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Weekend Gaming: The Manhattan Project and More

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERALouis, Kevin, Joe, Gina, and I started off our Saturday evening with a game of The Manhattan Project.  Louis was performing air strikes often, causing issues for Gina, Joe and Kevin primarily.  I had picked up a factory to product money and fighters early, so I was well protected from the strikes.

I wasn’t protected from spies, though, and Kevin took advantage.  I had a nice system going, collecting plutonium, but I didn’t have quite enough bombs.  Joe had tied up the bomb design spot, and I had to plan carefully to avoid Kevin’s spies.  I came close with 38 points, but Kevin was able to get the last bomb build and loaded, taking the first game of the night.


Gina headed to bed, and the rest of us dove into a game of Glen More.  I started off heavily into the whiskey.  I was able to get the early jump and picked up the maximum bonus every round.  After that, though, I some what stalled, while Kevin was training Chieftans and selling to the annual fair.  Louis had also found a fair and a couple taverns to get points.  What saved it for me, though, was that I was able to grab the tile that gave bonuses for yellow tiles and then a bridge.  I was able to use the bridge twice and the bonus points pushed me to 60 points and the victory.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAKevin and Joe stuck around for one last game of Navegador.  Kevin and I both started off looking for colonies; he was grabbing gold, and I, sugar.  Joe started grabbing up factories and privileges for just about everything.  I did score the privilege for colonies, and just went heavily into buying up colonies.  I also started buying shipyards, while Kevin switched gears to buy factories and churches.

Joe and I were both sailing together towards Nagasaki, and I was able to get there first.  He had already bought a couple shipyards before I could and I was only able to get one privilege for shipyards.  Kevin got full points for churches and nearly full points for his markets, and ended up beating me by about 15 points.


Until next time, happy gaming!

Weekend Gaming: Navegador and Terra Mystica

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWe kicked off Saturday with Louis, Kevin, Joe and a game of Navegador.

Louis and Kevin were both sailing pretty regularly.  Gina was picking up Gold factories, while Joe was sailing behind and buying up a bunch of gold and sugar colonies early.

I decided to ignore sailing altogether and went straight for factories, picking up a couple sugar early.  There wasn’t a ton of colonies out early, so I wasn’t making a ton of money, but it was enough to get me a few workers and eventually setup to start buying churches.

By this point, Joe had started making a ton of money with his colonies and was buying shipyards and ships to make a push to Nagasaki.  Kevin, Louis and Gina were trading off sailing through the Indian Ocean.  With my workers I was able to buy multiple buildings and had the prestige to maximize points for both Churches and Factories.

In the end, the couple points gained from putting my king’s prestige in shipyards was enough to knock off Joe and his colonies.


We followed that with a game of Terra Mystica.  Louis played the Mermaids, Kevin the Chaos Magicians, Gina as the Witches, Joe the Engineers and I had the Cultists.

I started off right in the midst of everyone and quickly progressed to a Temple and used the power for a spade and the spade from my scroll ability to setup a nice little area in the center.  People were taking power, allowing me to bump myself up the cult tracks a bit, positioning myself for the bonuses (primarily the spade bonuses on the 3rd and 6th rounds.

The 4th round provided a bonus for building a town, and everyone except Louis took advantage.  Gina managed to get two early, while I had set myself up for one with a Sanctuary.  This ended up comboing into a second town, because I took the favor that made it so I only needed 6 power worth of buildings for a town.  This turned my buildings on the right hand side of the board into a town and allowed me to sneak past Kevin into the top spot on the Water and Fire cults.

I figured I was done with towns at this point, but I realized that the upper right corner was available and only required a boat.  I sailed across and got to work, while also working up the Air cult.  With the help of some digs from the cult rewards, I was able to secure four buildings and finally built my Stronghold for a third town and the top spot in the Air cult.  Kevin had been right with me, but couldn’t get the second town.

Gina and Louis had tied for the largest empire, with Kevin taking third.  I had first place in three of the cults, and Kevin controlled the Earth cult and had second in the rest.  Gina had a strong showing with her Witches, but the Cultists and the three towns couldn’t be topped.


Until next time, happy gaming!

