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1850 Space Wolf Army for Tomorrow’s RTT

Here’s the list that I plan on running for tomorrow’s RTT.

Logan Grimnar – 275

Heavy Support:
6 Long Fangs – 140
Squad Leader
5 Missile Launchers

6 Long Fangs – 170
Squad Leader
3 Missile Launcher
2 Lascannon

Lone Wolf with Terminator Armor, Storm Shield, Chainfist – 85

Lone Wolf with Terminator Armor, Storm Shield, Chainfist – 85

5 Wolf Scouts – 110
1 with a Melta Gun
All 5 with Melta Bombs

5 Wolf Guard – 140
Terminator Armor with Cyclone Missile Launcher
Power Armor with Combi-melta (goes to Scouts)
3 Power Armor with Pistol and Combat Weapon

5 Wolf Guard – 135
Terminator Armor with Cyclone Missile Launcher
4 Power Armor with Pistol and Combat Weapon

5 Wolf Guard – 165
Terminator Armor with Cyclone Missile Launcher, Storm Shield, Chain Fist
4 Power Armor with Pistol and Combat Weapon

5 Wolf Guard – 165
Terminator Armor with Cyclone Missile Launcher, Storm Shield, Chain Fist
4 Power Armor with Pistol and Combat Weapon

5 Wolf Guard – 165
Terminator Armor with Cyclone Missile Launcher, Storm Shield, Chain Fist
4 Power Armor with Pistol and Combat Weapon

Fast Attack:
Thunderwolf Cavalry with Storm Shield, Thunderhammer – 110

Thunderwolf Cavalry with Storm Shield, Power Fist – 105

Total: 1850

The Lone Wolves and Thunderwolves are there to get up front fast and take out heavy tanks.  If the heavy tanks are down, then they can cause disruptions.  The Lascannons are boosted to Strength 10 by Logan for long rang anti-tank.  The Scouts are a disruptive unit to take out anything hanging back.  Other than that, there are 18 missile launchers that cause trouble all game.

More WIP: Long Fangs

Progressed some more on the Long Fangs tonight.  I hit the details on all of them.  I also decided to paint the right kneepad red to match the left shoulder.  This was to add a bit more color to them.  I also mounted them all on the Dragonforge Ice World bases that I had won a while back.

WIP: Long Fangs

I managed to get some work done on my Long Fangs last night in preparation for a tournament in a few weeks.  I was trying out how the red shoulder pad would look, and I’m pretty happy with it.  I also made each Wolf’s helmet difference to note the individuality of each member.  Some of the designs worked out better than others, but I think they look pretty cool.  As always, click the pics for bigger versions.

Space Wolves vs Orks – 1850pts

Over the memorial day holiday I was able to get a game in against my friend Nick’s Orks.  My list was basically identical to this one that I posted last week with a slight shuffling around of the Scout’s power fist due to lacking the models.  Nick’s Orks consisted of the following (from memory and pics):

Weird Boy
7 Burna Boys
2 Mekboys
Trukk (Borrowed from some Boyz)

8 Lootas
1 Mekboy

4 Deffkoptas

18 Boyz + Nob

19 Boyz + Nob

9 Nobs

Looted Wagon

We rolled for deployment and objective, ending up with Spearhead and Annihilation.  I won the roll-off and decided to go first.  One squad of Long Fangs took up a position on the hill, along with my two basic Wolf Guard squads.  My other Long Fangs were in the trees in the middle of my side.  The Thunderwolves were deployed as far forward as possible, with my other three Wolf Guard squads hanging out behind them.  My scouts were held in reserves to outflank.

Nick put the two Wagons and the Trukk full of Nobs right up front.  The Looted Wagon and the Lootas all hung out in the middle of his deployment with the Lootas on a hill.  The Burnas were behind a hill ready to jump into the waiting Trukk.  Nick scouted his Koptas to the right, and then failed to steal the initiative.

Turn 1:

Turn 1, shortly after deployment

In shooting I was able to kill half the Lootas and the Nobs’ Trukk with missile fire.  Then in assault, one group of Thunderwolves pounced on the Deffkoptas, dealing a few wounds.  The other squad of Wolves hit the Battle Wagon, and promptly blew it up.

Wolves make short work of the Battle Wagon

The Orks moved up, but didn’t do much for return shooting, just a few wounds on the Wolves with the Thunderhammer.

Turn 1 - Start of the second Assault Phase

In assault, the Boyz from the Wagon attacked the nearby Thunderwolves and managed to put a few wounds on them.  The other squad of Thunderwolves finished off the Deffkoptas.

