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Farseer with Painted Base


I painted up the flying base for my Farseer tonight.  I have never done a flying base before, and I really like the way it turned out.  I think I’ll have to do the same for the rest of my jetbikes at some point.

If you look, you can see there are two holes that aren’t textured.  These are magnets, and the center stand is magnetized such that it can be moved out of the center and onto the back magnet.  Then I have a Space Marine that I’m working on that will stand at the front of the base.  The whole thing will look like a duel between the two with the Farseer about to run the Marine down.  The only problem was that it was a bit too big to use for normal games, hence the interchangeability.

"Armed" Farseer on Jetbike


There he is.  The leader of my army, all ready to go.  The arm is actually from a Dire Avenger Exarch, and it is magnetized at the shoulder, so I can swap it out for a spear of I wanted (this is the Witchblade).

Now I am working on doing something a bit more impressive with his base.  I have a plan worked out and some work started, so hopefully I’ll have pictures of some of the progress up later today or tomorrow.

Farseer on Jetbike

I finished up the main portion of my Jetbike Farseer tonight.  Now all that is left is to finish his arms.  At the last minute I decided to magnetize his arm for a spear or a sword, so I put the magnet in the body, but now I need to do some work on the arm to make things fit.

Here he is in all his painted glory.



WIP: Seer Council Jetbikes

More work on the jetbikes tonight.  I finished up the silver detailing and then went back and cleaned up the black.  I added the yellow to the top of the polls on the Warlocks’ bikes and then I gave all of the silver parts a heavy wash of Babab Black.  Next up is to highlight the silver in most areas with Mithril Silver, then I intend to attach the hoods and start working on the freehand there.  The final part will be going back and finishing up the details like the gems and the highlights.  Then it will be on to the riders.



WIP: Seer Council Jetbikes

Finished up the blue on all of the jetbikes and moved on to the silver.  Once that is complete, I will add the yellow to the tip of the banner pole and attach the hood.




WIP: Seer Council Modelled

I finished up the conversions needed for the Seer Council this morning.  Now to prime and paint.

The bodies of the Warlocks are Shining Spears, the spears are from High Elf Sea Guard warriors, and the Sword are from Wood Elf Glade Guards.

The Warlocks:







The Autarch:


The Farseer:


WIP: Seer Council and Autarch

My new models arrived today, so I was able to dig in and start working on them tonight.  I managed to get the mold lines on pretty much everything cleaned up and the bike bodies assembled.  I will glue the hood of the bike on once the body is painted just to make things easier.

Next up is to start the custom work on the riders to give them the spears and swords instead of the lances.  I’m not sure if I’ll use the arms as they are and add embelishments with the greenstuff, or if I’ll try to us the lace arms and just cut off the lance to add the spear.  I also need to modify the Autarch’s bike to add the fusion gun, and then somehow change the Autarch to give him a helmet.

Plenty to do.




WIP: Farseer Jetbike – Finished

I finished up my Farseer’s jetbike last night.  I painted up the banner with the Alaitoc icon and did a few touch ups all over.  I think it turned out really well.  My only issue with doing freehand stuff, is I tend to take too make coats to get things to look good, so the paint can sometimes end up looking a little chunky.

Here is the banner from both sides:


And here is the final product.


Now it just needs a rider.

WIP: Farseer Jetbike Update

I cleaned up the jetbike a bit and repainted the gems.  They turned out a lot better this time, in my opinion.  I still need to do some highlights on the black and silver.  I also used some greenstuff to attach the banner pole to the back of the bike.  It needs some cleanup once it sets, and then that will get painted.

Here’s the bike so far:


As for the Farseer, I made some significant mods to a Dire Avenger Exarch’s head and added some greenstuff gems that should work pretty well.


So far it is coming along pretty well.


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