Weekend Gaming: The Hobbit and More

PC147285-1024Busy weekend.  In gaming, my wife and I played Agricola Friday night.  I had the Tutor occupation and the Writing Desk improve mt allowing me to play out all of my occupations.  I had a bunch of points on my improvements as well.  I ended up taking a couple Beggar cards early in order to advance my game rather than feed my family.  I ended up with a nice 6 room stone house, a full family and a large pasture covering the rest of my farm.  Gina was pushing heavily into fields of grain, and then ended up with a little of everything in scoring.  It was by far her best game and she finished with 46 points.  My bonus points were just enough, though, to edge her out as I finished with 48.


Then on Saturday, my son and I build the LEGO Hobbit Bag End kit.  It’s a lovely kit and was a lot of fun to build.  My wife and I then had a nice afternoon movie and dinner date going to watch The Hobbit.  It was a wonderful movie, and I would highly recommend it.

PC157288-1024We finished up Saturday with Louis, Joe, Ryan, Kevin and Jaime joining us for games.  Ryan, Louis, Kevin and I started the night with Castles of Burgundy.  I was trying to fill my large city area with Churches and Markets after getting the knowledge allowing multiple copies of the same building.  I was successful in that, but Ryan snagged two of the bonus point knowledges before I could.  Kevin was completing a bunch of small areas early in the game and jumped to an early lead.  He never relented that lead, using animals, shipments and area completions to rack up points.  By the time we finished, Kevin had 100 points on all of us for a massive win.

Joe, Gina and Jaime had played 7 Wonders in the meantime, finishing with a 52-52 tie between Gina and Joe, with Jaime coming in second with 51.

PC157292-1024We finished up with Gina, Joe, Kevin, Louis and I playing Navegador.  I was trying to push a heavy factory strategy, but I got a bit distracted with privileges and a couple early churches to really get it going.  The others were all playing pretty balanced too, so there weren’t any goods being mass produced.  Kevin was focusing on exploring and colonies, but Gina and Joe were the ones pushing to Nagasaki.  Joe forced the end of the game before pretty much anyone other than Kevin was ready.


The game finished with Kevin in the lead, followed by Louis, myself, Gina and Joe.


Until next time, happy gaming!


Weekend Gaming: Exploring, Extinction and Estates

Ryan, Joe, Dana, Louis and Kevin joined us Saturday evening for some games.  The girls spent the early portion of the night chatting, so the rest of us played some Navegador.  I was going second and I wanted to try a heavy exploration strategy.  I spent my first action on buying two more boats, so I missed out on the early exploration  but I was able to position myself to get moving soon.

Kevin was sailing quickly as well, trying to get out of the sugar/gold areas and into more profitable spice regions.  Joe decided to hit the Privileges early, and spread his resources around a bit.  The sugar colonies were monopolized by Louis, while Ryan was focused on Factories.

Because of Kevin’s sailing, he and I were splitting the exploration duties.  I was able to get enough money to buy a Shipyard after picking up a cheap spice colony, so I was able to keep building boats cheaply.  This allowed me to keep the pressure on and race to Nagasaki to end the game.  I wasn’t fast enough, though, as Louis had managed to get quite a bit of cash from his sugar colonies and turned that into a few churches.  Those along with the corresponding privileges pushed him into the lead.  I took second with Kevin right behind.

Dana took off at that point, and Gina joined us for a game of Dominant Species: The Card Game.  I had a good position in the first round, and dueled with Ryan for the first survival point.  Sadly I failed to count his food chain bonuses correctly and didn’t play a card that would have bumped me into the lead.  I ended up only winning three points for elements, but that was it.  That trend would continue for me all game.

Kevin and Louis managed to pull away with the early lead, with Kevin getting the majority of the Survival points.  The last round came down to Kevin vs. Louis for food chain, and Gina messed things up for Kevin by playing a Solar Flare that ended the round before he was ready.  This handed Louis the round.  Following the final Survival bonus, Kevin and Louis were tied for the lead.  Kevin had more cards remaining, though, so he took the win.