Turn 1 - Boyz vs. Thunderwolves

Turn 2:

My scouts failed to show up on turn 2, and my shooting was relatively ineffective.  I was able to take out a few Nobs and immobilize the Burnas’ Trukk, though.  Logan moved up and decided to try punching the Battle Wagon, but only managed to immobilize it.

Turn 2 - Logan and company attack the Battle Wagon

In the assault with the Boyz and Thunderwolves, the Boys were able to slaughter two of the wolves, withe the wolves only killing a few orks in return.

Middle of Turn 2

On Nick’s turn, the Boyz in the Wagon jumped out and assaulted Logan, while the Nobs Waaagh’d forward and assaulted the two squads of Wolf Guard.  Logan put up a good fight, killing a few Orks, but then promptly took three Power Klaw attacks to the face from the Warboss and failed all of his saves.  The Wolf Guard fared a bit better in the two assaults.  The Thunderwolf with the Thunderhammer couldn’t stop the Orks from dragging him down finally.

Logan swarmed by Orks

Nobs vs. Wolf Guard

Turn 3:

Start of Turn 3

Things were heating up at this point.  My Scouts came in, and I decided to bring them up behind the Looted Wagon.  Sadly they were just over 6″ away, so their melta was less effective (not that it mattered since they missed both shots) and they couldn’t assault.  I should have brought them in behind the Burnas’ Trukk. I was able to get the Lootas to run off the table, though with some missile fire.

Thunderwolves join in the fun.

My remaining Thunderwolves attacked the Battle Wagon and the Boys, and managed to wreck the Wagon and killed a few boyz.  But the squad of Wolf Guard were lost in the battle, as were the Wolf Guard fighting the Nobs.

Thunderwolves clearing out the Boyz

Nick just moved away from the Scouts, and then moved the Nobs up closer to the Long Fangs in the trees.  In assault, the Warboss was able to kill one of the Tunderwolves, while the wolves cleared out all but one of his boyz.

Turn 4:

Start of Turn 4

The last couple turns were pretty uneventful.  Nick was able to move the Burnas up and lay waste to my scouts, and also got the Nobs into combat with the Long Fangs, killing them.  I wasn’t able to kill off enough Nobs with missiles.

The one epic battle left, was my lone Thunderwolf versus the Warboss.  I simply would not fail an invulnerable save on him.  I wasn’t doing much to the Warboss, either, but we were solidly locked in battle.

The final duel - Warboss vs Thunderwolf

End of the game on Turn 5


We called the game on turn 5, and we were tied up in killpoints.  The Warboss/Thunderwolf battle would have been the deciding point had either one of them fallen.

It was a very close game all the way.  I was able to get ahead early, but then lost a bit of momentum once the Orks were able to get into my lines.  I think Nick could have deployed the Lootas further back and spread them out more.  Losing half on the first turn hurt.  Also the Burnas could have been deployed closer.  They really didn’t do anything all game because they were stuck trudging across the board.  As for me, I shouldn’t have moved the two squads of Wolf Guard with the chainfists up as early.  They got hit by the Nobs and weren’t able to really do much.  I could have held them back a bit more and kept firing longer.  Also, the Scouts were just poorly played.  They needed to come into an area where I could guarantee a kill, rather than ending up doing nothing at all.

Overall it was a very fun game, and it definitely gave both of us some ideas on how to improve our forces.

1850pt Space Wolf List

There’s a local RTT coming up at the end of June, so I have been working on building some more Space Wolves to run for that tournament.  I’m not 100% sure of the details of what I want to run, but I’m leaning towards something like the following:

Logan Grminar

5 Wolf Scouts, Meltabombs, 1 Meltagun

5 Wolf Guard, 1 in Terminator Armor with Cyclone Missile Launcher & Wolf Claw, 1 with a Combi-melta and Powerfist (he joins the scouts)

5 Wolf Guard, 1 in Terminator Armor with Cyclone Missile Launcher & Wolf Claw

5 Wolf Guard, 1 in Terminator Armor with Cyclone Missile Launcher, Storm Shield and Chain Fist, 1 with a Combi-flamer, and 1 with a Combi-melta

5 Wolf Guard, 1 in Terminator Armor with Cyclone Missile Launcher, Storm Shield and Chain Fist, 1 with a Combi-flamer, and 1 with a Combi-melta

5 Wolf Guard, 1 in Terminator Armor with Cyclone Missile Launcher, Storm Shield and Chain Fist, 4 with a Combi-plasmas

Fast Attack:
3 Thunderwolf Cavalry, 1 with a Storm Shield and Wolf Claw

3 Thunderwolf Cavalry, 1 with a Storm Shield and Thunderhammer

Heavy Support:
5 Long Fangs, 4 with Missile Launchers, 1 Squad Leader

5 Long Fangs, 4 with Missile Launchers, 1 Squad Leader

The idea is to have a ton of missile that can be fired at a multitude of targets if necessary.  The Wolf Guard squads are tooled up for a variety of targets.  The 3 squads with the combi-weapons will be the midfield firepower with support from the Thunderwolves.  The other two squads will hang back and provide fire support.  Logan will typically join one of the Wolf Guard squads, though joining a Long Fangs squad in Dawn of War to provide the ability to move and shoot is a possibility.

