournament with some fun guys.  Now I get to plan a trip to the semifinals.

Finally, Sunday I spent all day at the airshow.  We watch the Blue Angels fly, along with a bunch of stunt pilots.  My son and daughter loved it, and it was a nice way to finish off the weekend.

Anyways, I leave you with some pictures from Saturday.  Happy gaming!

1850 RTT Recap

I played in a Warhammer 40k tournament this last Saturday.  It was a standard 3 game setup with battlepoints deciding the winner.  Apparently a bunch of the guys who had normally played Fantasy decided to play 40k again, so we had 10 players total.  As for armies, there were Space Marines, 2 Dark Angels (1 Ravenwing & 1 Deathwing), Black Templars, Blood Angels, Chaos Marines, Grey Knights, Space Wolves (me), Tyranids and Orks.

I was playing the list I posted last Friday.

Game 1 was kill points with Table Quarters for bonus points and Spearhead deployment.  I played against Jeremy and his Ravenwing army.  It consisted of a ton of Bikes, Attack Bikes, Land Speeders and Samael.  I won first turn and deployed planning to take advantage of some ruins.  He started off on the wrong foot and forgot to make his scout move, leaving his bike open to my missiles.  In response I took out a full squad of bikes, an attack bike and a speeder on the first turn.  The game pretty much consisted of me staying put and shooting his bikes while he tried to get close enough to assault.  He finally made it into assault with Logan, and forced Logan’s squad to run.  He decided to finish Logan off personally, though and re-assaulted on the next turn.  Logan and his Captain killed each other, but my one Long Fang survived the battle.  In the end I won with full battle points and two table quarters for a total of 23.

Game 2 was an odd objective game with each player controlling 4 objectives.  You could only control your own objectives for points, but if you spent a turn in control of your opponent’s objective, it would be destroyed.  It also had a goofy diagonal deployment.  My opponent was Steve with his Grey Knights.  He had a Dreadnought, a Dreadknight, a Strike Squad, a Pugation Squad, two Interceptor Squads and a big squad of Terminators with his Grand Master.  He won the roll off and took first turn.  He then decided to Deep Strike most of his army, with only his Purgation Squad, a Strike Squad and the Dreadnought in play.  This worked out well for me, as I lined everything up on my deployment edge.  He couldn’t hit me with anything on the first turn, while I opened fire and took out the Dread and the Strike Squad.  Turn two, he lost a Strike Squad to the warp.  The rest of his stuff came in turn 3.  A Lone Wolf took on the Dreadknight for a few turns, but took it down.  The Terminators took on Logan, but Logan and his squad were finally able to finish them off with the help of a Thunderwolf.  In the end I was able to claim all four of my objectives, and destroyed three of his, giving me 26 points for a total so far of 59.

The last game was straight up kill points with Spearhead deployment.  I was playing against JJ’s Black Templars with three Land Raiders, one with a squad of Terminators, one with a small squad of Templars and another with a large squad of Templars and the Emperor’s Champion.  He also had a Land Speeder and a Rhino with some Templars and Lascannon.  I deployed a bit back from the center with my Thunderwolves and Lone Wolves at the very front.  One Wolf and Thunderwolf died first turn to the Terminators.  The other Lone Wolf got stuck in with the small squad of Templars, and the other Thunderwolf was able to get up and wreck one of the Land Raiders.  I wasn’t able to destroy another Land Raider until turn 3, but then my Lascannons lit up and I took down the other two Land Raiders in turns 3 and 4.  My Scouts took out the squad from the Rhino after it was destroyed by Rocket, but then died to the Emperor’s Champ.  The EC’s squad was able to hole up behind a hill out of site, so all that was left was his Terminators, who chewed through a couple of my units before the game ended.  At the end, I was able to eek out a 7 to 6 killpoint difference for 12 points.

At the end of the day, I was the only player to win all three games and with the most battle points I was able to place first.  The tournament was a lot of fun, and it was a great change to have all the 40k players back.  Now to wrap things up with the pictures from the event.


