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Three Fire Warriors

I’ve painted three Fire Warriors so far just testing various styles and techniques.  I haven’t completed the detailing and bases on them.

They are all primed with Krylon Ruddy Brown primer.  The left one was painted with a single coat of Mechrite Red, then highlighted with Astronomican Grey, and then washed with 2 coats of Baal Red.  The center one was a painted with 2 coats of Scar Red, then highlighted with Bleached Bone, and washed with 2 coats of Baal Red.  The right one was painted with Scar Red, washed with Baal Red and then highlighted with Scar Red.

The highlighting on the far right is a lot more subtle, but it takes a bit longer.  The one on the left was the quickest, but I’m not a fan of the way the grey looks after the wash.  I’m going to try a few more techniques, but so far I think painting with Mechrite Red and highlighting with Bleached Bone would be the best looking one for the speed.

Tau Firewarrior

I’ve decided to start a small Tau army, and this is a test of the color scheme I intend to use.


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