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Weekend Gaming: Independence Day

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWednesday before the 4th, we were joined by Joe and Kevin for Eminent Domain, Hansa Teutonica and Caylus.  Joe missed Eminent Domain, and it came down to Kevin and I tied for points.  He had the tie-breaker, though, with a few extra resources.

I didn’t fare much better in Hansa Teutonica.  I started off slowly, getting my library upgrades complete.  I wasn’t getting much movement, while Kevin and Joe had some nice shorter routes that they were using to rack up points.  I did manage to complete the major route between the two red cities, and upgraded my key.  It wasn’t enough, though.  Kevin had a large network and a bunch of bonus tokens.  He took his second game of the night.



We finished with Caylus.  Kevin and I had moved up the lowest favor track, allowing us both access to the houses even with the lawyer in play.  It was still slow going for me, though as Joe was building tons of the other buildings.  I was going last for most of the game, but I had access to the Inn so I was able to use 5 of my workers nearly every turn.  The game progressed rather quickly as we were building in the castle often.  I had positioned myself to make a huge build in the castle, but I mistimed my action and ended up in the third position.  I wasn’t able to build any and while I doubt it would have been enough, it was still a disappointment.  Joe ended up taking the last game of the night after using the point favors as much as possible.



We played again on Saturday.  This time Phil joined us along with Joe and Kevin.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWe kicked things off with Village.  I had a plan to run as many workers as possible into the Council House.  I managed to get three workers in and upgraded, but got a bit distracted along the way.  I had two in the church getting me points throughout the game, and a couple working to get the scrolls needed for the Council House.  I decided part way through, that rather than just upgrade, I would get some coin from grain and then turn it into points using the last spot in the Council.  I managed to do that twice, but would have liked more.

It ended up being a very close game, but Kevin had a bunch of points from the market and came out ahead in the end.

Ad Astra was up next.  I started the game in a weak position just getting energy, and rather than focusing on ships like I should have, I built a factory early.  This ended up hurting as I had trouble building anything.  Kevin had built extra ships early and used that to his advantage getting early points for ships and star systems, and continued this trend throughout the game.  Gina and Phil made strong plays using terraformers, but ended up just short.  Kevins ships were too much to overcome.



Again we finished up with Caylus.  This time I had planned to work the castle building heavily.  That turned out to be a bad idea, as the resource spots were quickly snatched up.  In fact no one was able to get much done in the castle as the Provost was moving around quite a bit.  Joe built the Lawyer tile with the intent to use it, but I had position to get there first, so I invested heavily.  I built three houses throughout the game, and upgraded two to the taverns.  I was never in a position to win, though.  I had tried to build the cathedral, but miscounted the number of gold needed and came up one short.

Kevin and Phil had been building resource buildings like crazy and were the only ones doing much in the castle.  So they were able to build a substantial lead.  The final score came down to Kevin managing to build on of the blue buildings, putting his score just out of reach of Phil.  Kevin won his third game of the evening.


Until next time, happy gaming!



Weekend Gaming: Busy Days

This was a busy holiday weekend for us. Saturday was spent in the yard doing some gardening and playing. Then in the evening, the games started.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIt began with Joe, Kevin, Gina and I played Ad Astra and Terra Mystica.  Kevin and I were playing similar terraforming strategies in Ad Astra, but his was more balanced and edged me out in the end.


Then in Terra Mystica, Kevin again managed to beat us all.  He was playing as the Cultists and took advantage of the cult tracks while still managing to create a large empire.  I was playing as the Engineers and at one point built a bridge expecting to be able to terraform and build on the other side, but Joe beat me to it with his Nomads when I realized I lacked the right resources.  With one bridge wasted, I had a hard time recovering.


On Sunday, Gina and I played another game of Terra Mystica in the afternoon.  I was trying the Dwarves, while she was using the Mermaids.  I was happily expanding my empire across the board, but she was more focused.  I never managed to build a town and that ended up costing me.  While I had a large empire, she had me on the cults and score in general.


Joe joined us for another round of Terra Mystica after that.  I tried the Witches this time, and boy were they fun.  Joe had the Chaos Magicians, and Gina had Halflings.  I managed to use my Witches to fly all over the world to build houses.  With that I managed to build three towns for the bonuses, and then on the last round, I upgraded my shipping twice to score the largest empire with all but two of my buildings on the board.


Joe joined us again that evening for even more games, starting with Ginkopolis.  I was planning to go with a construction focus, but that never panned out.  Joe was constructing a bunch, but I did manage to do a fair bit of urbanizing.  On the last turn, though, I decided to exploit rather than urbanize, looking to score some quick points.  Joe, though, managed to steal a district from me, costing me the game.


