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Weekend Gaming: The Hobbit and More

PC147285-1024Busy weekend.  In gaming, my wife and I played Agricola Friday night.  I had the Tutor occupation and the Writing Desk improve mt allowing me to play out all of my occupations.  I had a bunch of points on my improvements as well.  I ended up taking a couple Beggar cards early in order to advance my game rather than feed my family.  I ended up with a nice 6 room stone house, a full family and a large pasture covering the rest of my farm.  Gina was pushing heavily into fields of grain, and then ended up with a little of everything in scoring.  It was by far her best game and she finished with 46 points.  My bonus points were just enough, though, to edge her out as I finished with 48.


Then on Saturday, my son and I build the LEGO Hobbit Bag End kit.  It’s a lovely kit and was a lot of fun to build.  My wife and I then had a nice afternoon movie and dinner date going to watch The Hobbit.  It was a wonderful movie, and I would highly recommend it.

PC157288-1024We finished up Saturday with Louis, Joe, Ryan, Kevin and Jaime joining us for games.  Ryan, Louis, Kevin and I started the night with Castles of Burgundy.  I was trying to fill my large city area with Churches and Markets after getting the knowledge allowing multiple copies of the same building.  I was successful in that, but Ryan snagged two of the bonus point knowledges before I could.  Kevin was completing a bunch of small areas early in the game and jumped to an early lead.  He never relented that lead, using animals, shipments and area completions to rack up points.  By the time we finished, Kevin had 100 points on all of us for a massive win.

Joe, Gina and Jaime had played 7 Wonders in the meantime, finishing with a 52-52 tie between Gina and Joe, with Jaime coming in second with 51.

PC157292-1024We finished up with Gina, Joe, Kevin, Louis and I playing Navegador.  I was trying to push a heavy factory strategy, but I got a bit distracted with privileges and a couple early churches to really get it going.  The others were all playing pretty balanced too, so there weren’t any goods being mass produced.  Kevin was focusing on exploring and colonies, but Gina and Joe were the ones pushing to Nagasaki.  Joe forced the end of the game before pretty much anyone other than Kevin was ready.


The game finished with Kevin in the lead, followed by Louis, myself, Gina and Joe.


Until next time, happy gaming!


Weekend Gaming: Games Away From Home

Between being of town all weekend visiting relatives and our new camera needing to be sent off for repairs, there are no pictures of the games this week.

We did play a bunch of them, though.

On Friday, we headed over to visit Nick and Laura and played Puerto Rico, 7 Wonders and Sentinels of the Multiverse.  I managed to win Puerto Rico with a very strong trade/building strategy.  I was able to monopolize coffee early, and with an Office and both Markets I was buying the large buildings at full price.  I ended the game with only 7 shipping points and 39 points from my city.  Nick was a close second with 38 points and the two large buildings that I didn’t buy.

7 Wonders was a close one.  I was playing Giza, but didn’t have any access to paper, so I couldn’t finish the wonder.  I also ended up with no access to Ore, so the last Age was rough.  Laura ended up dominating all of us for the win.

It was the first time for all of us playing a borrowed copy of Sentinels of the Multiverse.  I was playing as the big robot Bunker, Nick was Absolute Zero, Gina had Fanatic and Laura had Visionary.  We were fighting against The Matriarch in Rook City.  We started off alright, but then we hit a card that brought all of her birds back as the last card in the deck, causing us to face every single bird in the deck.  Between that and her ravens killing of Nick’s and my equipment, the game went downhill quickly.  It’s a fun game, but definitely needs some good luck to have a chance.

On Saturday evening we again joined Nick and Laura.  Joe and Jaime had also come to town for some shopping and Nick’s sister Anna paid a visit as well.  Nick, Joe and I started with a quick game of Agricola with the K deck.  Joe was pushing for a heavy enhancement + rooms game, since a lot of his cards made for easier room building.  I was trying to get animals because of the Tanner, Pelts and Loom, but Nick was making it difficult by grabbing animals too.  We didn’t let Joe get easy access to the wood he needed, but Clay and Stone were undesired for most of the game.  He did get to a six room house, but the rest of his farm was empty.  I did get enough Boars to make the good use of my Pelts and Tanner.  Cows and Sheep were secondary and helped with my Organic Farmer points.  The biggest impact was that Joe lost 9 points for unused space, while I only lost two.  That combined with my end game bonuses propelled me into the lead.