2200 Point Tournament Report

This last weekend I played in a local 2200 point tournament.  There were 5 players for 40k (Dark Angels, Space Wolves, Black Templars, Codex: Space Marines, and Eldar) and 7 for Fantasy (Beastmen, Warriors of Chaos, Beast of Chaos, Skaven, Wood Elves, High Elves, and another that I forget).  I was running my Herohammer Space Wolves list, seen below.

Logan Grimnar
Njal Stormcaller – Runic Terminator Armor
Torrand the Bear – Wolf Lord, Thunderwolf, Thunderhammer, Storm Shield, Runic Armor, Wolftooth Necklace, Wolf Tail Talisman, Saga of the Bear
Gunnarr Orcsbane – Wolf Lord, Thunderwolf, Frost Blade, Belt of Russ, Runic Armor, Wolftooth Necklace, Wolf Tail Talisman, Saga of the Warrior Born

10 Grey Hunters – 2 Melta Guns, Wolf Standard, Drop Pod
5 Wolf Guard – 1 in Terminator Armor with Power Fist and Cyclone Missile Launcher, 4 in Power Armor with 1 Combi-melta and 1 Melta Bombs
5 Wolf Guard – 1 in Terminator Armor with Power Fist and Cyclone Missile Launcher, 3 in Power Armor with 1 Combi-melta and 1 Melta Bombs, and Arjac Rockfist

Einarr Ulfson – Lone Wolf with Terminator Armor, Chainfist and Storm Shield
Vali Homgeirr – Lone Wolf with Terminator Armor, Chainfist and Storm Shield

Heavy Support:
5 Long Fangs with 4 Missile Launchers and Drop Pod
5 Long Fangs with 4 Missile Launchers

First up, here are some pictures of the various armies.  Excuse me is I get the fantasy armies wrong.  I’m not as familiar with them and I didn’t take notes.

High Elves vs. Beasts of Chaos

Warriors of Chaos vs. Wood Elves (I think)

Skaven vs Beastmen

Giant Rat Thing

Another Giant Rat Thing

Space Marine Bikers vs. Dark Angels

Now for my games.  I will just be doing highlights rather than full reports.

My first game was against JJ’s Black Templar.  I knew this would be a tough game, since both of our armies are strong in assault and JJ is a good player.  I just didn’t realize that I would be fighting Lady Luck as well.  JJ’s army consisted of 3 Land Raiders; 1 full of Terminators, 1 with the Emperor’s Champion and a full Marine squad, and 1 with 5 Marines.  He also had 2 Rhinos with 5 Marines, each with a Lascannon and Plasmagun, and a drop pod with a Dreadnought.

The mission was 5 objectives with Pitched Battle deployment.  I won the roll to go first, took it, but then JJ stole the initiative.  Things went downhill from there.  On the first turn Logan and his squad took a lot of fire, and ended up taking wounds on Njal, Logan, Arjac and losing a standard Marine.  All of that was to Bolter fire.  None of the Lascannons did anything, but a puny bolter did all the damage.  Then on the second turn, Torrand destroyed the Terminator’s Land Raider, but that was about it.  Logan, Njal and Arjac all died to the Emperor’s Champion and his squad.  Gunnarr tried to help, but whiffed at the Champion and died to the return attacks.  The final nail was when my Grey Hunters dropped onto an objective, killed 4 of the 5 Templars holding it, but then got shot up by a Plasma Gun the next turn and ran from the one remaining Templar.  At the end, JJ held 4 objectives and I was wiped off the board.  Loss with 0 points for me.

I wasn’t shooty enough to deal with the Templars.  Their Preferred Enemy rule along with Furious Charge really negated a lot of the strengths of the Wolves.  I did a lot of damage, but forgetting some of the particulars of the Templars, plus getting unlucky really did me in.  JJ played well, and deserved the win.

