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Warhammer – Benny Hill Style

I ran into this situation today doing a public quest in dwarf country.  The Shadow Warrior out front was being chased by the orc boss, and then there were three dwarf Ironbreakers chasing the orc.  The elf was doing too much damage, so the dwarfs couldn’t pull the orc off of him.  They all ran around like this for about two minutes before the dwarfs finally got his attention.  All the scene needed was yakkity sax.

Here is a close up shot of Tinius, my witch hunter on Phoenix Throne.

Keep Siege!

So my guild in Warhammer Online managed to take a keep tonight in RvR.  It was insane.  It took a few tries and was a general mess all around, but eventually we figured out a kind of strategy.

Here are a few pictures of the mob taking down the keep lord.

All in all it was a great time, and hopefully next time will be a bit more organized.

Warhammer Online Goes Live!

Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning went live at least for people who preordered the Collector’s Edition.  I was one of those lucky people, so I was there.  Servers went live at about 11:00 am central time, and I managed to get started at about 11:30.  I got everything patched up, made my characters on my guild’s chosen server (Phoenix Throne), and then proceeded to sit in a queue for about an hour.  Luckily this gave me some time to make lunch and put my son down for a nap.

Things went pretty smoothly overall.  There were some problems, though, like the game kicking me to the character selection screen only moments after I finally got through the login queue for the first time, which meant I had to sit in that queue a second time before I could play.  They raised the population cap about halfway through my time in the queue and I got in early then I expected.  After that it was all smooth sailing.

I join up with my friends, ran some public quests, played a few scenarios, and helped to form the guild.  A little later after a scenario ended, they were kicked to desktop, while I managed to stay in the game.  We decided to stay away from scenarios for a bit in case the same thing happened again.  So we ran more PQs, and I managed to roll pretty terribly for the end loot in most cases.  Placing in the top 5 for contribution and then rolling sub-100 rolls doesn’t lead to many wins 😛

All in all it was a great time.  The servers were stable and there was almost zero lag.  Things ran great.  I’m loving the fact that I can actually play a character that won’t disappear in the next few days.

Hats off to Mythic for a great launch.  Keep it up!


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