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Weekend Gaming: Terra Mystica

First off, happy belated Mother’s Day.
IMG_20130511_242649_135-1024Now on to the gaming. Friday, I taught Joe, Louis, and Kevin Terra Mystica. I was playing as the Nomads again. I spent most of the game building all over using improved boats to get around. While doing that, I was ignoring the cult tracks which would be my undoing.

Kevin was mastering all of the Cults, and had built a sizable lead there.  Joe was a strong competitor, but couldn’t quite squeeze past Kevin.  Louis’ Giants were working toward a large empire, but my boats were the key to my dominance on land.

In the final scoring, it was the cults that made all the difference.  Kevin’s points there pushed him over 100 points for the win.


Saturday night, Louis and Kevin joined us for another game of Terra Mystica.  I was playing as the Chaos Magicians, with Gina as the Fakirs, Louis playing the Darklings and Kevin as the Dwarves.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI started by building my Stronghold on the first turn.  I had planned to take advantage of the double favors for Temples, so a temple came shortly after.  My kingdom wasn’t huge, but by the end it consisted of a Stronghold, Sanctuary, and two temples.

While I was working on that, Gina and Kevin were expanding through the center, and Louis had the right side of the board mostly to himself.  He was maximizing the Darklings’ bonus points for terraforming and jumped to a big lead.

I had managed to take control of three of the four cults, but even maximizing that and trying to get as many bonus points each round it wasn’t enough.  Louis, Gina and Kevin all tied for largest empires, and Louis had too big of a lead to catch.


We finished the night with a game of Glen More.  Louis and Gina were focused on whiskey, but Louis managed to snag the first two Taverns.  Kevin was getting a bunch of points early using an Annual Fair and Butcher, but didn’t have much for end game.  I was all about villages, chieftans and special tiles. I had some points from a sheep butcher, but most of my points came from the chieftans and the castle that provides a bonus for villages.  The final score was extremely close, with Louis losing to me by a single point.


Until next time, happy gaming!

Weekend Gaming: Eclipse

Saturday night Gina was busy, so I invited Kevin, Phil and Ryan to play Eclipse.  After a quick-ish rules refresher, we got to playing.  I was playing as the exploratory Planta, Ryan was the building/upgrading expert Machenima, Kevin had the warlike Orion Hegemony and Phil was playing the well rounded Terrans.

The game started slowly with all of us just exploring outward.  I snagged a couple with no ancients and decent resources, while Kevin had Ancients all over due to being the only one to to take a level 2 hex.  Phil was getting a bunch of money planets, so he had a pretty early lead in the number of actions available.



Kevin was blocked on almost all sides by Ancients and lost his first battle with them pretty badly.  He was able to recover, though and started expanding.  Phil and he finally met and engaged in diplomatic relations.  Ryan was research various weapon tech and upgrading his ships.  He then moved toward the galactic center and wiped it out with only a single casualty.

During all of this, my Planta were happily doing scientific research.  I was able to get into Orbitals relatively early and started building them all over to help my economy.



During the last two turns, Kevin was still dealing with a few ancients, and had an opening into Ryan’s area of space, but decided to negotiate peace instead.  Ryan, meanwhile, had reached the edge of Phil’s space and was preparing to attack.  I was still disconnected from all of them due to my strategic use of my wormhole generator to explore into the center.  I had also managed to research Monoliths, so I built a few of them of the last turns.

The game ended with Ryan defeating Phil in two hexes, removing him completely from one.  He was unable to destroy the population in the other and didn’t have enough influence to be able to claim either of the locations.  After tallying up the scores, I was sitting in first place with 33, Ryan had 31, Kevin 29 and Phil 27.  A very close game that came down to the very last turn.


By this time, Gina had returned home, and Ryan had to take off, so Phil, Kevin, Gina and I played a quick game of Glen More.  I managed to box my villager in, so I had to look online to find out what to do.  That cost me a wasted turn, but I was able to recover a little.

I had been focusing on wheat to distill into whiskey, but with that lost turn I missed the opportunity to get a tavern.  Gina had a fair and a bunch of special tiles, while Phil had a bunch of villages.  Kevin had snatched up a ton of yellow tiles, and the bonus tile for them. He also was making good use of a couple taverns and fairs.  Kevin ended up taking first place, with Phil close behind.  Gina and I were a distant third and fourth.

Until next time, happy gaming!


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