Game 1 - Deployment

Game 1 - Turn 2

Incoming Dreadnought

Torrand's Assault of the Terminators

Game 1 - Turn 3

Game 1 - Turn 4

End of Game 1

After the first round, Ryan (Dark Angels) dropped out so that we wouldn’t have to deal with a bye.  He had lost his first round and had some other obligations that weekend.

My second game was against Robert’s Eldar.  Robert is fairly new to the game and his Eldar had 2 Wraithlords, Wraithguard in a Wave Serpent, Fire Dragons in a Wave Serpent, Swooping Hawks, Dire Avengers, Dark Reapers, 2 squads of Rangers, Harlequins and a Farseer.  The mission was a goofy one where we needed to rescue/capture a colonist from the center of the board and bring him back to our deployment zone.  My plan was to drop my Grey Hunters right next to the colonist, and then Run on the first turn.  This plan was foiled, though, when I learned that once you grabbed the colonist you couldn’t move any further until the next turn.  This meant that my Grey Hunters were exposed, and they were shot to pieces by the Eldar.  We only managed to make it to turn 3, and neither of us managed to get the colonist.  I was able to get 2 bonus points, though, by killing his Harlequins (most expensive unit).  One of my Lone Wolves battled the Harlequins and the Swooping Hawks for three assault phases before my Wolf Guard could come and clean up.  The game ended in a draw, gaining me 11 points.

Game 2 - Space Wolf Deployment

Game 2 - Eldar Deployment

Game 2 - Turn 1

Game 2 - Turn 2

At this point, JJ and Patrick had drawn Game 2 as well, so first place wasn’t out of reach for anyone.

My final game was against Patrick and his biker marines.  He had two Biker Captains with command squads, three 9-man biker squads, and three squads of two Land Speeders with Missile Launchers.  The mission was Annihilation with Dawn of War.  Patrick won the roll and game me first turn.  I deployed Njal with Arjac’s squad in the center of the table, and the other Wolf Guard squad back in some trees.  Patrick, of course deployed nothing.  This game turned out to be exactly the opposite of game 1.  I was actually making armor saves like crazy.  My Missile Launchers did well against the Speeders, and my Wolf Lords tore up the bikes in assault.  Torrand hit one bike squad, killed a few and then chased them off the table when they ran.  Gunnarr hit another bike squad, slaughtered all of them and then proceeded to kill one of the command squads, tallying at least 15 kills that game.  Arjac and Njal took on the other command squad and battled them for a few round before send them on their way.  The only disappointment was that the Lone Wolves couldn’t have a valiant death.  One took on an entire Bike Squad alone, but weathered the storm and came out alive after being joined by Torrand, Arjac and the other Lone Wolf.  In the end, the bikers were destroyed and I was able to get 19 points for the game (would have been 20 if either of my Lone Wolves had died).

Game 3 - Turn 1

Game 3 - Turn 2

Turn 3 - Gunnarr vs. Bikers

Arjac vs. Captain

Gunnarr vs. Captain

Lone Wolf vs. Bikers

At the end of the day after adding in sportsmanship scores, first place went to JJ, I took second, and Patrick took third.  The top three were very close with only a couple points separating all of us.

Overall it was a fun tournament.  I learned, as I expected to, that my army can be quite finicky.  It is strong against a more shooty army, but against an assault army it can struggle if I’m not careful.

1000pt RTT Tournament Report

I took my Eldar to a local RTT tournament this weekend.  1000 points is a very limiting value, and I went through about 5 different concepts before I finally settled on the list below.

Farseer with Doom and Runes of Warding
5 Dire Avengers
10 Storm Guardians with 2 Flamers and Warlock with Destructor
7 Fire Dragons
3 Wave Serpents with twin-linked Scatter Lasers and Shurken Cannon
2 Fire Prisms

I felt that the 5 Eldar tanks would be very resilient at this level and the Fire Dragons, Guardians and Fire Prisms would be able to put down a lot of fire-power.

