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Space Wolves vs Orks – 1850pts

Over the memorial day holiday I was able to get a game in against my friend Nick’s Orks.  My list was basically identical to this one that I posted last week with a slight shuffling around of the Scout’s power fist due to lacking the models.  Nick’s Orks consisted of the following (from memory and pics):

Weird Boy
7 Burna Boys
2 Mekboys
Trukk (Borrowed from some Boyz)

8 Lootas
1 Mekboy

4 Deffkoptas

18 Boyz + Nob

19 Boyz + Nob

9 Nobs

Looted Wagon

We rolled for deployment and objective, ending up with Spearhead and Annihilation.  I won the roll-off and decided to go first.  One squad of Long Fangs took up a position on the hill, along with my two basic Wolf Guard squads.  My other Long Fangs were in the trees in the middle of my side.  The Thunderwolves were deployed as far forward as possible, with my other three Wolf Guard squads hanging out behind them.  My scouts were held in reserves to outflank.

Nick put the two Wagons and the Trukk full of Nobs right up front.  The Looted Wagon and the Lootas all hung out in the middle of his deployment with the Lootas on a hill.  The Burnas were behind a hill ready to jump into the waiting Trukk.  Nick scouted his Koptas to the right, and then failed to steal the initiative.

Turn 1:

Turn 1, shortly after deployment

In shooting I was able to kill half the Lootas and the Nobs’ Trukk with missile fire.  Then in assault, one group of Thunderwolves pounced on the Deffkoptas, dealing a few wounds.  The other squad of Wolves hit the Battle Wagon, and promptly blew it up.

Wolves make short work of the Battle Wagon

The Orks moved up, but didn’t do much for return shooting, just a few wounds on the Wolves with the Thunderhammer.

Turn 1 - Start of the second Assault Phase

In assault, the Boyz from the Wagon attacked the nearby Thunderwolves and managed to put a few wounds on them.  The other squad of Thunderwolves finished off the Deffkoptas.

Turn 1 - Boyz vs. Thunderwolves

Turn 2:

My scouts failed to show up on turn 2, and my shooting was relatively ineffective.  I was able to take out a few Nobs and immobilize the Burnas’ Trukk, though.  Logan moved up and decided to try punching the Battle Wagon, but only managed to immobilize it.

Turn 2 - Logan and company attack the Battle Wagon

In the assault with the Boyz and Thunderwolves, the Boys were able to slaughter two of the wolves, withe the wolves only killing a few orks in return.

Middle of Turn 2

On Nick’s turn, the Boyz in the Wagon jumped out and assaulted Logan, while the Nobs Waaagh’d forward and assaulted the two squads of Wolf Guard.  Logan put up a good fight, killing a few Orks, but then promptly took three Power Klaw attacks to the face from the Warboss and failed all of his saves.  The Wolf Guard fared a bit better in the two assaults.  The Thunderwolf with the Thunderhammer couldn’t stop the Orks from dragging him down finally.

Logan swarmed by Orks

Nobs vs. Wolf Guard

Turn 3:

Start of Turn 3

Things were heating up at this point.  My Scouts came in, and I decided to bring them up behind the Looted Wagon.  Sadly they were just over 6″ away, so their melta was less effective (not that it mattered since they missed both shots) and they couldn’t assault.  I should have brought them in behind the Burnas’ Trukk. I was able to get the Lootas to run off the table, though with some missile fire.

Thunderwolves join in the fun.

My remaining Thunderwolves attacked the Battle Wagon and the Boys, and managed to wreck the Wagon and killed a few boyz.  But the squad of Wolf Guard were lost in the battle, as were the Wolf Guard fighting the Nobs.

Thunderwolves clearing out the Boyz

Nick just moved away from the Scouts, and then moved the Nobs up closer to the Long Fangs in the trees.  In assault, the Warboss was able to kill one of the Tunderwolves, while the wolves cleared out all but one of his boyz.

Turn 4:

Start of Turn 4

The last couple turns were pretty uneventful.  Nick was able to move the Burnas up and lay waste to my scouts, and also got the Nobs into combat with the Long Fangs, killing them.  I wasn’t able to kill off enough Nobs with missiles.

The one epic battle left, was my lone Thunderwolf versus the Warboss.  I simply would not fail an invulnerable save on him.  I wasn’t doing much to the Warboss, either, but we were solidly locked in battle.

The final duel - Warboss vs Thunderwolf

End of the game on Turn 5


We called the game on turn 5, and we were tied up in killpoints.  The Warboss/Thunderwolf battle would have been the deciding point had either one of them fallen.