Next up was 7 Wonder with everyone.  I was playing as Rhodes and was able to make the most of my military in ages 2 and 3 for some good points.  I also played a bunch of the yellow cards that allowed me to not worry about resources as much.  I ended up with a pretty balanced score, and even managed to grab a set of the sciences.  The game was close, but I was able to pull of the win by a single point.

Joe and Jaime left for home at this point, and so Gina, Anna, Nick, Laura and I played Ticket to Ride.  My opening two routes were to connect Vancouver and Seattle to Montreal and New York.  I quickly connected Vancouver to Seattle and Montreal to New York, and then spent the rest of the game working to connect the two.  I had to fight with Anna and Gina for a couple spots in the North, but otherwise I was pretty well left alone.  I was able to complete the three 6-train connections and the 5-train connection in the North, which really helped my score.  I did add another route from New York to Nashville late, but the majority of my points were from the long connections and my two initial routes.  I ended the game while everyone else had quite a few trains left, which earned me some dirty looks.  Nick and I shared the Longest Route, but I had him by about 30 points at the end of the game.

Nick, Gina and I finished the night with Castles of Burgundy.  Gina and Nick were grabbing points throughout the game, while I was focusing more on end game points with Shipping and buildings.  Nick had a big field of chickens, scoring himself a bunch of points, while Gina was filling everything else.  She just missed out on finishing her large city area, which hindered her score quite a bit.  They were both about 50 points ahead of me when the game ended, but neither of them had any significant end game bonuses, though, so I knew it would be close.  I was able to pass Gina, but I finished just behind Nick, ending my winning streak.

Until next time, happy gaming!

Weekend Gaming: Labor Day and Games!

Long weekend here, and we spent a bunch of it playing games.

Friday night, Gina and I played Castles of Burgundy, followed by a game of Agricola that I forgot to photograph.

On Saturday, Joe and Jaime joined us for some Kingdom Builder.  The first game was quite close with me edging Jaime out by a couple points.  The second game wasn’t nearly as strong for me and Joe went on to win with a bunch of Worker points.

After they took off, Gina and I played another game of Castles of Burgundy.

Then on Sunday, Joe and Jaime joined us in the afternoon and brought over Tikal.  Joe had just picked it up a few weeks ago, so it was new to most of us.  I started off weakly, but did manage to get into some nice treasure sets.  As the game went on, I was was able to sneak into a couple decent monuments and in the end, I snuck past Jaime again for the win.

After dinner, we snuck in a quick game of Kingdom Builder before John and Dana showed up.  I completely forgot that Lords awarded second place as well, and Joe capitalized on them for the win.

Next up was Hawaii with Dana, John, Jaime, Gina and I.  Dana was focused mostly on boats, while Gina was hitting the Spear Huts hard.  Jaime and I both were going for fruit, and John was trying for Kahunas.  I ended up maxing my Kahunas and getting enough Tikis to score all of my villages but it wasn’t enough to clear 100.  Dana managed to score a bunch of end game points, which was enough to get ahead of Gina to win.

The last game of the weekend was Agricola with Joe, Jaime, Gina and I.  I was originally trying for sheep early and then progressing into Major Improvements and grain, but it never happened.  Joe bought up the Major Improvements early while monopolizing the Occupation spots using the Bookcase and Professional Scholar to feed his family.  Gina snatched up all of the Sheep and Jaime and I were fighting over wood and reed.

I was able to get a single room and kid early, and then had pretty much unhindered access to the Family Growth without Room action to fill out my family.  Joe had played the Constable, and I was able to capitalize for an extra couple points.  The biggest bonus, though was just getting a large family, allowing me to finish a bit more comfortably with a nice 44 point win.

Until next time, happy gaming!

Weekend Gaming: Relaxing

Gina and I played Hawaii and Race for the Galaxy Friday night.  In Hawaii, I was trying to be efficient and only bought a single side two fruit.  I was getting good deals and had quite a bit of fruit, but I really didn’t have enough goods each round and I still failed to meet the target at the end of a few rounds.  Gina, on the other hand, was playing with Spear Huts.  She was regularly picking up around 10 points each turn, and I just could catch up.  I did come close, only losing by 15 points.

In Race for the Galaxy, I started with some strong military cards and with some nice Uplift windfall planets.  I also had a Genetics Lab that let me refill those planets so I could trade the genetic goods for cards.  I picked up the New Galactic Order about halfway through, and that was the difference in the game, adding about 15 to my final score.