The tournament had some custom scenarios that made things a bit weird.  Every game had kill points as one of the objectives, and each game was limited to only 4 rounds.  The odd bit was that the we could complete the round up to 3 times within the two hour time limit.  So for example, if you completed all 4 turns of the game and still had time left, you could re-roll to see who goes first, re-deploy and then start the game all over again.  Then at the end of the round, your best score from the games completed would be used as the score for that round.  In my case, I was able to complete 2 games in each of the 3 rounds.  Another common theme was that I was able to win the roll and go first in each game.

The first round was spearhead deployment with an objective in the center of the table that could be picked up be a troop unit.  Then you would score points for every turn that you managed to have it within 8″ of your deployment corner.  The caveat, though, was that you couldn’t pick it up with a transport, the troops had to get out to grab the objective, but then you could get back into the transport.  My opponent for the first round was a Black Templars player with a 10 man Tactical Squad, a 5 man Terminator squad, a 5 man Assault squad, a 10 man Scout squad, Emperor’s Champion and a Predator with lascannons.  My plan was to zip forward with my Avenger Serpent and grab the objective, while the other two serpents surrounded it to give it protection.  This didn’t work out as well as I hoped because the objective was on the bottom edge of a hill and I wasn’t able to get over the hill without going fast, so I couldn’t drop off the Avengers quite close enough and ended up getting wiped out before they could get the objective back into their transport.  Not all was lost, though, since one of my Fire Prisms was able to wreck the Predator on the first turn.  Then between the Fire Dragons, Fire Prisms and Scatter Lasers I was able to slowly take out all but the Terminators and Scouts.  The first game ended with a score of 5-1 in my favor.

The second game, I decided to take the other side of the table, and that worked out a bit better for me  as far as the main objective went.  I was able to get the objective back to my deployment and held it there for the last two turns.  Sadly, though, I wasn’t able to take out the Predator as early and that cost me a pair of Wave Serpents over the course of the game.  On the last turn, his Terminators were able to assault my remaining Serpent and destroyed it.  The game ended with each of us getting 4 points.

This was a good set of games, but it was obvious that my opponent was a bit rusty.  He was forgetting attacks in assault and generally playing a bit sloppily.  He was a good opponent, though, and I gave him a few pointers at the end of the game that hopefully helped him along.

The second round was straight-up kill points with a Pitched Battle deployment.  The only addition was that if you managed to seize the initiative your entire army would get the Fleet rule for the first turn.  My opponent was a Dark Angels player with Belial, Samuel in his Land Speeder, a squad of 5 Terminators, a squad of 6 Bikers with 2 meltaguns, a 5 man Tac squad and a Razorback with Heavy Bolters.

The first game I deployed in the center and he deployed his bikers behind some trees to my right and his Razorback and Samuel behind a hill to my right.  The Terminators were in reserve.  On the first turn, everything moved up and my Prisms managed to immobilize the Razorback.  His bikes came around the trees, but didn’t hurt my Serpents.  The Terminators dropped in behind the trees and started moving up.  My Fire Dragons blasted 4 of the bikes, but they held strong.  The Fire Prisms finished off the Razorback.  The bikes and Terminators then managed to wipe out my Fire Dragons.  I was not able to kill off the Terminators and Samuel was able to take out one of my Prisms on the last turn to make the score 2-2.

The second game I deployed pretty much the same way.  My opponent deployed his Razorback and Bikes behind the hill on my right, while Samuel and the Terminators would Deepstrike.  I moved up to the center of the board, and the Prisms were able to knock out 3 of the bikers.  The terminators dropped on the front edge of the hill and his bikes ran up over the top, but were only able to shake the Fire Dragon’s Serpent.  The Dragons then hopped out and with the help of the Fire Prisms they took out the Terminators and Belial.  The bikers ran the Dragons off the board, but not before the Dragons took out one of the Bikers.  The remaining two bikers fell to Prism and Scatter Laser fire.  The last two turns were spent firing at the rear of Samuel’s speeder, but I was only able to immobilize it, regardless of the amount of fire I poured into it.  The game ended with a score of 3-1 in my favor.

