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Weekend Gaming: Agricola

We were out of town visiting family this weekend, but there were still plenty of games to be played.  My son convinced me to buy the Star Wars Miniatures Game and we played through a game with the quick start rules Saturday afternoon.  It was close coming down to a single hull point on our ships, but he had the winning shot.  It’s definitely a neat game, and I hope to get some more complex games in soon.

Later that evening Nick, Laura, Gina and I played a game of Agricola with the NL deck that I had picked up earlier.  It’s definitely a interesting twist on the occupations and improvements.  There is a lot of emphasis on vegetables, plowing/sowing and fishing.  Laura was the only one of us not focused on fields, and she was doing a fair bit of fishing.  I had a good set of cards to get my food, but I had little in the way of a plan to get points.  I was very slow to upgrade my house and by that point it was too late.  Nick had a nice stone house and a bigger family.  He also had a bunch of bonus points.  He ended up winning the game with 40 points, followed by Laura, Gina and myself.

We finished the night with a couple hands of Euchre.  Nick and I split the two rounds, with Nick winning the first one in a speedy six hands.

Until next time, happy gaming!


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