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Weekend Gaming: Lancaster and Castles of Burgundy

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI hope everyone had a great extended weekend. Joe, Louis, and Kevin came over Saturday for games. Kevin had brought Lancaster, so we started off with that. I planned to make gold using my castle and then buy the various nobles. I quickly realized that making enough money for that would be difficult. Louis was doing a much better job of earning nobles, while Joe and Kevin were working the battles and bonus points. Louis had managed to get all of the nobles, but Kevin had just enough to beat him out for the victory.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWe followed that with Castles of Burgundy after Gina called it a night. I had the plot with one large pasture area, so I tried filling it with all of the cows. I was using the market building to get animals and had the bonus for that building. Things were going well, but the last two cows came in the final round and I was going last, so Louis was able to snatched the cows away from me. He ended up winning with a bunch of end game bonuses for all kinds of things.


Until next time, happy gaming.

Weekend Gaming: Cards, Castles, and Caverna

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIt’s been a busy week of gaming around here.  I played Tigris and Euphrates and Kingdom Builder with Joe, Louis, and Ben – a guy who found us via BoardGameGeek – on Wednesday.  Then Thursday Joe, Gina, and I played Agricola.

Ryan was going to join Joe, Gina, and I on Friday, but he was running a bit late, so we played Dominion while we waited.  Joe got off to an early start with his Bishop, while Gina kept hitting us with Witches.  I eventually got an engine running with Laboratories, but even though I bought a bunch of Provinces I was still a couple points short of Joe.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWhen Ryan arrived we played Castle of Burgundy.  It was a pretty even game throughout.  Ryan pulled ahead early with animals, but we all managed to catch up eventually.  I picked up a couple of bonus point tiles and managed to get five of the estates for a big bonus.  I also had a large shipment of the purple goods pushing me well into the lead.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAGina was out of town Saturday,  so it was just Louis, Joe, and I.  Again we kicked things off with Dominion, and  I managed to win both games we played.  The first was dominated by Louis’ Saboteur, but I was able to work around it using Goons to score points.  I also had some Ventures that provided enough money to pick up a few Duchies.  The second game got a bit ridiculous.  We had two different Villages and a bunch of plus-draw and buy cards.  At one point I had so many buys that I was able to buy a Province and six free Peddlers on the same turn.  A few turns later I bought the remaining four Peddlers.  At that point I was able to consistently buy two Provinces at a time, and the game quickly ended.

Kevin showed up at this point and we played Caverna.  I grabbed the Office early and was using it to get as many tiles as I could.  It was taking quite a bit of work, so I was glad that I was able to get a dwelling and then the Couple’s Dwelling fairly early, and by the end of the sixth round I had a full family.  Feeding them was a bit of a challenge, but eventually I managed to get some vegetable farming going and shortly thereafter a herd of boars.  Kevin was also following the full family path, concentrating on his farm and maximizing a single dwarf in the questing.

Both Louis and Joe only had two dwarves throughout the game.  They were both using the questing spots for strong gains.  Joe had monopolized the sheep, ending the game with twenty of them, while Louis was gathering rubies and ore for bonus points.

The difference in the game ended up being the tile that provided me with bonus points for veggies and wheat that I picked up in the last round.  I received twelve points from that and ended up beating Louis by eight.  The differences in scores was interesting, as Kevin came in last with his full family, with Louis and Joe – with only two dwarves each – came in second and third.


Until next time, happy gaming!

Weekend Gaming: Trains and Castles

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAJoe, Kevin, Louis and I kicked Saturday off with Railways of Europe.  I was working towards the “connections to Spanish cities” baron, so I picked up the Hotel Madrid and then started making connections.  There were a few deliveries in the area, but things slowed down after the first few turns.

Louis and Joe were both fighting for the middle area, while Kevin had the Eastern European and Russian connections.  Kevin was able to build a pretty nice loop near Moscow and connecting into Vienna that he used to consistently make long deliveries.  Louis had a similar thing going around Paris.

I was never able to catch up, and while Joe managed to connect Paris to Constantinople, and have the least debt; it wasn’t enough to catch Kevin.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERACastles of Burgundy followed, and I was playing the map with a single large animal pasture.  I picked up some cows in the first round, and started filling in my mines.  Joe was looking to ship and Kevin was using boats to ensure he was going first most of the time.

Cows didn’t show up again for a couple rounds, and by that point Louis had nearly completed chicken and sheep fields.  Kevin was looking at pigs, and Joe was ignoring animals altogether.  I had a pretty tight monopoly on the cows, and was able to use that to score a ton of points.  I ended the game nearly 100 points in the lead.




Until next time, happy gaming!

Weekend Gaming: Exploring, Extinction and Estates

Ryan, Joe, Dana, Louis and Kevin joined us Saturday evening for some games.  The girls spent the early portion of the night chatting, so the rest of us played some Navegador.  I was going second and I wanted to try a heavy exploration strategy.  I spent my first action on buying two more boats, so I missed out on the early exploration  but I was able to position myself to get moving soon.

