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Weekend Gaming: Games Galore!

Ryan, Louis and Kevin joined us for games on Friday.  Kevin was late, so he sat out the first game, Quarriors.

Gina and I had never played it, so it took us both a little time to figure out.  The game is kind of like Dominion or Nightfall, in that you are trying to build a “deck”, but instead of cards, there are dice.  Each die represents a spell, a monster or the currency of the game.  The monsters attack the other players and get points, and the currency is used to buy more dice.  Ryan started the game strongly, getting enough to buy some big monsters on his first two turns.  This put the rest of us in a position where we couldn’t defeat his monsters and he was scoring a bunch of points.  This put him quickly into the lead.  I tried to go on the offense, but my monsters then couldn’t stick around long enough to score points.  Louis a strong showing, but in the end, Ryan was able to squeak out the win.

The next game was Infinite City.  It had been quite a while since we had played, so again there was a bit of a learning curve.  I started the game out with a tile that let me draw a bunch of tiles.  I then lost those tiles to Ryan due to a “swap tiles” tile.  A few turns later, I used my own tile to swap tiles with Louis and got a huge pile of tiles in return.  This ended up being less that great, because I wasn’t able to draw any new tiles for the rest of the game.  In the end, I was barely able to squeak out 11 points.  Louis won with 17, while Gina and Kevin weren’t far behind.

We then broke out Ryan’s copy of Nightfall.  I had drafted a decent combo of a vampire that let me bounce cards back, and an action that would do direct damage to players.  I then bought a couple copies of another vampire that would double the ability of the first vampire.  The only problem with this, was that I wasn’t able to combo of any of Louis’ cards to my right.  This meant that I was forced to play most of my cards on my turn, and they were never alive by the time my turn came around.  Ryan had a strong combo of a big werewolf and an ability to do direct damage to all of a player’s monsters.  He ended up getting ganged up a bit because of that.  Louis ended up taking the least damage and won the game.

We finished the night with a game of Zombie Dice.  I started things off with a good run to 7 Brains.  Ryan got to 8.  Kevin was slowly building, one or two at a time.  Louis hit 7 and then stalled out for a few turns.  I eventually made it to 11, and Ryan hit 12.  I wasn’t willing to go out with 15 and went for it, busting out.  Louis and Kevin managed to catch up, while Gina was still trying to get past 1.  I managed to hit another good run, and got to 17 Brains.  I felt safe there, kept it.  Ryan made it 16, but then got shotgunned.  Kevin and Gina got blasted quickly.  Louis managed to get to 17, but decided to go for it rather than trying for a tie breaker.  He ended up getting blasted, giving me the win.

It was a nice night with a variety of games.  It was great to go back and play a couple games we hadn’t played in a while.

Until next time, happy gaming!


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