Mythicast Thunderwolf Review

Back in February I ordered some of the Warwolves from Mythicast, a private dealer out of the Philippines.  At $73 with free shipping, they were the most economical option for Space Wolf Thunderwolves that didn’t require major conversion work.  As for shipping they took about six weeks to get to me and most of that time was spent waiting in customs.

Now if you can do the math, you’ve probably realized that they’ve been sitting on my desk for a while now, and that’s the truth.  Since I didn’t have any Space Marines ready to ride them, I hadn’t felt the need to unwrap them and put them together.  Well that has changed, so I spent this week assembling them.

First up, the good stuff.  Each of the five wolves is unique and they come with Space Marine legs built in, so there is no need to convert any legs into a riding pose for these.  They also have some very nice detail in the fur and face.  Every wolf has a bunch of details like armor on their legs, saddles, chain harnesses, and even a few cybernetic enhancements (two of the wolves have a cybernetic leg, and another has an eye piece).  Lastly, the parts fit together quite nicely with no need to do much for gap filling.

Now for the bad.  Sadly the molding of these leaves quite a bit to be desired.  I needed to do a lot of scraping and sanding to make them look good.  As you can see in the pictures below (click for bigger versions), there are little bubbles of resin all over the parts.  These weren’t terribly difficult to remove, but there were a lot of them on every model, and it was just annoying trying to find them all.

There were also a few pits from bubbles in the resin on a few models.  Luckily most of them were in the fur, so there wasn’t a terrible need to fill them in, but some did show up in the details like the chains and armor plating that were a bit more trouble.  Then there are the Space Marine legs.  The legs themselves were relatively clean, but the waist of every Marine was a bit misshapen.  They had really ugly mold lines right through the crotch of a couple and others were just messy from the molds not lining up properly.  My only hope is that the Space Marine torso will cover up most of the blemishes there.  The final criticism is a bit minor, but once they are assembled, the legs don’t sit flat.  On three of the wolves I needed to put some rocks or some other support under one of the legs, otherwise it would wobble and just look goofy.

In the end, though, it really only took me about four hours of work to get these guys cleaned up and ready for some riders.  They do look really nice, and are some of the most natural looking wolves out of the options on the marketplace.  I would definitely buy from them again if I needed more wolves.

Natural looking
Rider’s legs built in
Lots of detail
Parts fit together well
Variety of models
Price and shipping

Bumps all over the resin
Some bubbles
Mold lines on the rider and back of wolf

Painting Stuff

Ahh, spring.  Things have been a bit crazy lately, so I haven’t been painting quite as much.  Instead, I have been taking advantage of the decent weather we’re finally getting, playing some World of Warcraft in the evenings, and reading.  I have been working on a few things, though, and just haven’t posted them.  So here we go…

First up is a Witchling Stalker from Malifaux.  I had finished him a while ago, but I only recently finished up the bases for them and he is the first to get the full base treatment.  The fence in the background is from a Warhammer Chaos Rhino.

Next up is my second Wolf Lord on his Thunderwolf.  I still need to finish his base, but I am waiting until I have a few more Space Wolves painted so I can get them all based at once.

Last up is the Warmachine Menoth Warjack that I am working on.  Right now I am just blocking out the base colors and trying things out.  It’s a neat project, just because of the large areas to paint.  Not a ton of tiny details, so I have a chance to try some different things.  That said, I’m not 100% sold on the color combination, so we’ll see if it sticks around, or if things change drastically.

That’s pretty much what I’ve been working on lately.   I have also been working on assembling some Mithicast Thunderwolves, and I plan on writing a review of them once I finish them all, but my initial impressions are mixed.  The wolves themselves are quite detailed, but that detail seems to have played havoc with the molds and there are tons of flaws on the wolves that are a royal pain to fix.  Anyways, more detail will be covered later.

Thanks for visiting, and happy gaming.

1000 point Space Wolves vs. Eldar

For the second game Nick and I played last Thursday, Nick pulled out his Eldar.  We decided to rule out the mission/deployment from the first game and ended up with Annihilation/Dawn of War.  I kind of forgot to take pictures between turns, so they aren’t as consistent.