Eminent Domain was next.  I was focused on colonization and research, and managed to do it well.  It just wasn’t enough.  Joe and Gina were both producing and trading, and I just couldn’t keep up.  There wasn’t much surveying, and I just couldn’t get the planets.  It was a close game, but Joe did managed to have the winning score.


Gina’s last game of the evening was Village.  I didn’t get a picture of the game, but Joe and Gina again had similar plans, while I was out on my own.  They were using the Council Chambers to get goods to trade, while I was out traveling.  I did manage to get a couple family members into the church and plenty into the book, but Joe’s trading resources were too much for us to overcome.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAfter Gina went to bed, Joe and I stayed up for one last game of Terra Mystica (I’m really liking this game, if you hadn’t guessed).  I was playing the Fakirs, and Joe had the Engineers.  After building my Stronghold on the first turn, I was struggling with gold for a long time.  Joe was racking up points building Trading Houses, and getting his bridges built.  I was about 35 point behind coming into the last round.

I had gathered my resources and was ready for a big build.  I managed to build a temple and four dwellings, maximizing the round bonus and my bonuses to score 30 points in that round.  I also had the bonus for my Stronghold and Sanctuary that I turned in for another 8 points.

Sadly, it wasn’t enough. We were evenly matched on the cult tracks and  Joe’s score on the last turn was enough to keep him ahead of my even with my empire.  Joe managed to win his fourth game of the evening.



We ended the weekend with a rather lazy holiday Monday.  We did go and see Star Trek: Into Darkness, which we both thoroughly enjoyed.

Until next time, happy gaming!

Weekend Gaming: Men’s Night

Lords of Waterdeep

The wives were all out of town this weekend for a shopping trip.  So Saturday night was just Ryan, Kevin, Louis and myself.  The night started out with Lords of Waterdeep.  Louis and Kevin got out to a quick lead with some big quests, while I was struggling to find quests that would appease my lord.  Ryan was lagging behind, but just biding his time.

Early on, I managed to complete a quest that would give me bonus points for playing Intrigue cards, which I then tried to maximize.  Eventually some Skulduggery quests starte

Lords of Waterdeep

Eminent Domain was the second and final game of the night.  I wanted to get into the Produce/Trade side of things, but it was pretty slow going.  Louis was doing it a bit more efficiently, early on, but I had a couple good turns toward the end where I was able to catch up.  Ryan was pushing a Research game, but had one hiccup with the wrong king of planet that slowed him down.  Kevin was pushing the military hard, but wasn’t surveying a ton of planets.  The final score ended up being very close.  Kevin had 18 from his planets and Ryan had 20 from planets and research.  Louis and I had nearly identical boards, but I had one more Influence chip and one of my planets was worth a point more.  He finished with 20 and I had 22 for the lead.d showing up, and I was able to complete a bunch and sneak into the lead.  Ryan was positioning himself for a huge quest turn-in, but Louis ended up getting in the way.  At the end, my Lord gave me just enough to edge out Kevin for first place, followed up by Ryan and Louis.

Eminent Domain

Until next time, happy gaming!

Weekend Gaming: Return to Gaming

After a couple weekends without much gaming, this weekend was a distinct change in the right direction.  On Friday, Gina and I played Thurn and Taxis, Hawaii and Eminent Domain.  Thurn and Taxis was relatively uneventful.  I was performing well with smaller routs, but quickly grabbing control all over the board.  I managed to get a size 7 cart on the same turn I ran out of offices, ending the game for a narrow win.

P1187601-1024In Hawaii, both of us ended up getting a strong supply of fruit.  They were plentiful on the board, and I was able to use my one boat to get one as well.  We both ended up with two large villages on our islands, but I was able to score the bonus points on the end of the last round.  That combined with my end game bonuses were able to outscore Gina’s spear points and fruit bonuses.




We finished the night with Eminent Domain.  Gina was spread too thin, while she could have been doing well with a Produce/Trade game.  I was focused heavily in Survey, Colonize and Research.  I was able to get a bunch of planets colonized while also picking up a couple level three technologies for a dominant win.

Then on Saturday, Joe and Kevin joined us for Agricola and Lancaster.  I was feeding my people easily with grain and bread, and was able to quickly expand my family.  I didn’t really develop my farm all that well, but I did get a couple nice improvements with points.  I ended up limiting my negatives well enough and actually squeaked out a win.  It was pretty close between Kevin and I, but I always seemed to be taking exactly what Kevin needed one turn before he was about to do it.


