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Weekend Gaming: Rogue Trader

I didn’t play any board games this weekend.  Instead I spent most of the day Saturday playing in a Warhammer 40k Rogue Trader Tournament.  It was 1850 points and I brought my Space Wolves with an Astra Militarum allied detachment.  The exact list is below:

Primary Detachment – Space Wolves

Rune Priest

10x Grey Hunters
2x Plasmagun

5x Grey Hunters
Razorback, Lascannon, TL-Plasmagun

5x Grey Hunters
Razorback, Lascannon, TL-Plasmagun 

Heavy Support
5x Long Fangs
4x Lascannon

5x Long Fangs
4x Missile Launchers

5x Long Fangs
4x Missile Launchers

10x Wolf Guard
2x Terminator Armor, Cyclone Missile Launcher
6x Storm Bolters
2x Combi-melta

Secondary Detachment – Astra Militarum Allies 

Company Command Squad
Company Commander with Shotgun
4x Veterans with Flamers

Veteran Squad

Fast Attack
Vendetta Squadron
2x Vendetta


There were quite a few people at the tournament.  I think the total attendance was 12.  The armies were nicely diverse with a couple Necrons, Chaos Marines, Daemons, Tau, Space Wolves, Space Marines, and Tyranids all getting representation.


My first game was against a Space Marines player using the Ravenwing rules.  He had four Rhinos and a Razorback full of Marines that scouted halfway across the board.  Going first, I had setup to pound them with my missiles early, but he ended up stealing the initiative and going first.  That swung the entire game.  He was able to destroy or neutralize all of my tanks in the first turn.


With all of these marines sitting right in my face, there wasn’t much I could do.  I took down a few of his tanks and started into the squads, but there were just too many to deal with.  My Vendettas didn’t come in until turn three, and by then there wasn’t much left.  I conceded the loss on turn four when all but my Vendettas were dead.


My second game was against Tyranids with four units of Genestealers, six Carnifexes, a flying thing, and a Tyranid Prime.  The game was a modified version of kill points where the unit that got the kill received the kill point and each unit could only score a single point.


I deployed first and we had short table edges.  I was able to get into some ruins and had a nice setup.  I wasn’t able to kill anything completely first turn, but I did weaken one of the Carnifex units.  He then couldn’t assault with his Genestealers in the first, so they were left fairly exposed.  My Vendettas actually made it on second turn and shot up his flyer, while my marines shot up the Genestealers, but failed to kill them all.


He got a couple of easy points from my tanks, and then the Genestealers got into combat with the marines and killed them off after a few turns.  I was able to finish off three of the Genestealer squads after the combat ended and one unit of Carnifexes.  The game ended turn 5, denying me the opportunity to shoot more and resulted in use getting a draw.

My final game was against Necrons with two Monoliths, a Nightscythe, Deathscythe, Anarath in a Command Barge, some Warriors, Immortals and a Ghost Ark.  The mission was to secure five objectives, one in each quarter and one in the center.

Again I decided to go first and setup with my Long Fangs on a hill with good firing lanes to wherever he deployed.  Sadly he stole the initiative and again I was left in the open.  His monoliths were able to use their large blasts to decimate my Long Fangs and Wolf Guard.  Then on my turn, I rolled up to one his Monoliths with my melta-guns, and promptly failed to hit with all of them.  Those Grey Hunters promptly died on the next turn.


The only things I managed to kill the entire game, was a unit of Deathmarks and a unit of Immortals that I was able to get into close combat with.  The only positive was that after my Vendettas arrived on turn four, they survived and due to some misplacement on his part I was able to switch them to hover mode and claim the center objective.  I had the objective in my quarter claimed as well, and contested another.  So we each held two objectives, but the center was worth an additional point.  Had the game ended then, I actually would have managed a win even after getting destroyed.  Sadly the game went on to a sixth turn, and he was able to mop up the little that was left. and took the win.

The Tau player ended up taking first with a Farsight Enclave army.  For being the first games I’ve played with 7th edition and the first games in over two years, I played pretty poorly.  That said, my opponents were great and the games were fun.  I am really glad that Paradox has started hosting them again, and I am looking forward to the next one in November.

Until next time, happy gaming.

WIP: Wolf Guard Terminators

I’ve been back in the painting mood again and started working on some of my Space Wolves.  These are the Cyclone Missile Launcher equipped Terminators that lead my squads of Wolf Guard.

Group shot

Space Wolves Gallery

Some of the new units that were painted up for the 1250 tournament a couple weekends ago.  The Thunderwolves and Long Fangs had been painted previously.

Weekend Gaming: Football Weekend!

Pretty fun weekend around here.  On Friday we spent the afternoon over at our friends’ house where we celebrated their daughter’s first birthday and watch the NDSU Bison football team win the FCS championship.  It was a blast.

That evening, Louis, Kevin, Ryan and Joe joined us for games.  First up was Acquire.  I started one of the smaller companies, and then it immediately grew to the point where it wasn’t going away until the end of the game.  Because of this, I wasn’t able to get into any other companies.  I barely had enough money to get into a tie for the most shares in my company.  In the end, Joe and I tied for that one, and he had controlled enough of the smaller mergers to easily take the win.