These games were great and by far the toughest of the day.  My opponent played well, and I just didn’t have the fire power to get through the tough armor.

Round three was Pitched Battle with kill points again, but this time one Troops unit was designated to have a bomb implanted in it.  If you could get the unit into assault, then you could detonate the bomb at will, but otherwise it had a 50% change of exploding at the start of turns 3 and 4.  My opponent was an Imperial Guard player with 3 Chimeras, a Battle Tank, a Demolisher, 3 10 man squads of Veterans and a Command Squad.  I setup with everything in the center and my opponent did the same pretty much.  My Storm Guardians held the bomb and went to my left behind some trees with the Dire Avengers.  The Fire Prisms took out most of a Veteran Squad that was deployed on a hill, while my Fire Dragons went up the middle and then jumped out to nuke the Demolisher.  The Dragons and their Serpent then got take out by the Battle Tank and some melta guns.  At this point the Storm Guardians jumped out of their tank and tried to get close enough to one Veteran squad to assault, but failed.  They would kill off a few veterans, but then die to the bomb implanted in them.  The Guard’s bomb ended up taking out a Chimera and the Guardsmen inside it, and that was it.  The game ended with a score of 6-4.

The second game went a bit better for me.  Deployment was pretty much the same, but with the Guard’s Chimeras in a line to the right of center.  I sped all of my Serpents straight at the Chimeras and hoped.  The Prisms again blasted the Guardsmen on the hill.  My Fire Dragon’s tank did take some hits, but ended up only stunned.  My Dragons jumped out and blasted the Command Squad’s Chimera.  Most of that squad died in the wreckage, but the rest were killed off in assault by the Fire Dragons.  The Storm Guardians got out and hoped to assault the Guardsmen in the Chimera on my far right, but I was unable to wreck it with Scatter Lasers, so they would have to wait a turn.  At that point their bomb exploded and killed half of them.  The remaining ones were able to light up the guardsmen with their flamers, but couldn’t finish them off and were too far away to assault.  Enough Fire Dragons survived the turn to be able to attack and then assault the Demolisher and wreck it.  At the end I had taken out the Demolisher, 2 Chimeras, 2 Veteran Squads and the Command Squad, while he only managed to kill the Fire Dragons.  The game ended with a score of 7-2.

I had never played against Imperial Guard before, so it was an interesting game.  It was also the only game where my Storm Guardians really managed to do anything.

At the end of the day I had managed to score full battle points in the first and third games, and I did well enough in the 2nd game to earn first place for the day.  I was pleasantly surprised and definitely happy to have won the day due to my gameplay as opposed to my painting skills (my buddy Nick won the painting award).  The missions were definitely a bit goofy and the prevalence of kill points as an objective was a bit disappointing.  Also, being able to play two games against each opponent was quite helpful, since I was able to learn from the first game and then change tactics if needed in the second game.  The final thing that helped immensely was simply luck.  My Fire Prisms were extremely accurate in most of the games and were the MVPs of the day.  The Fire Dragons came in a close second, while the Storm Guardians were pretty weak, even in the last game.

Overall, my plan for the day held true.  I stuck to my guns and played aggressive.  Few armies had the ability to deal with 5 Eldar tanks and the speed and firepower really made the army work.

Pictures from the Tournament

Random pictures taken during game 1:

Game 2:

Game 3:

1600 Point Tourament Report from Feb 27, 2010

I played in a local 1600pt Warhammer 40k tournament this last weekend using my Eldar.  The turnout was pretty good overall with 7 players for 40k and another 7 for Warhammer Fantasy.  It was kind of disappointing that we had an odd number, but I know that some of the Fantasy players plan to bring both Fantasy and 40k armies next time in case a similar situation arises.

Even though it was a smaller point tournament I ended up bringing a list with my Seer Council, which helped me greatly.  Though not in the way you’d likely expect.

