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WIP: Space Wolves Logan Grimnar

I’ve been toying with the idea of a Space Wolves army for a while now.  Then as a Christmas gift, a friend of mine gave me the Marines from an Assault on Black Reach set.  With a 2200 point tournament coming up at the end of February, I figured this would be a good time to give it a whirl.  I am doing the army in a light grey color instead of the traditional greyish-blue color.  Beyond that, though, I plan on sticking with standard markings while still giving each member of the army a uniqueness fitting to the space wolves.

Of course, the first model to get the paint had to be the Great Wolf Logan Grimnar himself.

I need to attach the cloak, finish the base, and add some detailing to the shoulder armor.

Malifaux: Another Witchling

Here’s the second of the three Witchling Stalkers.


A gun drone and two shield drones from my Tau army.

Tau Pathfinders

Here are my Tau Pathfinders.  They are simply Fire Warriors with the Pulse Carbine instead of the Pulse Rifle.  Then I painted them with a tiger stripe style camo to represent their ability to blend in and provide the long range spotting support.  They have not been highlighted, and some details still need to be picked out, but they are ready to hit the tabletop.

I also did something a little different that what I am accustomed to by painting up a couple without helmets.  I usually stick to helmeted guys, since I just think it makes more sense and looks better, but for these I decided to paint up two “squad leaders” without helmets.  I achieved the grey/blue skin by starting with a base of Astronomican Grey and covering it with a light wash of Asurmen Blue.

Finished Kroot Hounds

Here are the finished Hounds.

Kroot Hound

A nearly complete Kroot Hound from my Tau army.  It’s made from a Chaos Hound.  I was originally planning on making the entire mane red, but that was a bit too much.  I ended up doing the light brown with the crest of red that will match the Kroot themselves.  This hound still needs to be highlighted, and of course the basing.

Tau Piranhas WIP

The colors on the Piranhas have been blocked out and the base coat has been applied.  They need the detailing picked out and some highlighting and shading.  I’m really pleased with the overall colors and I plan on using a similar scheme now on the larger tanks.


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