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Finished Falcon / Fire Prism Body

I finished up the body and turret of Falcon earlier today.  Now all it needs is the gun and the canopies.


WIP: Falcon Camouflage Step-by-Step

I’ve been working on the Falcon all day, and figured I’d give a kind of step by step through my painting process for the camouflage and the details.

Here we start with the plain tank without any detailing and the small (1″x1″x2″) chunk of kitchen sponge.


I add some dark blue to my palette and water it down just a hair.  I don’t want it too thin or it will run or get absorbed into the sponge.  I dip the sponge in the paint and then give a few dabs onto a piece of paper so it’s not to thick.  Then I start lightly dabbing it onto the tank.


Here’s a picture after the entire tank has been done with the sponge.  As you can see, some of the areas weren’t very well covered.  It’s tough to get into the tight areas with the sponge, so I use a brush for those parts.


I take an old brush, dip it in the blue and then give it a few dabs on paper to get any excess paint out.  Then I lightly dab paint onto the tank in the areas the didn’t get very good coverage with the sponge.


As you can see the camo is much more uniform.  Then it’s just a matter of filling in the details, like the gems, the lining, etc.  Here is a picture of the tank so far.  It need the light blue highlights, some bright yellow on the antenna arrays, and some decals/icons.


WIP: Falcon / Fire Prism

Once I finished my Jetbike, I started working on finishing up my Falcon/Fire Prism body.  I finished with the medium blue coat on the main body of the tank, and now I need to start on the detailing.


I also managed to find some nice plastic crystals at a craft store over the weekend, so I’ve started work on the custom Fire Prism cannon.  Here are the parts so far:


The emitter and cannon boday are made from Star Cannon parts from my War Walkers, along with some parts from the sensor array from the Falcon.  It won’t be quite as monstrous as the standard Fire Prism cannon, but it should look pretty good just the same.


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