My List:

Seer Council
– Farseer with Doom, Fortune, Runes of Witnessing, Runes of Warding, Spirit Stones, Jetbike
– 3 Warlocks with Jetbikes and Destructor
– 1 Warlock with Jetbike and Embolden
– 1 Warlock with Jetbike and Enhance
– 1 Warlock with Jetbike

2 sets of 5 Dire Avengers in Wave Serpents with Spirit Stones, Shuriken Cannon and Twin Linked Missile Launcher

2 sets of 6 Fire Dragons in Wave Serpents with Spirit Stones, Shuriken Cannon and Twin Linked Scatter Lasers

2 Fire Prisms

My strategy was to play very aggressive with the Council and the Fire Dragons, while the Fire Prisms and Dire Avengers stayed back and shot at things.

In the first round, I ended up getting the bye round, so I actually spent the majority of the round assembling some Tau stuff that I had bought that day.

Second round I was paired up against my friend Ryan (always seems to happen, we drive 90 minutes to play other people and end up playing each other).  The game was Seize Ground with 4 objectives and Spearhead deployment.  Ryan won the roll and decided to go first.  He combat squaded his troops and stuck the groups of 5 with Rocket Launchers on a hill near two of the objectives.  The rest were placed in Razorback tanks.  He also had a Devastator squad with 4 rocket launchers on the hill, along with 2 Predators, 2 Dreadnoughts and 3 Land Speeders.  I deployed my Council as far forward as possible, with my Dragons just behind them.  My Avengers and Prisms sat as far back in my corner as possible.

From the first turn I knew things were going to be tough.  Ryan managed to immobilize one of my Avenger Serpents and one of my Dragon Serpents.  Luckily they were still positioned so they could fire, but they weren’t going anywhere.  He also managed to kill one of the Warlocks in my Council.  On my turn, the Council Fortuned up and zoomed forward but were out of range for anything.  My Prisms combined fire, but only succeeded in taking out 2 Marines, while my immobilized Avenger’s Serpent shook one of the Land Speeders.  The other two Serpents moved to get cover saves.

Turn two, didn’t really see an improvement for me.  The Land Speeders were able to destroy my still mobile Fire Dragon Serpent due to my inability to roll cover saves.  One of my Prisms got Stunned, and I lost another member of the Seer Council.  The three Dragons that survived the destruction of their vehicle were able to destroy 2 of the Speeders and take the Flamer off the third.  My Seer Council smashed into two of Ryan’s Razorbacks and demolished them.  I was able to destroy 4 out of 5 guys in one of the Tactical squads, but the remaining Rocket Launcher wielding marine proved to be very resilient, even if he couldn’t hit anything.

The final turns ended up being relatively uneventful, though.  Ryan continued to roll well, while my rolls were less than impressive.  he managed to down every one of my tanks before they could get into position.  My Fire Dragons from the immobilized Serpent were able to kill off the remaining Speeder along with 2 Dreadnoughts before dieing to bolter fire.  The Seer Council slowly withered under fire without doing much more damage.  The final wound to the Farseer, though was caused by a failed Perils of the Warp save causing his head to pop.  On the en of turn 5, we each controlled two objectives, but the game went on to turn 6, and Ryan was able to move a Razorback in range to contest one, so I ended up losing 1 objective to 2.

At this point, I figured I was pretty much out of it, since my other friend Nick had done very well in his first game, and there were a couple others that had managed to do quite well in both games.

For game three I was put up against CT and his Chaos marines.  He was running 3 Rhinos with 7 or 8 Khorne Berzerkers, 2 Demon Princes (one Nurgle, one Khorne), a Chosen squad with Plasma guns and a Defiler.  The game was Capture and Control with Spearhead deployment.  We both placed our objectives deep in our respective corners.  CT won the roll and decided to go first.  He placed the Defiler way back on top of his objective with the Chosen nearby in front.  The Rhinos and Princes lined up in front of his deployment.  I placed my Fire Prisms and Avenger Serpents deep in my corner, and then had my Council right on the front edge.  My Dragon Serpents were place towards the middle, but hidden behind a ruined building.