It was a very close game all the way.  I was able to get ahead early, but then lost a bit of momentum once the Orks were able to get into my lines.  I think Nick could have deployed the Lootas further back and spread them out more.  Losing half on the first turn hurt.  Also the Burnas could have been deployed closer.  They really didn’t do anything all game because they were stuck trudging across the board.  As for me, I shouldn’t have moved the two squads of Wolf Guard with the chainfists up as early.  They got hit by the Nobs and weren’t able to really do much.  I could have held them back a bit more and kept firing longer.  Also, the Scouts were just poorly played.  They needed to come into an area where I could guarantee a kill, rather than ending up doing nothing at all.

Overall it was a very fun game, and it definitely gave both of us some ideas on how to improve our forces.

1000 point Space Wolves vs. Orks

Last Thursday, my buddy Nick had the day off and drove in to play some 40k on my new table.  We decided to run 1000 point armies so we could get more games in and to test some lists for the upcoming RTT.  I ran Space Wolves for both games, while Nick ran Orks for the first one.

Space Wolves:
Wolf Guard Battle Leader with Thunderwolf, Frost Blade, Storm Shield, Runic Armor, Wolf Necklace, Saga of the Warrior Born
Three Wolf Guard with Combi-melta (each would join a Grey Hunters squad)
Three squads of 5 Grey Hunters with 1 Meltagun
Three Razorbacks with Lascannon/Twin-linked Plasmagun
Two squads of 5 Long Fangs with 4 Missile Launchers

2 Deffkoptas
3 War Buggies
1 Trukk with 9 Ard Boys and Warboss
30 Boys with a Weird Boy
5 Nob Bikers

We rolled for Mission and Deployment and ended up with 5 objectives with Pitched Battle.  I won the roll to go first and took it.

Start of turn 1.

I placed my 3 Razorbacks in the center of the table with my WGBL in their midst.  The Long Fangs were placed on opposite sides, with the squad on my right behind a hill ready to move forward into position on turn 1.  Nick placed the Boys to my right, the trukk in the center and the buggies to my left.  The Koptas scouted forward towards my Rhinos and the Bikers were held in reserve.

Turn 1:

I held the initiative and everything but my left Long Fangs moved forward.  They split fire between the buggies and the trukk; destroying the trukk and wrecking two buggies.  The Razorbacks wounded a Kopta, but my WGBL wasn’t able to get close enough for an assault.

Nick moved everything forward as well.  The Koptas shot and assaulted the left Razorback, but didn’t do much.  The Weird Boy Zzzapped the center Razorback, stunning it.

Start of turn 2

Turn 2:

The right Razorback fired on the remaining buggy, destroying it.  The Long Fangs fired at the Orks closest to them, killing a few, while the WGBL cut down both Koptas in assault.  At this point, I made a mistake, consolidating him out into the open, rather than hiding behind the Rhino.

The Ork’s Waaagh’d forward, and the Warboss was able to assault and wreck the left Razorback.  The Boys advanced on the right-most objective and my Long Fangs.  But the most devastating was the Weird Boy getting another Zzap shot that took the head right off my Battle Leader, effectively wiping out a quarter of my army in one shot.

Start of Turn 3

Turns 3-6:

Things generally went downhill from there.  I didn’t have enough shots to slow down that many Orks, and eventually I was overwhelmed on the right side by the Boys and the Nob Bikers.

Start of turn 4

Grey Hunters vs. Warboss in the trees.

Start of turn 5

Long Fangs vs. Boys and Nobs (Grey Hunters had been knocked out of their transport)

Had the game ended on turn 5 it would have been a draw, with no one holding an objective.  But as it was,  I rolled high, sending the game to turn 6, and my demise.

One Grey Wolf to save the day?

Game Over

In the end, all I had left was a single squad of Long Fangs.  Nick wasn’t quite able to stretch his boys enough to claim two objectives, but it didn’t really matter.  I held none, while he held 1.

It was a good game, but I just did not have the firepower to deal with all of the orks.  The Razorbacks were too expensive, and too many points had been invested in the Battle Leader.  It also didn’t help that I ended up splitting my army.  Had I focused more to one side, I likely could have split the orks and taken them more piecemeal.  I’m still learning the nuances of the Wolves, but they sure are fun.

Stay tuned for the second report tomorrow.

2000pt Tau vs Ork

I finally got to test out my 2000 points of Tau against Nick’s Orks this weekend.  The armies we played are listed here.