It was getting late, so Ryan and Joe had to run.  Kevin and Louis stuck around, though, and we played a game of Castles of Burgundy.  We were all playing the started layouts, since Kevin and Louis hadn’t played before.  I started off focused on buildings and pigs.  I was able to pick up three pastures with pigs in the first round and jumped to an early lead.

That lead deteriorated quickly, though, as Gina was hitting the boats hard, and Kevin and Louis were both able to fill in some areas early.  Kevin was able to get the bonuses for filling in all of his Mines and Castles early.  I was close on both of those as well, and ended up in second.  I was trying to finish off all of my cities, but Louis snuck in and finished before I could, so ended up in second there as well.  I was in second for my animals, as well, but filled the big area with nothing but pigs for a big gain.  The only one I took first in was the knowledge.

At the end of the game, the only spots empty in my estate were the boats, and I had a bunch of end game bonuses that kept me ahead for the win.

Until next time, happy gaming!

Weekend Gaming: Netrunner and More

On Friday night, I taught Gina how to play Android: Netrunner.  She was running the Shaper runner deck and I was running Jinteki for the corp.  The first game went terribly for me.  I unluckily had four agendas in my opening hand even after a mulligan.  Luckily she didn’t run on my hand, but by some freak of luck, the top card of my deck was an agenda every time she ran on it, and I just couldn’t stop her.

The second game was going better for me, but eventually she was able to get into my deck and again got agendas right off the top.  In the third game, I was finally able to setup a reliable defense, and then when she ran on an agenda using her last click I was able to tag her.  Because she was tagged, I could us my Personal Defense Force agenda and flatlined her for the win.

On Saturday, Jaime, Joe, Kevin and Louis came over for games.  We started out with Dominant Species: The Card Game.  Jaime and I started off terribly.  I just couldn’t get anything going and each time I had the cards to get some points from the elements, I would get knocked out of contention.  Kevin picked up a bunch of points from Food-chain points and managed to lead the way in Survival points.  Gina was a close second, but without the Survival points she just wasn’t able to catch Kevin.

We finished up the night with Navegador.  I started the game with the intent to run a fast exploration strategy.  After Joe bought more ships on the first round, though, I realized that I wasn’t going to be able to keep up with him.  I decided to switch strategies to colonies, and positioned myself with enough workers to buy two each time.  I then followed Joe and Gina as the explored and bought up colonies along the way.  No one else seemed real interested in them, so I was able to pick up 16 of them by the end.

Louis was hitting the workers and then buying up Churches with maxed out privileges for them, so I was definitely worried about his score.  I was able to push my workers up to six and bought the last Church before Louis could.  The biggest help to my game was that Louis was making all of his money by processing Spice just before my action, which then allowed me to Produce spice for a massive payoff.  At one point I received 1000 cruzados for a single market action.

Eventually, I triggered the end of the game by buying up the last two factories rather than let the game continue a few more action before Joe or Gina were able to explore Nagasaki.  In the end, the 64 points from my Colonies was enough to get the win.  Louis was very close, after picking up 45 points for his Churches, and ending up about 15 points behind me.

Until next time, happy gaming!

Wednesday Games: Navegador and Hawaii

Joe, Ryan and Louis came over for some gaming last night and we started things off with Navegador.  I was going first, so I started off by buying a couple more ships, as  I wanted to focus on an exploration strategy.  Louis and Ryan explored into the first two areas, while Gina and Joe bought factories.

Ryan was heavily focused on sugar colonies early and later diversified into gold colonies and spice factories.  Gina had a nice mix of colonies and factories.  Joe was heavily invested into factories.  Louis had a single colony and was making the most of it to buy up a church and shipyard, positioning himself for a late exploration push.  I had been successful in exploring for most of the game, but money was short.  I had mis-positioned my ships a few times and wasn’t able to efficiently get strong colonies.

I did end up with seven of the exploration tiles, but I wasn’t able to grab the one in Nagasaki.  I had maxed out my exploration privileges, but it wouldn’t be enough.  I had thought Joe was going to win with his maxed factory and shipyard points, but in reality it was Ryan that ended up in first.  He hadn’t filled his privileges,  but he had so much cash that he was easily able to buy up a bunch of colonies and factories for points.