CT’s first turn was pretty uneventful with just his Princes and Rhinos moving forward, but nothing really happening in Shooting.  My Avenger Serpents moved flat out for the saves, while my Council and Dragon Serpents moved forward.  One group of Dragons got out and shot the Nurgle Prince, dealing 3 wounds.  The Scatter Laser on the Serpent managed to take off it’s last wound.  My Prisms took out one of the Rhinos.

On turn two, all of the Berzerkers jumped out of their tanks, but didn’t do much other than shoot at my stuff to little effect.  The Khorne prince assaulted the Dragon Serpent that still contained Dragons, but only managed to destroy its weapon.  My Farseer doomed the Prince, but even with that the combined fire of the disembarked Fire Dragons, Scatter Lasers and Missile Launchers were only able to take 3 wounds.  The Prisms managed to take out a few Berzerkers along with the Council.

More of the same on turn three.  The Khorne Prince swooped in and made short work of the Fire Dragons, though they did put up a valiant fight.  I continued to be unable to finish off the Prince in shooting, so it finally perished when it made the mistake of assaulting my Seer Council on turn 4.  The Council was able to take out the Chosen, but then got charged by a some Zerkers and these guys along with a Greater Daemon that spawned on turn 5 were able to slowly whittle away the Council until it finally died to a sweeping advance.  My second squad of Fire Dragons took out the Defiler.  My Dire Avenger Serpents were able to get onto the two objectives and sit tight.

The game went to turn 7, though the last two turns were basically spent trying to wipe out the rest of his forces.  I was unable to do enough damage to the darn Greater Daemon to get the last few bonus points.  The game ended with me controlling both objectives.

In the end I had managed a major victory, a minor loss and a bye.  Nick had come away with two massacres.  I knew that the tournament organizer was judging the painting of Headquarter units (the Farseer in my case) and those points were included in the final score, so I figured I still had a chance to place.  When the final totals were announced, though, I ended up in first place!  My Farseer had managed to score 34 out of 40 possible points, so he ended up winning the day for me.  I was quite amazed, though I do feel bad for Nick.  He definitely outplayed me, but lost points due to a hastily painted Ork 😀

Overall it was a good day.  I could have deployed a bit better against Ryan, but luck also played a major role in my defeat there.  He played very well and it was a well deserved win for him.  The two games I played were a lot of fun, and as always things were run very smoothly.  I had a lot of fun and thanks go out to my opponents for some great games.  Pictures from the tournament will be posted once I get back home.

2500 Point Tournament Report

The 2500 point tournament this last weekend went well.  Sadly my friend Nick and I were the only two players for the 40k side of thing.  There were 7 players for the Fantasy RTT that was held at the same time.  The decision was made that Nick and I would play three rounds against each other following the tournament scenarios and the point leader in the end would win it all.  The exact details of the games are a little fuzzy since I ended up not taking very good notes, but I did get some pictures.

My List:
Farseer – Doom, Fortune, Spirit Stones, Runes of Warding, Jetbike
6 Warlocks, Jetbikes, Embolden, Enhance, 4 Destructor

Farseer – Guide

5 Dire Avengers

10 Storm Guardians – 2 Flamers
Warlock – Destructor, Singing Spear
Wave Serpent – Shuriken Cannon, Twin Linked Scatter Lasers, Spirit Stones

6 Guardian Jetbikes – 2 Shuriken Cannons

6 Rangers

6 Fire Dragons – Exarch, Dragon Breath Flamer
Wave Serpent – Shuriken Cannon, Twin Linked Scatter Lasers, Spirit Stones

6 Fire Dragons – Exarch, Dragon Breath Flamer
Wave Serpent – Shuriken Cannon, Twin Linked Scatter Lasers, Spirit Stones

10 Howling Banshees – Exarch, Executioner, Acrobatics
Wave Serpent – Shuriken Cannon, Twin Linked Scatter Lasers, Spirit Stones