Farseer with Guide
5 Dire Avengers
Falcon with Star Cannon
10 Dire Avengers, Exarch with Bladestorm
Wave Serpent with Shuriken Cannons
3 Guardian Jetbikes
2 squads of 3 War Walkers with Scatter Lasers

Space Wolves:
Rune Priest with Living Lightning and Jaws of the World Wolf
3 Wolf Guard with Combi-Meltas (1 for each Grey Hunter squad, and the last into a Long Fangs squad)
8 Grey Hunters, Meltagun, Wolf Banner
9 Grey Hunters, Meltagun, Wolf Banner
2 Dreadnoughts with twin linked autocannons
2 squads of 5 Long Fangs with 4 Missile Launchers

I won the roll and forced Nick to go first.  He decided to hold everything in reserves with the War Walkers outflanking.  I deployed nothing and decided to walk onto the board.

Turns 1-2:

Nothing for Nick on the first turn, and my stuff rolled on in the center of the table.  The Rhinos were in the center and popped smoke, the Dreads flanked the Rhinos and the Long Fangs took the edges (a big mistake on my part).  The Dreads and the Long Fangs all ran to get into position.

Nick’s rolls for reserves were good and he got the Falcon, Serpent and both War Walkers.  One squad of walkers came in on each side and the left squad wiped out my Long Fangs with a hail of laser fire.  The right squad of Fangs weathered the storm better, but still lost their squad leader and Wolf Guard.

In return, my remaining Fangs, Rune Priest and the right Dread took out two of the Walkers on the right, while my left Dread was able to shake one of the Walkers on the left.

Turn 3:

The Eldar tanks moved around a bit and managed to destroy the remaining Long Fangs.  The Walkers on the left moved up and did some damage to the Dread.

I was able to finish off the Walker on the right, but otherwise little changed.  I pressed into the middle of the table a bit to position my melta guns for some tank hunting.

Turn 4:

The Jetbikes finally showed up and didn’t have much to do.  They setup behind the Walkers just hoping to survive with their cover saves.  The Walkers did some more damage to the Dread, but it still lived on.  The Falcon and Serpent, though, were able to destroy the Rune Priests’ Rhino and actually shook the guys inside.

My Dreads were able to put enough firepower into the Walkers to take out two of them, but that was about it for me.

Turn 5:

Not sure what’s going on with the Serpent in this picture.  It should be closer to my Dread in the middle.

The Serpent did some minor damage to the untouched Dread, but the Walker was unable to finish off the other dread, which had no weapons and was immobilized at this point.  The Falcon killed a few Grey Hunters.

Nick made a mistake with the Jetbikes and zipped them to the center of the board.  This put them in range of the center Rhino and the Grey Hunters moved up, disembarked and poured a bunch of bolter rounds into the bikes, wiping them out.  The Grey Hunters and Rune Priest were able to take down the Wave Serpent, forcing the Avengers out.

End of Turn 5

Had the game ended here, it would have been tied with 3 killpoints each.  As it was, we went to turn 7.  Nick was never able to grab another killpoint, while I was able to take out his large squad of Avengers, the last Walker and the Falcon.

End of turn 6

End of turn 7 and the Game

So the game ended with the Wolves claiming 6 killpoints to the Eldar’s 3.

The game looked bad for me at the start with both of my Long Fang squads dieing early, but I stuck it out and capitalized on a few mistakes to win the game.  It also helped that one of my Dreads just would not die.  Nick was able to take off both weapons and immobilize it, but just could not get another meaningful damage roll to stick and take it out.

It was a good game, and it’s always interesting to play against Eldar.

Happy Gaming!

Space Wolf Rhino

I decided to try and get a Rhino for my Space Wolf army painted up this week.  I finally got my new airbrush working correctly and basecoated the four Rhinos I own.  Then on Saturday and Sunday I spent some time adding the details and then weathering it.  In the end I think it turned out quite well.  I can’t wait to get them all painted up and onto the table.

WIP: Rifleman Dreadnought Test

I have a pair of Assault on Black Reach Dreadnoughts that I’d like to use, and I want to turn them into Riflemen (dual-autocannons).  One idea I’ve had is to use a couple of the Burst Cannons from my Tau Hammerhead kits, since I’m not using them on the Tau.

Here is a picture of a couple test poses.

I kind of like the bottom one, but it does look a bit silly.  The top setup looks a bit more standard, but I’m not sure that I like the piece that is between the guns and the Dread (it’s part of the Skyray sprue).  I would like to have it magnetized so I could use other arms in the future.

What do others think?


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