Kevin was sailing quickly as well, trying to get out of the sugar/gold areas and into more profitable spice regions.  Joe decided to hit the Privileges early, and spread his resources around a bit.  The sugar colonies were monopolized by Louis, while Ryan was focused on Factories.

Because of Kevin’s sailing, he and I were splitting the exploration duties.  I was able to get enough money to buy a Shipyard after picking up a cheap spice colony, so I was able to keep building boats cheaply.  This allowed me to keep the pressure on and race to Nagasaki to end the game.  I wasn’t fast enough, though, as Louis had managed to get quite a bit of cash from his sugar colonies and turned that into a few churches.  Those along with the corresponding privileges pushed him into the lead.  I took second with Kevin right behind.

Dana took off at that point, and Gina joined us for a game of Dominant Species: The Card Game.  I had a good position in the first round, and dueled with Ryan for the first survival point.  Sadly I failed to count his food chain bonuses correctly and didn’t play a card that would have bumped me into the lead.  I ended up only winning three points for elements, but that was it.  That trend would continue for me all game.

Kevin and Louis managed to pull away with the early lead, with Kevin getting the majority of the Survival points.  The last round came down to Kevin vs. Louis for food chain, and Gina messed things up for Kevin by playing a Solar Flare that ended the round before he was ready.  This handed Louis the round.  Following the final Survival bonus, Kevin and Louis were tied for the lead.  Kevin had more cards remaining, though, so he took the win.

It was getting late, so Ryan and Joe had to run.  Kevin and Louis stuck around, though, and we played a game of Castles of Burgundy.  We were all playing the started layouts, since Kevin and Louis hadn’t played before.  I started off focused on buildings and pigs.  I was able to pick up three pastures with pigs in the first round and jumped to an early lead.

That lead deteriorated quickly, though, as Gina was hitting the boats hard, and Kevin and Louis were both able to fill in some areas early.  Kevin was able to get the bonuses for filling in all of his Mines and Castles early.  I was close on both of those as well, and ended up in second.  I was trying to finish off all of my cities, but Louis snuck in and finished before I could, so ended up in second there as well.  I was in second for my animals, as well, but filled the big area with nothing but pigs for a big gain.  The only one I took first in was the knowledge.

At the end of the game, the only spots empty in my estate were the boats, and I had a bunch of end game bonuses that kept me ahead for the win.

Until next time, happy gaming!

Weekend Gaming: Labor Day and Games!

Long weekend here, and we spent a bunch of it playing games.

Friday night, Gina and I played Castles of Burgundy, followed by a game of Agricola that I forgot to photograph.

On Saturday, Joe and Jaime joined us for some Kingdom Builder.  The first game was quite close with me edging Jaime out by a couple points.  The second game wasn’t nearly as strong for me and Joe went on to win with a bunch of Worker points.

After they took off, Gina and I played another game of Castles of Burgundy.

Then on Sunday, Joe and Jaime joined us in the afternoon and brought over Tikal.  Joe had just picked it up a few weeks ago, so it was new to most of us.  I started off weakly, but did manage to get into some nice treasure sets.  As the game went on, I was was able to sneak into a couple decent monuments and in the end, I snuck past Jaime again for the win.

After dinner, we snuck in a quick game of Kingdom Builder before John and Dana showed up.  I completely forgot that Lords awarded second place as well, and Joe capitalized on them for the win.

Next up was Hawaii with Dana, John, Jaime, Gina and I.  Dana was focused mostly on boats, while Gina was hitting the Spear Huts hard.  Jaime and I both were going for fruit, and John was trying for Kahunas.  I ended up maxing my Kahunas and getting enough Tikis to score all of my villages but it wasn’t enough to clear 100.  Dana managed to score a bunch of end game points, which was enough to get ahead of Gina to win.

The last game of the weekend was Agricola with Joe, Jaime, Gina and I.  I was originally trying for sheep early and then progressing into Major Improvements and grain, but it never happened.  Joe bought up the Major Improvements early while monopolizing the Occupation spots using the Bookcase and Professional Scholar to feed his family.  Gina snatched up all of the Sheep and Jaime and I were fighting over wood and reed.

I was able to get a single room and kid early, and then had pretty much unhindered access to the Family Growth without Room action to fill out my family.  Joe had played the Constable, and I was able to capitalize for an extra couple points.  The biggest bonus, though was just getting a large family, allowing me to finish a bit more comfortably with a nice 44 point win.

Until next time, happy gaming!

Castles of Burgundy with Joe

Joe joined Gina and I last night for some Castles of Burgundy.  I started off by filling up my mines early along with the Knowledge tile that gave me a worker along with the silverling from the mines.  This provided a bunch of money for the rest of the game.  I then concentrated on my cities, while Gina was filling in her boats and shipping, and Joe was working on his cities with improved workers.

I was able to complete my Castle zones and then ended up finishing my city zones just after Joe finished his.  While building my cities, I used some markets to snag one of each animal to get the Knowledge bonus.

My Board

Everyone was within 10 points of each other before final score.  Afterwards I was in the lead with 214, Joe had 197 and Gina had 176.

Final Positions


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