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Weekend Gaming: Gearworld

Louis, Kevin, Gina and I learned Gearworld: the Borderlands on Saturday.  I started by holding the eastern island and a chunk of the eastern side of the main continent.  Gina was in the north and south east portions of the main continent, while Louis had the western half with Kevin.  Kevin also had the northern and western islands.

Things started off slowly because we weren’t getting production or transport for the first few rounds.  Instead we were positioning on the board through battles.  I took control of the eastern island and build a bridge to the mainland.  Kevin took the northern and western islands, but was all but eliminated from the main continent.  I was fighting with Gina in the East, and Louis was pushing in from the West.

Once the production picked back up, I was able to put together a nice supply route through the center.  Then it was just a matter of a couple nice trades and strategic takeovers.  Kevin had a ship transporting supplies and weapons, and Louis was building up resources as well and built two skyworks on the last round, but it wasn’t enough.  I built three Skyworks over the last three turns to take the win.


Joe then joined us for Glen More.  Joe went straight for the Whiskey and did well, with a few hiccups along the way.  Louis was working the cows and butcher, while Kevin was buying up all of the special tiles he could get his hands on.  Gina was picking up villages and chieftains.  I didn’t have a strong plan early, but I ended up grabbing an Annual Fair with enough resources to support it most of the game.  I was scoring at least five points a turn for the remainder of the game.  I picked up another Annual Fair, but missed out on maximizing it because I forgot to buy extra goods.  In the end, though, I had enough to tie for the win with Kevin.  Between the two of us, we held 30 of the 33 coins available in the game.



Until next time, happy gaming!



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