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Weekend Gaming: Lancaster and Castles of Burgundy

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI hope everyone had a great extended weekend. Joe, Louis, and Kevin came over Saturday for games. Kevin had brought Lancaster, so we started off with that. I planned to make gold using my castle and then buy the various nobles. I quickly realized that making enough money for that would be difficult. Louis was doing a much better job of earning nobles, while Joe and Kevin were working the battles and bonus points. Louis had managed to get all of the nobles, but Kevin had just enough to beat him out for the victory.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWe followed that with Castles of Burgundy after Gina called it a night. I had the plot with one large pasture area, so I tried filling it with all of the cows. I was using the market building to get animals and had the bonus for that building. Things were going well, but the last two cows came in the final round and I was going last, so Louis was able to snatched the cows away from me. He ended up winning with a bunch of end game bonuses for all kinds of things.


Until next time, happy gaming.

Weekend Gaming: Dominion, Lancaster, and Manhattan Project

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAKevin and Joe joined Gina and I for games Saturday.  Gina was busy, so the rest of us started things off with a game of Dominion.  Joe got to buying Colonies early using his Gold and Banks, but cooled off a bit as Kevin started getting his money flowing.  I had been buying Cities and Trade Routes early, but I was having difficulty getting my engine going.  Once a pile was emptied, though, my cities took off and propelled me through my deck repeatedly.  I was able to buy multiple Colonies and Provinces at a time and ended the game with a dominant 86 points.


Gina joined us then for Lancaster.  I decided to ignore my castle and focused on fighting in the wars again France and upgrading my knights.  Kevin and Gina had much more upgraded castles, while Joe had a bunch of low level knights early.  They all seemed to be working together better and were rewarded with Laws that benefit them much more than me.

By the end, though, I was able to leverage my high level knights to score quite a few points in the battles and took the 6 point county.  I also was rewarded for having one of each level knight, thanks to some well timed laws and help from Kevin.  With the strongest army, I was able to overtake Joe for the lead and Kevin wound up taking second.


Gina headed to bed, while Joe and Kevin stuck around for a game of The Manhattan Project.  I had intended to focus on Uranium bombs, but when a bunch of Plutonium reactors and nice bombs were available, I had to switch plans.  I bought a couple nice Universities, paying $14 for the one that provided three scientists for one.  I also had the only efficient source of yellow cake – two engineers for four cake.  There was some espionage late, but not enough to really slow me down once I had built and tested a small bomb and then finished with two larger ones to get the 60 points needed.  Kevin wasn’t far behind with Joe bringing up the rear.


Until next time, happy gaming!

Weekend Gaming: Going to California

Not much of a write-up today, as I just got into my hotel in California and I was packing last night so I didn’t get a chance to write last night.


Kevin, Joe, Louis, Gina, and I played Lancaster and Agricola on Saturday night.  Lancaster was close, but I was trying to fill my table with nobles and missed by one.  Joe was able to get points through conflicts along with gathering nobles, so he ended up with the win.


P2027667-1024In Agricola, I was able to get a full farm, which helped me score 5 points from one of Joe’s occupations, but Louis got a bit jump on his family members, and even though he had -9 points from beggar cards, he was able to maximize his actions so score 44 points for the win.



Until next time, happy gaming!


Weekend Gaming: Return to Gaming

After a couple weekends without much gaming, this weekend was a distinct change in the right direction.  On Friday, Gina and I played Thurn and Taxis, Hawaii and Eminent Domain.  Thurn and Taxis was relatively uneventful.  I was performing well with smaller routs, but quickly grabbing control all over the board.  I managed to get a size 7 cart on the same turn I ran out of offices, ending the game for a narrow win.

P1187601-1024In Hawaii, both of us ended up getting a strong supply of fruit.  They were plentiful on the board, and I was able to use my one boat to get one as well.  We both ended up with two large villages on our islands, but I was able to score the bonus points on the end of the last round.  That combined with my end game bonuses were able to outscore Gina’s spear points and fruit bonuses.




We finished the night with Eminent Domain.  Gina was spread too thin, while she could have been doing well with a Produce/Trade game.  I was focused heavily in Survey, Colonize and Research.  I was able to get a bunch of planets colonized while also picking up a couple level three technologies for a dominant win.

Then on Saturday, Joe and Kevin joined us for Agricola and Lancaster.  I was feeding my people easily with grain and bread, and was able to quickly expand my family.  I didn’t really develop my farm all that well, but I did get a couple nice improvements with points.  I ended up limiting my negatives well enough and actually squeaked out a win.  It was pretty close between Kevin and I, but I always seemed to be taking exactly what Kevin needed one turn before he was about to do it.


Kevin had brought Lancaster, so we took some time to learn it.  It was an interesting combination of worker placement and voting that worked out pretty nicely.  There was some confusion with the order of voting and scoring, and we ended up playing the laws wrong so we didn’t have any voting in the last round.  It was a close game with Joe getting a decent lead from some conflicts and board locations, but I was positioning myself for the end game bonuses.  Kevin and I both mistook the order of actions in the last round and battled for some rewards that ended up not benefiting us in scoring.  because we wasted those resources, Joe was easily able to keep his lead at the end of the game.

Until next time, happy gaming!


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