Next up was Railways of the Western U.S.  My baron required that I connect and industrialize Dodge City and Santa Fe.  Because of this I was doing a lot of shipping in and around Denver.  Sadly, because I went last on the first turn, I wasn’t able to snag the Hotel for Denver.  Louis go that card, so I was feeding him a bunch of points even while I was making points for myself.  Kevin and Gina had control of the West coast and were making some deliveries there, while Ryan had decided to go for the Golden Spike bonus and built all the way from Omaha to San Fransisco.  Joe was all alone in the lower Midwest, and Louis had a solid grip on the Salt Lake City region.  Louis was making consistent 3-4 point deliveries and with the bonus points I was providing him, he easily won the game.  Over all, though, it was a pretty low scoring game, with all of us sitting at just over 20 points (Louis had about 30).

We followed that up with a quick game of 7 Wonders.  I was playing Rhodes, and focused pretty heavily on military.  I was having difficulties, though, as I wasn’t able to get Stone until the end of Age 2, so I wasn’t able to start on my Wonder.  Then I forgot about Iron and wasn’t able to build the second stage of my Wonder.  Regardless, I still did alright with maximum military points and two very strong Guilds.  It wasn’t enough, though, as Ryan had pulled off 38 points worth of Science and edged me out by 3 points.

The last game of the night was Puerto Rico, with Ryan sitting out.  I went heavily into a Trading/Building strategy.  I was able to grab both Markets, and was routinely selling Coffee and Tobacco for big money.  I was able to build three of the big buildings.  Louis was doing a very strong shipping strategy, while Kevin and Gina were more balanced.  Joe was also doing a lot of Trading and Buying.  In the end, I was able to put up 43 points, which just barely beat out Louis’ 41 points.

Sunday was spent watching more football, while I worked on painting some Razorbacks for my Space Wolves army.  I am nearly done with one, which just needs detailing and weathering.  Here is a work-in-progress picture:

Overall a great first weekend of 2012.  Happy gaming!

Final Thunderwolves

I finished up the last three Thunderwolves for my Space Wolf army a few nights ago.  They still need basing, but otherwise they are all done. Here they are in all their glory:

Painting Space Wolves

It’s been a while since I’ve done any painting, but last week the urge to paint some of my Space Wolves hit.  It’s mostly in preparation for a tournament this weekend.

First up are two of my Thunderwolves.


The second one’s arm was messed up due to a primer issue, so it’s sitting in some Simple Green at the moment before I can start on it again.


Last up are the Space Wolf Scouts that are still just a work in progress.


‘Ard Boyz Prep – Test Game vs. Dark Angels

I got a test game in against Ryan’s Dark Angels last night.  I played the Space Wolves army designed by Stelek over at Yes the Truth Hurts.  Ryan had 3 Land Raiders full of Terminators (one was an Elite), two Razorbacks with Tactical Marines, 2 Rhinos with Marines and a Land Speeder.

We were playing the second ‘Ard Boyz mission, which is Spearhead deployment with an objective in each quarter and another in the center.  I lost the roll and got stuck with the quarter with minimal terrain.

Here is a picture of the deployment (one Speeder and the Scouts were held in reserve):

I made a few annoying mistakes with my deployment.  Seeing as I was going second, I should have deployed further back and tried to get some better cover for my tanks.  Also, the Long Fangs that were out of place.  As it was, the front few tanks were wrecked, destroyed or immobilized on the first turn.  Because of this, the central Long Fangs weren’t able to get a good shot on much all game, and I wasn’t willing to move them to get a slightly better vantage.

I also rolled terribly for the first couple turns.  Trying to run the left-most Long Fangs up the central hill, I rolled a 1 and failed to climb up.  So they were stuck with a lack of targets until the third turn when Ryan’s Terminators made it to the center.

After the first turn. (The non-glowing clouds are popped smoke)

Terminators shooting at a Razorback, and failing

Start of Turn 3

Battle for the center!

Tanks survived the shooting, but not the assault

Start of turn 4

Final results in the center

The objective to my left

Right side of the table

Due to time constraints, we only finished four turns.  After failing to Tank-shock, I was able to just barely kill enough Terminators in the center with massed missile fire to make room for a squad of Grey Hunters to sneak in on a run.  My Scouts finally came in on the left and I was able to take out the Marines contesting that point.  At the end I held my point and the two points in the non-deployment zones.  Ryan held his point.  The central point was contested.

While the game started off rough, I was able to push enough stuff into the center to cause mayhem, while the rest of my army secured the other points.  That said, had the game run longer, Ryan would have likely reclaimed the central point and made the other points more difficult.  The game was a lot of fun, and it was definitely helpful to understand a bit more of how the army plays and how to handle deployment.

‘Ard Boyz Prep – Completed Army

The ‘Ard Boyz army is completely built.  All that I have left is to paint the bases so I can differentiate the various squads.  Here is the completed army in all it’s partially painted glory.

