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Weekend Gaming: Away from Home

We were away visiting my parents this weekend so I could attend a Warhammer 40k tournament on Saturday.  I’ll have pictures of that event up a little later this week.

On Friday night, we met up with Nick and Laura and played some Settlers of Catan.  I put all my eggs in too few baskets, and came up short.  I had Ore and Sheep ports, and needed 5’s and 8’s to get those rolling.  8’s were relatively plentiful, but 5 only was rolled three times, and one of those times one was covered by the Thief.  So I wasn’t able to get anything going, while Laura was able to build up a nice road system and a big army.  Nick eventually broke the road to take the longest, but he wasn’t able to finish it up.  Laura stole it back in the end to win.

Saturday night, after the tournament, Ryan, Gina and I all headed over to Nick and Laura’s again for games.  We started the night off with Puerto Rico.  I was pushing a fast building strategy with three Quarries, and a Coffee Roaster getting me a single coffee each time someone produced.  Ryan was sitting to my left and he was shipping sugar and indigo, so it worked out that my coffee never got shipped and I was able to trade it away nearly every turn.  I was able to buy up three of the large buildings by the end of the game, and I eventually ended the game by filling in my city.

I was concerned with the pile of points that Ryan had, that I didn’t even notice Gina.  She was shipping right along with Ryan, and she had the big building that provided bonus points for shipping points.  When it was all over, I had 39 points from my buildings, but only 4 shipping points for a final score of 43.  Ryan had mirrored me with 39 shipping points and 7 building points for 46, and Gina had a nice mix for a total of 49 and the win.  I had thought I was doing well with three large buildings, but I wasn’t able to finish fast enough or with enough balance to take the game.

My board

Ryan’s on the left, Gina’s up top

Next up was 7 Wonders.  I was trying to go heavy into Science, but I’ve never really figured that strategy out for some reason and ended up struggling.  Things were pretty even going into Age 3, but then I pretty much handed Ryan the game.  I ended up passing him the guild that rewards you for your neighbor’s Science and the one that rewards military victories.  Since Gina and I were both in Science and Ryan had maxed out his military points, those two guilds were worth a whopping 23 points.  I really couldn’t do anything about it other than pitch those guilds for money, which would have had no benefit to me.  Ryan ended up winning with 69 points.

We finished the night with Phase 10 and Monty Python Fluxx.  Phase 10 came down to a race between Ryan and Nick.  Nick managed to edge Ryan out and score the last phase.  Monty Python Fluxx got quite ridiculous when Laura was able to draw about 15 cards in a single turn and play most of them.  The game ended with the Cheese Shop goal and her playing a card that allowed everyone to discard their hand, Keepers and Creepers.  Everyone discarded everything and we all took a shared win with nothing.

Until next time, happy gaming.




Weekend Gaming: Birthday Bash

This weekend we visited my parent’s place so that my wife could visit some friends and go shopping for her birthday and our anniversary.  We ended up playing a ton of games as well.

On Friday night, she and I played three games of Ticket to Ride: Europe.  I won the first two, and lost the third.  The second one was interesting in that I took routes that really had nothing in common, and ended up crossing the bottom side of the map while Gina crossed the top edge, leaving the center almost completely ignored.  In the third game, I tried to complete as many routes as possible.  I ended up getting 9 routes completed, but with no long routes, so I wasn’t quite able to pull off the win.

Ticket to Ride: Game 2

Ticket to Ride: Game 3

Then on Saturday, Joe and I taught Nick how to play Hansa Teutonica while the girls were out shopping.  The game was a bit rough for Nick, as Nick was not able to get a third action for the entire game.  I wasn’t able to get much going either, though and Joe ended up winning.

Hansa Teutonica: Joe 51, Andy 35, Nick 21

Then we played a quick game of Dominion: Hinterlands, which I was able to win using mostly Highways, Crossroads and Margraves for extra buys.

Later that evening, after a dinner of sushi, we started the real gaming madness.  We started with Joe, Nick and I playing Hansa Teutonica while Gina, Dana, Jaime and Laura played Ticket to Ride.  After that, Dana and Nick swapped places and Joe, Dana and I played the Hansa Teutonica: East Expansion while the others played Settlers of Catan.

We followed that up with a couple games of 7 Wonders and a final game of Timeline: Inventions, which I had picked up for Nick while I was in France.

Overall it was a pretty crazy day of games and fun.  My wife had a great time shopping and we got to go out and enjoy a nice dinner with our friends.

Until next time, happy gaming.

Weekend Gaming: Uncle Wiggily…

This weekend, we traveled to my parents’ house so I could attend a Warhammer 40k RTT.  On Friday night, it was just my wife, my sister, and I, and my sister was picking the games.  We started off with Uncle Wiggily, which has about as much strategy as Candy Land.  The cards are written in a goofy Southern style, and we were reading them in our worst Southern accents.  It was quite entertaining.

Next up was a game of Yotta Know Mammals.  It’s a kind of memory/learning game, where the object is to name the animals pictured on the various cards.  Some of the animals were pretty obvious, while others were ridiculous.  Another silly game that was just magnified by the group.

The night was capped off with a much calmer game of Cribbage.

On Saturday, I spent the day running and playing in a small Warhammer 40k tournament.  There were 6 people playing and everyone had a good time.  I will be posting pictures and an extended write-up of the event tomorrow.

We spent Saturday evening with our friends Nick and Laura.  We broke out the basic Settler of Catan.  It had been a while since I had played without the expansions.  I didn’t really judge the board all that well, and I tried to corner the market on Wood, along with a Wood port, but I had a tough time getting brick for my roads.  By the time I was able to even use the Wood port, my numbers stopped getting rolled, so I never ended up using it.  Laura had managed to get the best positions on Wheat and Ore, and was the only one who even built a City, and easily took the game.

We finished up with a game of Euchre.  My hands were consistently terrible.  I never saw more than a single Jack in any of my hands, and very rarely did I get anything higher than a Queen.  Because of that I finished the game with a whopping 6 points.  Nick and Laura were duking it out for first place, and the last hand saw Nick and Laura both with 20 points.  Laura was dealing and the bid ended up with Laura and everyone had to play.  Nick managed to get a single point, and Laura didn’t get her three, so she was set back, giving Nick the final win.

It was a nice weekend and we had a lot of fun visiting family and friends.  Happy gaming!


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