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Weekend Gaming: Eclipse

Saturday night Gina was busy, so I invited Kevin, Phil and Ryan to play Eclipse.  After a quick-ish rules refresher, we got to playing.  I was playing as the exploratory Planta, Ryan was the building/upgrading expert Machenima, Kevin had the warlike Orion Hegemony and Phil was playing the well rounded Terrans.

The game started slowly with all of us just exploring outward.  I snagged a couple with no ancients and decent resources, while Kevin had Ancients all over due to being the only one to to take a level 2 hex.  Phil was getting a bunch of money planets, so he had a pretty early lead in the number of actions available.



Kevin was blocked on almost all sides by Ancients and lost his first battle with them pretty badly.  He was able to recover, though and started expanding.  Phil and he finally met and engaged in diplomatic relations.  Ryan was research various weapon tech and upgrading his ships.  He then moved toward the galactic center and wiped it out with only a single casualty.

During all of this, my Planta were happily doing scientific research.  I was able to get into Orbitals relatively early and started building them all over to help my economy.



During the last two turns, Kevin was still dealing with a few ancients, and had an opening into Ryan’s area of space, but decided to negotiate peace instead.  Ryan, meanwhile, had reached the edge of Phil’s space and was preparing to attack.  I was still disconnected from all of them due to my strategic use of my wormhole generator to explore into the center.  I had also managed to research Monoliths, so I built a few of them of the last turns.

The game ended with Ryan defeating Phil in two hexes, removing him completely from one.  He was unable to destroy the population in the other and didn’t have enough influence to be able to claim either of the locations.  After tallying up the scores, I was sitting in first place with 33, Ryan had 31, Kevin 29 and Phil 27.  A very close game that came down to the very last turn.


By this time, Gina had returned home, and Ryan had to take off, so Phil, Kevin, Gina and I played a quick game of Glen More.  I managed to box my villager in, so I had to look online to find out what to do.  That cost me a wasted turn, but I was able to recover a little.

I had been focusing on wheat to distill into whiskey, but with that lost turn I missed the opportunity to get a tavern.  Gina had a fair and a bunch of special tiles, while Phil had a bunch of villages.  Kevin had snatched up a ton of yellow tiles, and the bonus tile for them. He also was making good use of a couple taverns and fairs.  Kevin ended up taking first place, with Phil close behind.  Gina and I were a distant third and fourth.

Until next time, happy gaming!

Weekend Gaming: Game-a-palooza!

This weekend I was celebrating my 30th birthday, so we took the kids to grandma and grandpa’s house and spent the weekend playing games.

Friday started things off with Gina and I playing Agricola and Ticket to Ride: Europe.  Then, on Saturday, we went to see The Avengers with friends.  It was an incredibly awesome movie, and definitely the highlight of the weekend.

After the movie, I grilled some burgers and the I broke out Eclipse.  I taught Ryan, Kevin and Louis how to play while Joe watched on for the explanation.  I had a tough time expanding early, due to a lack of money making planets.  Ryan was walled off in his own sector, while Kevin and Louis were working towards each other in the outer sectors.  I ended up spending my time upgrading and building my Cruisers and Interceptors, then went for the Galactic Center.  I took it out relatively easily, and that opened things up to Kevin’s space.  At that point, Kevin and Louis had a diplomatic agreement and Louis was moving towards Ryan.  On the last few turns, I invaded Kevin’s area until he was able to put Anitmatter Cannons on his Starbases and took out my Cruisers.  But it was too late at that point and I ended up winning with 40 points.  Louis was second with about 30.

While that was going on, Joe, Jaime and Gina played some Agricola and Carcassonne: Hunters and Gatherers.  After that was finished up, Ryan, Kevin, Joe and I played some Hansa Teutonica.  I was able to get to 5 actions and full bag upgrade fairly early, and then I was able to spend the rest of the game building offices and picking up bonus points.  Ryan was trying to accelerate the game, but wasn’t quite successful.  I managed to create a chain of 11 offices with a multiplier of two, and finished the game with a whopping 84 points.

On Sunday, Gina and I played a game of Agricola in the afternoon.  I completely forgot to feed my family one turn and ended up with three Beggar cards for -9 points.  I was trying to plow and bake bread, but I just wasn’t able to get things rolling.  Later that evening, Joe and Ryan joined us for another game of Agricola.  In this one, I was again trying to plow and grow vegetables, while using the Day Laborers and Traveling Players to supply Stone and Veggies due to some Improvements.  That plan worked out fairly well, but I didn’t have a strong way to gain bonus points, so I finished the game in third place, while Joe added 20+ points in bonuses and cards and finished with nearly 50 points.

It was a crazy weekend with a lot of games and a lot of fun.  Until next time, happy gaming.

Weekend Gaming: Eclipse

My wife and I sat down to learn the rules for Eclipse on Friday.  It took about an hour to get through the rules the first time, but then we were off and running.

We started off at opposite ends of the galaxy, so the first few turns were spent gathering resources and getting things setup.  I was having a tough time upgrading my ships, as Gina snagged the plasma cannons early, and there wasn’t any upgraded energy source available that I could afford.  I did eventually get missile technology, built a bunch of little ships with lots of missiles, and then sent them at the Global Center.  It was close, but I ended up only doing 7 of the 8 damage needed and then was chased off.

The game came down to a final battle in the one hex connecting us.  Gina had sent four frigates with super accurate plasma cannons, plus a cruiser and a some little ships.  I had my missile ships, some frigates and a cruiser.  My missiles didn’t do enough, and then her Frigates were able to wipe out my frigates in a single volley.  The fight was over pretty quickly after that.  After totaling everything up, she managed to beat me 25 to 23.

Then, Saturday night, Ryan, Joe, Kevin and Louis joined us for some Railways of the World.  We were playing on the Eastern US map, but with the rotating cities from the Western US expansion in a few locations.  Louis and Kevin jumped out to early leads, Louis by completing a Service Bounty and then taking advantage of the rotating city to get the Passenger Lines points (we forgot to rule that the cubes had to be delivered to different cities).  Kevin had a service bounty as well and completed the major line from Atlanta to Richmond.  He also got the Washington to Boston route, and never looked back.  He managed to get his train fully upgraded and was running 5-7 point deliveries up and down the East coast for a good chunk of the game.  Joe was also helping him out by running deliveries through some of Kevin’s tracks.  The game ended up pretty close, but Kevin managed to edge Louis out by about 8 points for the win.

We finished up the night with a game of Hansa Teutonica using the expansion board.  I did alright, getting offices in the upper right hand of the board, but I wasn’t doing enough.  Joe managed to get all 5 actions and all 5 of his Merchants off his board fairly early, and then he went to town.  He linked up quite a few cities, and managed to get his Key upgraded to get the maximum bonus.  At the end of the game, he blew everyone away, scoring a total of 73 points.

Until next time, happy gaming.


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