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Weekend Gaming: Labor Day and Games!

Long weekend here, and we spent a bunch of it playing games.

Friday night, Gina and I played Castles of Burgundy, followed by a game of Agricola that I forgot to photograph.

On Saturday, Joe and Jaime joined us for some Kingdom Builder.  The first game was quite close with me edging Jaime out by a couple points.  The second game wasn’t nearly as strong for me and Joe went on to win with a bunch of Worker points.

After they took off, Gina and I played another game of Castles of Burgundy.

Then on Sunday, Joe and Jaime joined us in the afternoon and brought over Tikal.  Joe had just picked it up a few weeks ago, so it was new to most of us.  I started off weakly, but did manage to get into some nice treasure sets.  As the game went on, I was was able to sneak into a couple decent monuments and in the end, I snuck past Jaime again for the win.

After dinner, we snuck in a quick game of Kingdom Builder before John and Dana showed up.  I completely forgot that Lords awarded second place as well, and Joe capitalized on them for the win.

Next up was Hawaii with Dana, John, Jaime, Gina and I.  Dana was focused mostly on boats, while Gina was hitting the Spear Huts hard.  Jaime and I both were going for fruit, and John was trying for Kahunas.  I ended up maxing my Kahunas and getting enough Tikis to score all of my villages but it wasn’t enough to clear 100.  Dana managed to score a bunch of end game points, which was enough to get ahead of Gina to win.

The last game of the weekend was Agricola with Joe, Jaime, Gina and I.  I was originally trying for sheep early and then progressing into Major Improvements and grain, but it never happened.  Joe bought up the Major Improvements early while monopolizing the Occupation spots using the Bookcase and Professional Scholar to feed his family.  Gina snatched up all of the Sheep and Jaime and I were fighting over wood and reed.

I was able to get a single room and kid early, and then had pretty much unhindered access to the Family Growth without Room action to fill out my family.  Joe had played the Constable, and I was able to capitalize for an extra couple points.  The biggest bonus, though was just getting a large family, allowing me to finish a bit more comfortably with a nice 44 point win.

Until next time, happy gaming!

Weekend Gaming: Small Group Time!

On Saturday night, Gina was out with some girlfriends, so Ryan, Kevin and Louis joined me for some games.  We started the night with Kingdom Builder.  The goals were to build a large group of settlements, build next to water tiles, and to connect the special locations on the board.  I started the game, and immediately moved to get a Boat special ability.  On my next turn, I was able to get one of the two stonehenge abilities.  That really set the tone for the game.  While the others were playing in the corners, I had a pretty good grip on the center of the board.  I was able to use my boat to cross a few rivers and link a bunch of the special location together, while keeping all but a few of my settlements out of my main cluster.  I was pushing to get another castle into my kingdom, but came up just short, when my last card was an unhelpful desert and Ryan ended the game after my play.  I ended up with enough for the win anyways.

Next up, we played Ad Astra, a new game that Ryan picked up a couple weeks ago.  The game plays a bit like a combination of Race for the Galaxy and Settlers of Catan.  Each player controls a race of humanoids that are trying to explore and settle the galaxy.  The players have a hand of roles, and each round is spent placing those roles on a track of actions.  Then the roles are revealed one at a time and each player gets to use the role, while the owner of the role gets some bonus.  So there’s an element of planning what to do on each turn while trying to guess what your opponents are going to do to maximize your own choices.

I started the game with a factory on a water planet, which was halfway to being able to build terraformers (each one built is worth 4 points).  The first planet I explored to had the food needed for the other half of the terraformers.  So while the others were flying around exploring, I was pretty much limited to a single system due to lack of starships and energy.  Louis did save me a couple of times by trading my energy to be able to move around.  I built a terraformer and a factory on the food planet, and then another terraformer a bit later.  After scoring a bunch of points with those, I made a move to a new star system.  The rest of them caught up to me a bit, Louis by exploring a bunch, and Ryan with starhips and factories, but I was able to force the game to end by building two terraformers and then scoring them for a 23 point turn pushing me over the 50 point limit for the win.

So a smaller group, which was nice to get a couple newer games played.  Until next time, happy gaming!


Weekend Gaming: So Many Games!

I played a bunch of games this weekend, but didn’t get many pictures of any of them.

On Friday, Gina and I tried out Stone Age for the first time.  It was fun, but we ended up playing a couple rules wrong, which lead to less conflict than there should have been.  As a result, the scores were quite high and I ended up winning about 300 to 250.

We then played Race for the Galaxy, in which I snuck out a win due to some nice development cards.  We finished the night with Eminent Domain.  I was able to get a very nice warfare/trade system going with the tech that allowed me to trade my ships for points.

On Saturday, out friends Nick and Laura joined us for the evening, along with Ryan and Louis.  We played some 7 Wonders, which was won by Laura.  Then Ticket to Ride Europe with the Big Cities cards from the expansion.  Louis was able to rake in a ton of routes, but they were all relatively low points, while I had fewer ones, but with bigger points.  We both finished strong, but I was able to just edge him out for the win by three points.

Next up, Ryan, Louis, Nick and I played a round of Kingdom Builder.  I was doing alright with a big group of settlements in the center, but it wasn’t quite enough.  Louis had connected to every castle and had a strong presents in all regions, which lead to a win by about 10 points.

We finished up the night with a quick game of Monty Python Fluxx, won by Nick.

Then on Sunday, after playing some disc golf and enjoying the park, we headed home for some Eminent Domain with Nick, Ryan, Joe and I.  We played two games, and I managed to win both.  The first was due to a bunch of planets and a strong military presence.  The second was a quick game with nearly everyone either surveying or colonizing each turn.  I had wanted to try a produce/trade system, but ended up with good colonization planets and managed to colonize six planets and win by two points.

We finished up the weekend with a game of Cities and Knights of Catan with Jaime and Ryan (Joe was on baby duty).  Jaime and Ryan were just rolling in cards and resources, while Gina and I were having a tough time getting rolling.  We both managed to get some stuff going late in the game, but it was too late.  Jaime was able to go on a nice run of Cities, and then finished the game with a single settlement.

All in all, a wonderful weekend with a bunch of friends.

Until next time, happy gaming!


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