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25ss Lady Justice vs. Viktorias

As promised earlier in the week, here is the short report of my wife and my game of Malifaux from last Friday.

She was playing her Viktorias, with two Ronin, Taelor and 7 soulstones.  I have Lady Justice, the Judge, a Death Marshal, two Guild Guard, an Austringer and 5 stones.  Since we were a bit rusty on the rules, we just played with a single shared goal of Plant Evidence.

First turn, shortly after deployment.

The first turn wasn’t too exciting, with everyone just moving up to get into position.

Start of Turn 2

I won the initiative on the second turn and rushed Lady J up to plant evidence on the center bush.  She then felt the full force of the Viktorias and was taken down to 1 wound by them and Taelor.

On turn 3, I won the initiative again, and Lady J went on a spree, taking out the Sword Viktoria.  The Judge came in to help, but nothing could save Lady J.

I was able to get a Guild Guard over onto her half of the board to start planting more evidence, while my Death Marshal took out one of the Ronin on my side of the board.  The other Ronin, and the gun Viktoria were able to plant two pieces on my half, but in the end I was able to get one more with my Guard to seal the victory 3-2 in favor of the Guild.

Overall it was a fun game, though we were both a bit rusty.  The additional terrain helped both sides get into combat a bit more easily though I did forget that the Austringer ignores terrain with his Raptor.  I’m still trying to wrap my head around the interactions and combos of Malifaux, so there is a lot of the game that I haven’t taken advantage of yet.

Malifaux: Lilith vs. Sonia Criid

Tonight I played another game of Malifaux against my friend Ryan.  He had brought his Nephilim led by Lilith, and I was running my new Sonia Criid crew.

His crew consisted of Lilith, a Cherub, 3 Terror Tots, 2 Young Nephilim and a Mature Nephilim.  I had Sonia, Samael, 3 Witchling Stalkers, 2 Guild Guard and a Guild Austringer.  We flipped for our strategies using the new ones out of Rising Powers and ended up with a shared Supply Wagon strategy.  Neither of us picked any schemes.  In the end the strategy didn’t come into play at all, because we only managed to play 3 turns as time was limited.

It was a good game overall, though my crew was definitely not well suited to face the Neverborn.  Between the flying Nephilim ignoring the best of the Guild Guards’ abilities and the fact that none of Nephilim really cast spells meant that a lot of my best powers were wasted.  Highlights of the game were when my Witchling Stalker managed to flip both the Red and Black Jokers for damage against the Mature Nephilim on the second turn.  Then on the turn three I managed to actually get some luck and destroyed the Mature Nephilim, a Young Nephilim and a Terror Tot all with a well placed Flame Burst.  The Nephilim managed to destroy 2 of my Witchlings and nearly kill off a Guild Guard.  In the end, neither of our wagons had made it close to the center, and neither of us had damaged either of the wagons.

Malifaux: Another Witchling

Here’s the second of the three Witchling Stalkers.

Malifaux: Witchling Stalker

Finally got back to doing a bit of painting and finished up one of my Guild Witchling Stalkers.  I still need to work on the base, but overall I really like the way it turned out.

Weekend Update

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving weekend!

My wife and I took advantage of a Black Friday “Buy 2, Get 1” sale and picked up the Rasputina box, the Sonia Criid box and the Rising Powers book for Malifaux.  We then both did a bit of painting over the weekend.  My wife started painting her Victorias crew with one of the Victorias.  I painted up Rasputina’s Ice Golem and started working on the Witchling Stalkers.

Ice Golem:



Malifaux: Guild vs. Neverborn

Ryan and I played a 25ss game of Malifaux tonight.  I decided to use my Lady Justice lead Guild crew consisting of The Judge, Taelor and two Death Marshals.  Ryan brought Lilith, a Mature Nephilim, a Young Nephilim, and three Terror Tots.

We ended up with a standard 6″ deployment.  I had the Reconnoiter strategy, and Ryan had Slaughter.  We each took one scheme, with Ryan taking Kidnap and I took Hold Ground.

The first couple turns were just positioning.  Ryan grew one Tot into a Young Nephilim, and the Judge was able to damage one young one.  That’s when the fun began.  The Mature Nephilim swooped down on the Judge.  My Death Marshals were able to take down a few of the Young Nephilim, but died to Lilith’s whirlwind.  Lady Justice did a number on the Mature Nephilim, and then proceeded to duke it out with Lilith.

By turn 4, all that was left was a couple Young Nephilim (another Tot had grown), a Tot, Lady J and Taelor.  The Nephilim came close to taking out Lady J, but couldn’t quite finish her off.  She and Taelor went to town on the demons and took them down.

At the end I only had the two left, so I was unable to secure any table quarters, but I had kept the Neverborn out of my deployment zone for 2 points.  Ryan had kidnapped his target (one of the Marshals), but wasn’t able to slaughter enough of my crew, so he only got 2 points as well to force a draw.

Death Marshal #1

The base is not complete, but here is the first of the three Death Marshals.

Things I like:
The coffin turned out looking great.  I love the lighter brown
The gun looks good
The skin tone worked out how I hoped

Things that could be better:
The face turned out a bit chalky
The highlighting on the cloak could be a bit better
There doesn’t seem to be enough color, but I’m not sure what more could be done.

Malifaux: The Judge

I finished up the Judge tonight.  Overall I’m pretty happy with how he turned out.

Things I like:
The sword and the chain
The hair
The face and bandanna

Things that could have gone better:
The drybrushing, especially on the coat
Some of the detailing on the pants

Malifaux: The Judge

As an early birthday present, my wife bought us the Malifaux game rules and two of the boxed sets.  She chose the Viktorias set from the Outcasts faction, and I chose the Lady Justice set from the Guild faction.  The models are beautiful and a good portion of the reason I was interested in the game.  We haven’t actually played a game yet, but I decided to start painting up one of the figures tonight.  I started with the Judge.  Here he is in his partially completed glory.  I still need to do some highlighting and final touches, but I’m really liking the way he’s turned out so far, and he’s been a blast to paint.

the Judge front

the Judge back


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