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Mythicast Thunderwolf Review

Back in February I ordered some of the Warwolves from Mythicast, a private dealer out of the Philippines.  At $73 with free shipping, they were the most economical option for Space Wolf Thunderwolves that didn’t require major conversion work.  As for shipping they took about six weeks to get to me and most of that time was spent waiting in customs.

Now if you can do the math, you’ve probably realized that they’ve been sitting on my desk for a while now, and that’s the truth.  Since I didn’t have any Space Marines ready to ride them, I hadn’t felt the need to unwrap them and put them together.  Well that has changed, so I spent this week assembling them.

First up, the good stuff.  Each of the five wolves is unique and they come with Space Marine legs built in, so there is no need to convert any legs into a riding pose for these.  They also have some very nice detail in the fur and face.  Every wolf has a bunch of details like armor on their legs, saddles, chain harnesses, and even a few cybernetic enhancements (two of the wolves have a cybernetic leg, and another has an eye piece).  Lastly, the parts fit together quite nicely with no need to do much for gap filling.

Now for the bad.  Sadly the molding of these leaves quite a bit to be desired.  I needed to do a lot of scraping and sanding to make them look good.  As you can see in the pictures below (click for bigger versions), there are little bubbles of resin all over the parts.  These weren’t terribly difficult to remove, but there were a lot of them on every model, and it was just annoying trying to find them all.

There were also a few pits from bubbles in the resin on a few models.  Luckily most of them were in the fur, so there wasn’t a terrible need to fill them in, but some did show up in the details like the chains and armor plating that were a bit more trouble.  Then there are the Space Marine legs.  The legs themselves were relatively clean, but the waist of every Marine was a bit misshapen.  They had really ugly mold lines right through the crotch of a couple and others were just messy from the molds not lining up properly.  My only hope is that the Space Marine torso will cover up most of the blemishes there.  The final criticism is a bit minor, but once they are assembled, the legs don’t sit flat.  On three of the wolves I needed to put some rocks or some other support under one of the legs, otherwise it would wobble and just look goofy.

In the end, though, it really only took me about four hours of work to get these guys cleaned up and ready for some riders.  They do look really nice, and are some of the most natural looking wolves out of the options on the marketplace.  I would definitely buy from them again if I needed more wolves.

Natural looking
Rider’s legs built in
Lots of detail
Parts fit together well
Variety of models
Price and shipping

Bumps all over the resin
Some bubbles
Mold lines on the rider and back of wolf


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