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Weekend Gaming: CO2 and Five Tribes

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERABack to gaming this weekend and we kicked things off with Gina’s choice of CO2.  Things were a little dicey early with a starting CO2 level of 210 and at one point reached 490, but we were able to keep it in check.  I was trying to build in as many continents as I could for my corporate goal, and managed to do fairly well there.  I didn’t propose many projects at all and did most of my work  installing and constructing projects around the board.  It was looking like Joe might take control of the game when he was picking up CEPs all over, but in the final decade I was able to take control of Oceania.  With those CEPs and the three UN goals I had scored I finished in the lead.


Gina headed to bed and we followed that up Five Tribes.  I was just learning and was a significant disadvantage.  The game is highly dependent on maximizing points every turn, and seeing those opportunities.  The others had played the game a few times so they were scoring a ton each round, while i struggled a bit.  I didn’t place last (Joe did), which was a miracle, but I didn’t get close to Louis’ 157 point victory either.  It was an interesting game, though, so hopefully we’ll get it on the table again before too long.

Until next time, happy gaming!


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