Kevin had brought Lancaster, so we took some time to learn it.  It was an interesting combination of worker placement and voting that worked out pretty nicely.  There was some confusion with the order of voting and scoring, and we ended up playing the laws wrong so we didn’t have any voting in the last round.  It was a close game with Joe getting a decent lead from some conflicts and board locations, but I was positioning myself for the end game bonuses.  Kevin and I both mistook the order of actions in the last round and battled for some rewards that ended up not benefiting us in scoring.  because we wasted those resources, Joe was easily able to keep his lead at the end of the game.

Until next time, happy gaming!

Weekend Gaming: So Many Games!

I played a bunch of games this weekend, but didn’t get many pictures of any of them.

On Friday, Gina and I tried out Stone Age for the first time.  It was fun, but we ended up playing a couple rules wrong, which lead to less conflict than there should have been.  As a result, the scores were quite high and I ended up winning about 300 to 250.

We then played Race for the Galaxy, in which I snuck out a win due to some nice development cards.  We finished the night with Eminent Domain.  I was able to get a very nice warfare/trade system going with the tech that allowed me to trade my ships for points.

On Saturday, out friends Nick and Laura joined us for the evening, along with Ryan and Louis.  We played some 7 Wonders, which was won by Laura.  Then Ticket to Ride Europe with the Big Cities cards from the expansion.  Louis was able to rake in a ton of routes, but they were all relatively low points, while I had fewer ones, but with bigger points.  We both finished strong, but I was able to just edge him out for the win by three points.

Next up, Ryan, Louis, Nick and I played a round of Kingdom Builder.  I was doing alright with a big group of settlements in the center, but it wasn’t quite enough.  Louis had connected to every castle and had a strong presents in all regions, which lead to a win by about 10 points.

We finished up the night with a quick game of Monty Python Fluxx, won by Nick.

Then on Sunday, after playing some disc golf and enjoying the park, we headed home for some Eminent Domain with Nick, Ryan, Joe and I.  We played two games, and I managed to win both.  The first was due to a bunch of planets and a strong military presence.  The second was a quick game with nearly everyone either surveying or colonizing each turn.  I had wanted to try a produce/trade system, but ended up with good colonization planets and managed to colonize six planets and win by two points.

We finished up the weekend with a game of Cities and Knights of Catan with Jaime and Ryan (Joe was on baby duty).  Jaime and Ryan were just rolling in cards and resources, while Gina and I were having a tough time getting rolling.  We both managed to get some stuff going late in the game, but it was too late.  Jaime was able to go on a nice run of Cities, and then finished the game with a single settlement.

All in all, a wonderful weekend with a bunch of friends.

Until next time, happy gaming!

Weekend Gaming: Dominance

Friday started off with Gina and I playing some Agricola.  My first hand had the Community Well, Water Carrier, Well Builder and a few other cards that would put food onto future rounds.  I was able to get the Well built in round 5, and then it was off to the races.  There was tons of food on each round, and there was only one turn where I needed to worry about food, which was taken care of by a big fishing trip.  By the end, I had points on every one of my improvements and a strong farm for a nice 52 points.

The second game started off well and I was heading for a decent grain strategy.  I had left myself open, needing a grain to get things moving, but Gina got there first.  I had to take Beggars that turn.  I ended up picking up veggies and some animals, but it wasn’t the best.  I ended up losing to Gina by a point.

At that point we decided to play Castles of Burgundy, and Joe happened to call just as we were setting up.  Gina started off very strongly by completing a bunch of small areas early.  I was slowly building up my area, but nothing terribly focused.  In the second phase, I grabbed the bonus for each different type of shipped goods and later the one for each trading post.  I was also able to snatch the knowledge that would let me build multiple of the same buildings in a city, since I only had two big cities with two single hex cities.

I was eventually able to catch up, but I didn’t think I had much chance of winning it.  Gina had a big lead, but not much for bonuses, and Joe had both a good score and some bonuses.  When the final score was tallied though, I was able to just edge out the both of them with my bonuses.

Then on Saturday, Ryan, Jaime, Joe and Kevin joined us, and Louis showed up part way through the first game.  We started with Eminant Domain with Ryan, Kevin, Gina and I.  Gina was pushing heavy Warfare, Kevin was doing Technology, Ryan was mixing some Tech and Trade, and I was going heavy into Survey and Colonies.  I was able to grab two Improved Colonizations and followed Survey every chance I got to pick up ten different planets.  I then was able to use Improved Colonize twice to colonize four planets.  I ended up with 25 points overall for the win.