The Rune Priest

Some Rhinos

Elites and Fast Attack

Heavy Support

‘Ard Boys Preparations – July 12th

I’ve been working to get my army built for the ‘Ard Boyz tournament that is coming up on August 13th.  I’ve never managed to play in one before, so jumping to 2500 points is a bit of a stretch to me.  I’ve taken inventory of what I have for my Space Wolves, and what I need in order to play the list that I want.  I have enough parts, I just need to get everything assembled.  So I will be recording my progress here so that I don’t lose track of what needs to get done.

Unit Need Have Need to Build
Rune Priest 1 1 0
Wolf Guard with Bolt Pistol and Combi-melta 6 3 3
Wolf Guard with Bolt Pistol and Close Combat Weapon 3 3 0
Wolf Guard with Combi-melta and Powerfist 1 1 0
Wolf Guard with Bolt Pistol and Storm Bolter 6 6 0
Wolf Guard Terminator with Cyclone Missile Launcher 2 2 0
Wolf Guard Terminator with Cyclone Missile Launcher and Power Fist 2 2 0
Wolf Scouts 7 4 3
Wolf Scouts with Power Weapon 2 2 0
Wolf Scouts with Mark of the Wulfen and Meltagun 1 1 0
Grey Hunters 24 18 6
Grey Hunters with Meltagun 6 3 3
Long Fangs with Missile Launchers 15 12 3
Long Fang Squad Leaders 3 3 0
Rhinos 6 6 0
Razorbacks with Heavy Bolters 3 0 3
Razorbacks with Lascannon/Plasmagun 2 0 2
Landspeeder with Multi-melta 3 2 1

1850 RTT Recap

I played in a Warhammer 40k tournament this last Saturday.  It was a standard 3 game setup with battlepoints deciding the winner.  Apparently a bunch of the guys who had normally played Fantasy decided to play 40k again, so we had 10 players total.  As for armies, there were Space Marines, 2 Dark Angels (1 Ravenwing & 1 Deathwing), Black Templars, Blood Angels, Chaos Marines, Grey Knights, Space Wolves (me), Tyranids and Orks.

I was playing the list I posted last Friday.

Game 1 was kill points with Table Quarters for bonus points and Spearhead deployment.  I played against Jeremy and his Ravenwing army.  It consisted of a ton of Bikes, Attack Bikes, Land Speeders and Samael.  I won first turn and deployed planning to take advantage of some ruins.  He started off on the wrong foot and forgot to make his scout move, leaving his bike open to my missiles.  In response I took out a full squad of bikes, an attack bike and a speeder on the first turn.  The game pretty much consisted of me staying put and shooting his bikes while he tried to get close enough to assault.  He finally made it into assault with Logan, and forced Logan’s squad to run.  He decided to finish Logan off personally, though and re-assaulted on the next turn.  Logan and his Captain killed each other, but my one Long Fang survived the battle.  In the end I won with full battle points and two table quarters for a total of 23.

Game 2 was an odd objective game with each player controlling 4 objectives.  You could only control your own objectives for points, but if you spent a turn in control of your opponent’s objective, it would be destroyed.  It also had a goofy diagonal deployment.  My opponent was Steve with his Grey Knights.  He had a Dreadnought, a Dreadknight, a Strike Squad, a Pugation Squad, two Interceptor Squads and a big squad of Terminators with his Grand Master.  He won the roll off and took first turn.  He then decided to Deep Strike most of his army, with only his Purgation Squad, a Strike Squad and the Dreadnought in play.  This worked out well for me, as I lined everything up on my deployment edge.  He couldn’t hit me with anything on the first turn, while I opened fire and took out the Dread and the Strike Squad.  Turn two, he lost a Strike Squad to the warp.  The rest of his stuff came in turn 3.  A Lone Wolf took on the Dreadknight for a few turns, but took it down.  The Terminators took on Logan, but Logan and his squad were finally able to finish them off with the help of a Thunderwolf.  In the end I was able to claim all four of my objectives, and destroyed three of his, giving me 26 points for a total so far of 59.

The last game was straight up kill points with Spearhead deployment.  I was playing against JJ’s Black Templars with three Land Raiders, one with a squad of Terminators, one with a small squad of Templars and another with a large squad of Templars and the Emperor’s Champion.  He also had a Land Speeder and a Rhino with some Templars and Lascannon.  I deployed a bit back from the center with my Thunderwolves and Lone Wolves at the very front.  One Wolf and Thunderwolf died first turn to the Terminators.  The other Lone Wolf got stuck in with the small squad of Templars, and the other Thunderwolf was able to get up and wreck one of the Land Raiders.  I wasn’t able to destroy another Land Raider until turn 3, but then my Lascannons lit up and I took down the other two Land Raiders in turns 3 and 4.  My Scouts took out the squad from the Rhino after it was destroyed by Rocket, but then died to the Emperor’s Champ.  The EC’s squad was able to hole up behind a hill out of site, so all that was left was his Terminators, who chewed through a couple of my units before the game ended.  At the end, I was able to eek out a 7 to 6 killpoint difference for 12 points.

At the end of the day, I was the only player to win all three games and with the most battle points I was able to place first.  The tournament was a lot of fun, and it was a great change to have all the 40k players back.  Now to wrap things up with the pictures from the event.



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