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Weekend Gaming: CO2


Louis, Joe and Kevin joined Gina and I Saturday night to play a new game: CO2.  Joe had played it with us the week prior, so it was just Louis and Kevin that needed rules explanation.  It still took about an hour to explain the rules, it’s a complicated game.

Once that was out of the way, things were off and running.  My company goal was a bonus for each area I controlled.  Since forestry was the most highest priority in quite a few areas, I decided to make it my highest priority as well.  I was also planning on picking up some of the UN goals, as they wanted forestry as well.  I did manage to take control of Oceania, but that was where it stopped.

I was having a tough time picking up technology cubes, so while I had plenty of cash, I didn’t have the tech to build the plants.  It didn’t help that my projects kept getting installed out from under me.  I did manage to install a solar project that Gina had proposed, which set me up to build the corresponding plant.  With that I was able to score two of the UN goals, but I never was able to get a biomass plant built, so the rest of the goals were out of reach.

In the end, I only managed to control one continent, so my goal was only worth four points.  Kevin and Louis had both expected the game to end a turn early, so they had gone all out in round five.  It ended up not mattering, though, as both of them held a decent stack of CEPs and actually ended up in a tie for first place.  Kevin had built the most green power plants, though, so he walked away with the win.

CO2 End Score

Until next time, happy gaming!


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