We finished up the night with a big game of Dominant Species with Joe as the birds, Louis the Arachnids, Kevin the Mammals, Gina the Amphibians and I the Insects.  I started off the game by forcing the Amphibians extinct after removing the elements from their tile.  This also got rid of the Arachnids on that tile and gave me dominance.  The glaciation was mostly controlled by Gina and was mostly pushing away from me.

The Amphibians did come back on the other side of the ice from me, and I was able to spread out pretty well uncontested.  Grass was coming up on the abundance action multiple times and I was able to populate my area with a bunch of it.  Things were going well; that is, until the birds appeared.

Joe was having trouble, as the seed elements had pretty much been wiped off the board and nothing new was coming up.  He eventually was able to adapt and then proceeded to fly across the ice to attack me.  He did some damage, but not enough.  I was able to repopulate, while Joe continued to attack everyone.

Through this whole thing, Gina and Louis had been able to strengthen their positions on the bottom and left of the board.  Gina had come back strong and was picking up Domination points all over the place along with some Survival points.  Kevin was lagging behind a bit, but not too far back.

By the time the Ice Age happened, I had dominance on eight areas with only Joe in the area to get domination points.  I was a ways back from Gina and Louis, though.  I picked up 36 points from the Ice Age and then the final score pushed me into the win.  It was a pretty close game for most of us, and a lot of fun.

Until next time, happy gaming!

Weekend Gaming: Holiday Bonus Edition

Since yesterday was a holiday, Joe and Ryan joined us Tuesday evening for some games.  We started things off with some Eminent Domain.  I decided to try a heavy military strategy, with some research thrown in for extra points.  Gina took the Warfare role occasionally, but not enough for me to really benefit.  Ryan was colonizing a lot, with some decent research and trading for additional points.  Joe was going straight for colonizing a ton of worlds.

I was able to get about four level two research cards and five worlds, but it wasn’t enough.  Joe and Ryan tied on points, but Ryan took the tie-breaker.  Joe losing on ties would become a theme for the day.

Next up was Hawaii.  Phil had joined us at this point as well.  I pushed for a bunch of gods and took the god that scored extra at the end of each round and one that scored bonuses for surfers/boats.  Joe was visiting the islands a bunch, while Ryan managed to grab four side two spear huts and was scoring eight points every time he grabbed a shell.  He just blew past all of us, but didn’t have much for end game bonuses.  I did alright, but didn’t catch Joe or Ryan.  Joe had a bunch of end game points, but ended up one point short of Ryan.

Phil had to take off after that, and so we played some Castles of Burgundy.  I grabbed the bonus tile that provided four points for each kind of animal.  Then I started grabbing banks.  In the second round, I was able to grab the knowledge tiles that allowed me to have more than one of the same building in each city, and to buy any tile on the board.  With this I was able to fill in my entire estate minus the boats.  In one city, all but one of the tiles was a bank.  Joe was heavily invested in trading with a minimal estate, while Ryan and Gina were more balanced.  By the last round everyone was very close.  I had a bunch of bonuses for my banks and animals, and ended up tied with Joe for first.  Since my estate was more developed, I was declared the winner.

On Wednesday, Gina and I played a quick game of Agicola in the morning.  We were both able to fill our farms nicely.  I was using the Manure card to harvest a bunch of my grain and bake bread, while amassing a bunch of animals and fences with a fence delivery.  Gina had a huge pasture and a bunch of points on cards.  She finished with 40 points, while my full family and stone house propelled me to 49.

Then after spending some time at the lake, Joe and Ryan joined us in the afternoon for Navegador.  Ryan wasn’t too sure about the game when we started, but got into it pretty quickly.  He and Gina were sailing around picking up colonies and occasionally exploring, but nothing major.  Ryan was able to amass some major cash and turned it into some factories.  Joe was exploring pretty heavily and picking up a ton of colonies once we got into the spice areas.  My plan was to build factories and process the goods that the others were producing.  I actually ended up with a single colony, and then used my two starting boats to help me around the rondel a couple times.  I picked up a few churches to get me more workers and then just hammered the market, building and workers actions.  Once I got up to enough workers, I picked up the privileges for factories and churches.

I finished the game without a boat or exploration token, but I had a bunch of points from my churches and factories.  Joe had a ton of colonies and points from shipyards.  Joe didn’t have quite enough, and for the fourth time in two days, he fell just short, losing by one point to me.

Until next time, happy gaming.


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