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WIP: Chaos Berzerkers

I decided to start working a bit on my Chaos stuff again for a while.  I managed to get the silver detailing done on two Berzerkers tonight while watching Gran Tourino (great movie).  There is just so much detailing, and I take a ton of time being precise, so it takes me a long time to get anything done on these guys.


More Chaos Berzerkers

Work continues on the Khorne Berzerkers.  They are now all purple, and I have completed a second one.  I went and did a black wash over the first two and it gives them a bit more depth.  I think I need to do a bit more with the silver, and some highlighting on the purple, but they are coming along nicely.



Chaos Test Model

Started working on my Chaos Space Marines.  This is the first Berzerker as a test.  They will be done in liche purple with mithril silver lining.  The wrist and ankle armor will be left black for contrast.



Last Three Plays:


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