On Saturday, Ryan, Jaime, Joe, Louis, and Kevin came over.  We started the night with 7 Wonders with Joe sitting out to watch their newborn.  I was trying a money to science/civilian strategy, but I didn’t get enough money and didn’t really see much science.  I did score quite a bit off of civilian cards, but not enough.  I was in last place with 46, while Ryan had a nicely balanced setup and 60 points.

Then Ryan took off, and Joe took Jaime’s place for Hawaii.  All of the huts and the tikis were close to the beach, so I started with the intent to fill my island with Kahunas.  Problem was that I was going last on the first turn.  I missed out on any huts, but I did spend everything I had on Kahunas, which were pretty cheap.  In round two, when I wasn’t able to get a long hut early and the other huts were too expensive, I went to plan B.  I was able to get a side 2 boat relatively cheap, and I grabbed the top island for a foot hut.

From there I continued on my island dominance.  I was able to get the boat/surfer god, and a few more islands, netting me some nice points.  I did end up with huts in all of my villages, but I wasn’t able to get any tikis until the last turn.  Because of that I was only able to score three of my villages.  Even though I was in first going into final scoring (Gina was in second from spear huts and Joe was in third from getting end of round bonuses all game), I didn’t think I had a chance.  Louis pulled in 45 points from all of his kahunas, but not much more.  Gina and Joe only had about 20 end game points.  Kevin had a ton from his irrigation, hula girls and fruit god, but it wasn’t quite enough.  My three kahunas, one hula girl and my boat god were just enough to eek out the win by two points.

The group finished the night with a game of Dominion with Intrigue and Prosperity.



Everyone seemed to either have a Militia or Goons, so having 5 cards on a turn was a real treat.  I was pushing a Peddler, Minion, Trade Route strategy that started with a couple Militias to get things rolling.  I was off to a slow start, while Joe had started minting gold and was buying Provinces fairly regularly.  He wasn’t able to push the end of the game soon enough, though and started to stall, while I started hitting runs of Peddlers and Minions with 4 coin Trading Posts.  I was able to grab three Colonies to go with my two Provinces and Estates to put me at 44 to Joe’s 41.


Gina and I weren’t tired after everyone left, so we played a game of Agricola.  My hand seemed to just go together well, and I actually ended up playing all of my cards.  I had the Bookshelf to help play more occupations, and my Animal Tender allowed me to keep animals in my house early, which I used for food.  The other two major occupations were the Adoptive family allowing me to use my new family members more effectively and one that let me fence in stables when I built them, keeping my wood costs low.  I ended up filling in all but on space and had points in nearly every category.  It was an incredible game that scored me 57 points.

Weekend Gaming: Out of Town

I spent Friday night with my friend Nick while our wives were out seeing a musical.  We spent most of the night playing Dominion: Hinterlands.  I think we managed to play six games in the few hours we had.  The games were pretty evenly split between the two of us.  As far as strategy went, Nick favored the Embassy and Tunnels when they were available to fill his deck with gold.  I tended to try more efficient routes, though Hinterlands didn’t provide a lot of opportunity to trash cards.

In one attempt I tried to use Farmland to trade gold for Provinces.  It was working alright, but I the stack of Farmlands ran out before the Provinces.  I wasn’t able to get the money to buy the last two Provinces, and Nick was.  In another game, I pushed a very strong Scheme, Highway, Develop strategy which allowed for cheap Provinces and trading copper for much better cards.

After the girls returned home, we all played a “quick” game of Euchre.  It started off strongly in Nick’s favor, but things turned toward the end.  Gina and I caught up, and went into the final hand each withing 2-3 points of the win.  Gina had bid three, and I had a change for a no-trump hand, so I took it for five.  It was a long-shot, though, and Gina had the cards to stop me.  She ended up taking enough tricks to put it all away.

On Saturday, Gina and I were both too tired for anything major after staying up way too late on Friday and then having to drive home.  We did get in a game of Agricola, though, using the Komplex deck.  I had a set of cards that really favored animals and gathering Wood.  I was able to build my family rather quickly and then get to a stone house, but wasn’t able to leverage the animals as well.  Gina was focusing on the animals as well, which hampered me a bit.  She did fill out her family, but not as quickly, which was surprising as she had the Wetnurse available.  The game ended with 30 points for her and 47 for me.