Ryan – 88, Andy – 79, Louis – 68, Joe – 66, Gina – 57

Louis took off at that point and we pulled out Hawaii.  The boats were close to the beach, so that looked like a strong strategy, but I wanted to do something different.  I started off heading for the spear huts and picked up two in the first turn placing them in my second and third villages with the intent to get Kahunas for late game points.  I didn’t really leverage the spear huts enough, through the game, though and they only contributed around 20 points.

Joe picked up the god that gave extra points for satisfying his people at the end of the round, and later started picking up surfers to help that out.  He managed to be in first or second every round, while I only placed once, which would end up being the difference in the game.  Ryan was buying up all of the fruit, but couldn’t get to the fruit god, while Gina bought the boat god and a bunch of boats.

By the end or round three, I was able to max out my kahunas and get enough tikis that my small villages would score.  This ended up being a problem, though, as then Joe had ample time to do the same thing.  I was low on resource by that point, so I wasn’t easily able to pick up spear points around the island.

In the end, I was short of Joe by about 15 points.  His end of round scoring was able to out-do my spears and hula girl.

Joe – 122, Andy – 105, Gina – 90, Ryan – 71

Until next time, happy gaming!

Weekend Gaming: Holiday Bonus Edition

Since yesterday was a holiday, Joe and Ryan joined us Tuesday evening for some games.  We started things off with some Eminent Domain.  I decided to try a heavy military strategy, with some research thrown in for extra points.  Gina took the Warfare role occasionally, but not enough for me to really benefit.  Ryan was colonizing a lot, with some decent research and trading for additional points.  Joe was going straight for colonizing a ton of worlds.

I was able to get about four level two research cards and five worlds, but it wasn’t enough.  Joe and Ryan tied on points, but Ryan took the tie-breaker.  Joe losing on ties would become a theme for the day.

Next up was Hawaii.  Phil had joined us at this point as well.  I pushed for a bunch of gods and took the god that scored extra at the end of each round and one that scored bonuses for surfers/boats.  Joe was visiting the islands a bunch, while Ryan managed to grab four side two spear huts and was scoring eight points every time he grabbed a shell.  He just blew past all of us, but didn’t have much for end game bonuses.  I did alright, but didn’t catch Joe or Ryan.  Joe had a bunch of end game points, but ended up one point short of Ryan.

Phil had to take off after that, and so we played some Castles of Burgundy.  I grabbed the bonus tile that provided four points for each kind of animal.  Then I started grabbing banks.  In the second round, I was able to grab the knowledge tiles that allowed me to have more than one of the same building in each city, and to buy any tile on the board.  With this I was able to fill in my entire estate minus the boats.  In one city, all but one of the tiles was a bank.  Joe was heavily invested in trading with a minimal estate, while Ryan and Gina were more balanced.  By the last round everyone was very close.  I had a bunch of bonuses for my banks and animals, and ended up tied with Joe for first.  Since my estate was more developed, I was declared the winner.

On Wednesday, Gina and I played a quick game of Agicola in the morning.  We were both able to fill our farms nicely.  I was using the Manure card to harvest a bunch of my grain and bake bread, while amassing a bunch of animals and fences with a fence delivery.  Gina had a huge pasture and a bunch of points on cards.  She finished with 40 points, while my full family and stone house propelled me to 49.

Then after spending some time at the lake, Joe and Ryan joined us in the afternoon for Navegador.  Ryan wasn’t too sure about the game when we started, but got into it pretty quickly.  He and Gina were sailing around picking up colonies and occasionally exploring, but nothing major.  Ryan was able to amass some major cash and turned it into some factories.  Joe was exploring pretty heavily and picking up a ton of colonies once we got into the spice areas.  My plan was to build factories and process the goods that the others were producing.  I actually ended up with a single colony, and then used my two starting boats to help me around the rondel a couple times.  I picked up a few churches to get me more workers and then just hammered the market, building and workers actions.  Once I got up to enough workers, I picked up the privileges for factories and churches.

I finished the game without a boat or exploration token, but I had a bunch of points from my churches and factories.  Joe had a ton of colonies and points from shipyards.  Joe didn’t have quite enough, and for the fourth time in two days, he fell just short, losing by one point to me.