Falcon – Scatter Laser, Suriken Cannon, Holo-fields, Spirit Stones, Star Engines

Wraithlord – Eldar Missile Launcher, Bright Lance, Flamers

Wraithlord – Eldar Missile Launcher, Bright Lance, Flamers

Nick’s Eldar:
Farseer with Guide, Fortune, Spirit Stones, and Spear
5 Wraithguard, Warlock with Conceal and Spear
Wave Serpent with TL Shuriken Cannons and Spirit Stones

10 Dire Avengers, Exarch, Bladestorm
Wave Serpent with TL Shuriken Cannons and Spirit Stones

10 Storm Guardians, 2 Flamers, Warlock with Enhance
Wave Serpent with TL Shuriken Cannons and Spirit Stones

Autarch with Power Weapon, Fusion Gun and Mandiblasters on Jetbike
3 Shining Spears, Exarch with Star Lance

10 Guardians with EML and Warlock with Embolden

6 Swooping Hawks, Exarch with Intercept and Sunrifle

3 Vypers with EML, Shuriken Cannon and Star Engines

2 Fire Prisms with Holo-fields and Spirit Stones

3 War Walkers with Star Cannons

5 Pathfinders

The first round was Annihilation with Dawn of War deployment.  There was modification of Nightfighting being in effect for the first two turns.  I won the roll off and decided to go second.  Nick deployed his Rangers on a hillside and his Guardians in some trees in the center of his side.  I deployed nothing (in retrospect I should have deployed my Rangers into some cover).  The Rangers died to the Swooping Hawks on the second turn after Nick deepstriked thinking that they could assault.  They got flamed by the Wraithlords and then ended up getting killed by Fire Dragons.  My Seer Council assaulted the Wave Serpent carrying the Dire Avengers and then finished the Avengers with Destructor templates on the next turn.  I lost two Serpents to Vypers and Wraithguard, while my Banshees assaulted the Shining Spears and wiped them out.  My last point was my Storm Guardians taking out Nick’s Guardian defenders.
Final score – Me: 5 Nick: 4

The second game was Seize Ground with 4 points and Spearhead deployment.  There was also a special rule in effect that forced all reserves to use the Outflank rules and any time a unit deepstriked a die was rolled and on 1-3 they rolled on the mishap table.  One object was placed on the right side of the board near some trees, while the other three were placed in a triangle on the left.  Again I won the roll and elected to pass the first turn.  I don’t really recall the specifics of this game, but it ended up with my Avengers and Storm Guardians holding two points while another was contested and the last one clear.
Final: Me – 2, Nick – 0

The final game would be Capture and Control with Spearhead deployment.  The twist was that the objective needed to be placed in the table quarter opposite of the one your deployed in, and there was a river running down the middle of the table that counted as difficult terrain for everything that walked.  Before the game we checked the scores and if Nick managed to take both points, then he would manage to tie me.  Yet again I won the roll and passed the turn.  We deployed everything with the exception of the Walkers, Hawks and my Jetbikes.  Nick’s first turn was pretty uneventful as he managed to miss most everything and just put a few wounds on one of the Wraithlords.  On my turn, the Fire Dragons zipped across the board towards Nick’s objectives.  My Falcon fired on Nick’s Serpent with the Storm Guardians and immobilized it.  Nick’s luck never really managed to improve and my Fire Dragons wiped out the Guardians and Pathfinders guarding his point, and then took out most of the Walkers.  My Wraithlord attempted to assault Nick’s Wraithguard, but managed to do a lot of nothing for a couple turns before the Farseer finally killed it.  At the end of the game, there was a showdown between my remaining Fire Dragon Exarch and Nick’s Swooping Hawk Exarch.  They dueled valiantly for a turn, but in the end my Exarch won.
Final – Me: 1, Nick: 0

So in the end I had managed to win all three games.  The first two games were pretty close, while the last was a bit lopsided.  Winning the roll off and going second every game certainly worked in my favor.  There were a few mistakes made, but overall the games were well played and a lot of fun.  It would have been nice to have some more opponents, but it was a good time.


Last Three Plays:


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