Until next time, happy gaming!

Agricola and Hawaii with Joe

Joe came over for some games last night and we started things off with Agricola.  Not much to say about the game other than my play was less than great.  I was trying to get a grain production going, but was too slow with it.  I didn’t get extra family until far too late and just wasn’t very efficient.

Joe, on the other hand, made strong use of a couple cards that gave him discounts on improvements and an occupation that let him buy two improvements if he took the start player action.  He ended up with a full family and 18 points worth of improvements at the end.

We played Hawaii next, and that one went much better for me.  Boats were close to the beach, and started out very cheap.  Gina went straight for the god that let her walk around the island for a single foot, Joe was collecting shells and I went straight for the boats.  I picked up two boats in the first round and then started visiting the islands.

I was able to pull in quite a few feet, and then the god that gives bonus points for boats was available in round two, so I grabbed that.  Boats continued to be cheap, and ignored, and I ended the game with all but two of them.  That combined with the two surfers netted me 36 points from my god at the end of the game.  I had already picked up a bunch of points visiting islands, and the end game points just put me over the top.

Until next time, happy gaming!

Weekend Gaming: Dominance

Friday started off with Gina and I playing some Agricola.  My first hand had the Community Well, Water Carrier, Well Builder and a few other cards that would put food onto future rounds.  I was able to get the Well built in round 5, and then it was off to the races.  There was tons of food on each round, and there was only one turn where I needed to worry about food, which was taken care of by a big fishing trip.  By the end, I had points on every one of my improvements and a strong farm for a nice 52 points.

The second game started off well and I was heading for a decent grain strategy.  I had left myself open, needing a grain to get things moving, but Gina got there first.  I had to take Beggars that turn.  I ended up picking up veggies and some animals, but it wasn’t the best.  I ended up losing to Gina by a point.

At that point we decided to play Castles of Burgundy, and Joe happened to call just as we were setting up.  Gina started off very strongly by completing a bunch of small areas early.  I was slowly building up my area, but nothing terribly focused.  In the second phase, I grabbed the bonus for each different type of shipped goods and later the one for each trading post.  I was also able to snatch the knowledge that would let me build multiple of the same buildings in a city, since I only had two big cities with two single hex cities.

I was eventually able to catch up, but I didn’t think I had much chance of winning it.  Gina had a big lead, but not much for bonuses, and Joe had both a good score and some bonuses.  When the final score was tallied though, I was able to just edge out the both of them with my bonuses.

Then on Saturday, Ryan, Jaime, Joe and Kevin joined us, and Louis showed up part way through the first game.  We started with Eminant Domain with Ryan, Kevin, Gina and I.  Gina was pushing heavy Warfare, Kevin was doing Technology, Ryan was mixing some Tech and Trade, and I was going heavy into Survey and Colonies.  I was able to grab two Improved Colonizations and followed Survey every chance I got to pick up ten different planets.  I then was able to use Improved Colonize twice to colonize four planets.  I ended up with 25 points overall for the win.

We finished up the night with a big game of Dominant Species with Joe as the birds, Louis the Arachnids, Kevin the Mammals, Gina the Amphibians and I the Insects.  I started off the game by forcing the Amphibians extinct after removing the elements from their tile.  This also got rid of the Arachnids on that tile and gave me dominance.  The glaciation was mostly controlled by Gina and was mostly pushing away from me.

The Amphibians did come back on the other side of the ice from me, and I was able to spread out pretty well uncontested.  Grass was coming up on the abundance action multiple times and I was able to populate my area with a bunch of it.  Things were going well; that is, until the birds appeared.

Joe was having trouble, as the seed elements had pretty much been wiped off the board and nothing new was coming up.  He eventually was able to adapt and then proceeded to fly across the ice to attack me.  He did some damage, but not enough.  I was able to repopulate, while Joe continued to attack everyone.

Through this whole thing, Gina and Louis had been able to strengthen their positions on the bottom and left of the board.  Gina had come back strong and was picking up Domination points all over the place along with some Survival points.  Kevin was lagging behind a bit, but not too far back.

By the time the Ice Age happened, I had dominance on eight areas with only Joe in the area to get domination points.  I was a ways back from Gina and Louis, though.  I picked up 36 points from the Ice Age and then the final score pushed me into the win.  It was a pretty close game for most of us, and a lot of fun.

Until next time, happy gaming!


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