Until next time, happy gaming.

Weekend Gaming: New Games!

For Father’s day, my lovely wife was kind enough to order me Castles of Burgundy, Hawaii, Navegador and Agricola.  They all arrived on Wednesday, and we tried Castles of Burgundy first with Joe and Ryan.  Not much to say about the game yet, but it was fun.  It took a bit longer to learn than expected, but once we got into the game, things flowed pretty smoothly.

Then Saturday afternoon, my wife and I sat down to learn Navegador.  Navegador has a unique action mechanic where the players travel around a circular rondel that has eight actions.  Each turn, the player’s token must move clockwise around the rondel and can take any of the next three actions for free, and if they wanted to move further, they need to pay.  It makes planning future turns interesting.

The game itself was pretty fun.  Lots of things going on between the market interactions and the exploration of new colonies.  I ended up investing heavily into sugar and spice colonies, with bonus points for the number of colonies I had.  Gina was using factories to process sugar, so we managed to keep the prices of sugar fluctuating so we would bot maximize our profit.  I had also explored a bunch, so that netted me a bunch of end game points.  Gina was able to get quite a bit from her factories, but my exploration and colonies were enough to push me into the lead.

That evening, Ryan, Brian, Louis, Joe and Kevin joined us for games.  It was Brian’s first time playing many of the games, so we started off with two games of 7 Wonders.  In both games I invested heavily into Science.  In the first one, I did well, but I was just short of being able to play the Science Guild, which would have been a significant improvement.  As it was, I ended up one point shy of Joe in the final tally.  In the second game, I was playing Halicarnassus and I was able to search the discards for two additional science cards.  I also received the Science Guild in my Age 3 hand again, and this time I was able to play it.  With that, I was able to get three of each science for 48 points just from science.  That wasn’t enough, though, as I only had seven other points.  Gina managed to trounce us all, as Joe and I hadn’t built any military, so she was able to get 18 military points from a single card.  She managed to score a whopping 67 points.

We then split into two groups and managed to play two games  at the same table.  Kevin, Brian and I played Dominion while the others played Eminent Domain.  Kevin managed to win both games of Dominion, though in the second game with the Big Money set I had a very efficient deck using Chapels, Labs and an Adventurer to pick up nearly a Province a turn once I got it rolling.  Sadly I had one dead turn, and ended up a Province behind Kevin at the end.

We regrouped for Shadows over Camelot after that.  Brian and I ended up as the traitors, and both of us were playing too subtly.  Most of them managed to bum rush the Grail quest and actually complete it, while Joe and Kevin fought the Picts twice for wins.  There were 5 white swords on the table before a single black sword was seen.  My only hope was that they had been putting a bunch of Catapults early to try and accuse people before there were any white swords.

We managed to get within two catapults, but it wasn’t to be.  After winning the Excaliber quest, I took a bunch of the Fight Cards to “fight” the catapults, but then left Camelot basically revealing myself.  Joe accused me, correctly, and that pretty much ended the game.  On Brian’s turn, the last black sword was added to the table, and it was a 8-4, but since Brian was a traitor, two white swords flipped to make it a 6-6 tie.  Ryan had played a white card earlier, though, that allowed the Knights to win a tie, so the good guys ended up winning.

Keeping with that theme, we finished the night off with a rousing game of Monty Python Fluxx, which was won by Kevin scoring the Cheeseshop Goal.

On Sunday, Joe and Ryan joined me to learn Hawaii.  Joe was had two large villages with lots of fruit in one and hula girls in both.  Ryan was scoring a bunch of points during the game with fishing huts and ended the game with two moderate villages with Kahunas.  I focused on Kahunas and Tikis after getting some boats to get islands and the god that allowed me to move anywhere for one foot.  I was able to maximize my Kahunas and Tikis to score all of my villages for a whopping 63 points in the end game scoring.  This launched me into first place for the win.

The game was a lot of fun, and played very quickly.  It only lasts five rounds, so there is a push to get a lot done in a short period of time.  We were just getting things figured out when the last turn rolled around.  I am definitely looking forward to playing this one again.

Until next time, happy gaming!


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