Commander Shas’el
Missile Pod
Plasma rifle
HW-Black Sun Filter

3 Crisis Shas’ui
3 Missile Pod
3 Plasma rifle
3 Multi-tracker

3 Crisis Shas’ui
3 Missile Pod
3 Plasma rifle
3 Multi-tracker

3 Crisis Shas’ui
3 Missile Pod
3 Plasma rifle
3 Multi-tracker

10 Kroot
5 Hounds

10 Kroot
5 Hounds

6 Fire Warriors

8 Pathfinders

Disruption Pod

Piranha Squad
Piranha with Fusion Blaster, Targeting Array, Disruption Pod
Piranha with Fusion Blaster

Piranha Squad
Piranha with Fusion Blaster, Targeting Array, Disruption Pod
Piranha with Fusion Blaster

3 Broadside Shas’ui
3 Targeting Array
Team Leader
HW Drone Controller
HW Target Lock
2 Shield Drones

Disruption Pod
Smart Missile System

Disruption Pod
Smart Missile System

Warboss & 10 ‘ard boyz in a truck
10 Nobs in a truck
2 sets of 20 boyz in battlewagons with deffrollas
2 squads of 6 Lootas
20 shoota boyz on foot
Looted Wagon
3 Deffkoptas
3 Warbuggies (1 rockit, 2 big shootas)

The table was setup randomly, and the mission was determined to be Seize ground with three objectives.  Two objectives were placed on my right, with one on its own to the left.  Deployment was Pitched Battle.  Nick won the roll and elected to go first.  He deployed all along his side, making good use of the hills on his side for cover and firing lanes.  In response I placed my stuff in my right corner.  The Kroot infiltrated to create a larger wall and prevent the Koptas from scouting too close.

Once we deployed, I managed to steal the initiative.

Turn 1:

I moved up with my Piranhas, Kroot and Crisis Suits.  My Fire Warriors jump aboard the Devilfish, and the Broadsides opened fire on the sides of the Battlewagons, wrecking both.  The Suits and Kroot fired on the Kopta’s but were ineffective due to cover saves.  The Hammerheads fired on the Lootas, but only killed a few.  On Nick’s turn he moved the trucks, boyz and nobz forward.  The Koptas fired on the front line of kroot and ended up forcing them to run.  The Loota’s shot Piranhas and knocked out one, while the other Piranha squad lost one to assault.

Turn 2:

The Kroot continued to fall back for now.  The Piranha’s moved and took out the remaining two trucks.  My Crisis Suits and Hammerheads tried to take out the ‘Ard Boys and Warboss from the truck on the right, but only managed to kill half the boyz.  Nick proceeded to then finish off the Piranhas, and killed the gun drones in assault.  He was also able to skirt the edge of my kroot wall with his warboss and proceeded to engage my Broadsides in assault, killing one and a shield drone.

Turn 3:

On turn 3, I nearly wiped out the nearest squad of boyz, and the boyz on the far left objective.  My running Kroot regrouped and then ran to get back into position, while the other squad of kroot joined the assault with the broadsides to try and help, but only managed to prolong the fight.  The looted wagon took out my left Hammerhead and a couple suits fell to loota fire.  The assault continued on with minor losses on both sides.

Turns 4-7:

The rest of the game was fairly uneventful.  The assault eventually ended with just the warboss remaining, who promptly fell to Crisis Suit fire.  The lone Nob holding the objective on the left fell to a precision Railgun shot.  I dropped the Fire Warriors off on the nearest objective and moved the Devilfish into position to contest the other objective on the right.  At the end of turn 5 it would have been a draw, on turn 6 it would have gone to the Tau, but the game went to 7.  Nick was able to get the Nobs over to the left objective and then managed to kill enough Fire Warriors with his lootas to force a leadership test.  They  promptly failed and ran off the board.

The game was a lot of fun.  It really started off well for the Tau, but slowly turned due to mistakes and an inability to finish off all them orks.  The biggest mistakes in my opinion, was not running my kroot to seal up the gap that the Warboss exploited, and then assaulting into that combat.  If I had stayed out, I still would have lost the Broadsides, but the kroot would have been able to keep shooting other groups.  Other than that, it was a great game, and I really learned a lot about how my army plays, and how they’re fare against probably their worst matchup.

Eldar vs. Orks – 500 points

A couple weekends ago I played against my friend Nick’s Ork army in order to prepare for the tournament that took place last weekend (report for that is forthcoming).  It was fun and he tried out a couple different lists, while I used my Eldar Scout Force.

In the first game the objective was to have a scoring unit in the opponent’s deployment zone at the end of the game while also scoring killpoints.  Nicks army consisted of 10 Boyz in a Truk, 3 Nob Bikers, 13 Boyz on foot and 5 Lootaz.  The Bikers died quickly to Walker fire, with the foot boyz going shortly after.  The Lootas got eaten by my bikers, and the boyz in the Truk held in reserve for a while, but then got shot up once they came in.

In the second game there were 4 objective markers that we were trying to secure.  This time Nick too a crazy army consisting of two squads of 30 Boyz and 2 Rockit Buggies.  There were a ton of Orks on the field, but even with them getting cover saves I was able to keep shooting and eventually wiped the green menace off the face of the table.

In the end Nick decided to go with an army similar to his second army for the tournament.  We figured that most people would not be able to deal with that many bodies on the table.  My army was an exception just because of the huge amount of shooting that it was able to do.

Pictures from the Tournament

Random pictures taken during game 1:

Game 2:

Game 3:


Last Three Plays:


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