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Weekend Gaming: Terra Mystica and Brass

Nick was in town and was able to join Kevin, Joe, Gina, and I for games on Saturday.  Gina selected Terra Mystica for the first game of the evening.

Gina was the dwarves; Nick, the alchemists; Joe, the witches; Kevin, the nomads; and I had the chaos mages.  I took the upper right corner of the board and had the +1 boat tile for the first round and was able to do some quick expansion.  I was working on building temples and building my favor with the cults.

Joe and Kevin were spreading all over the place, while Nick and Gina were in the lower right building their towns.  By the third round we all had at least one town, and Joe was working on his second.  I had the upper right corner locked up and was working towards my second town, but I wasn’t able to get it completed before Kevin overtook me for the lead in the water cult.  I ended up with first place in one cult, second in two, and third in the last.  Joe’s three towns, though, launched him well into the lead early and he held it until the very end.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWe followed that with Brass, with Gina heading to bed.  I didn’t really have a strong plan for the game, simply starting with coal mines and going from there.  Joe was trying to maximize his income early with lots of coal and a bunch of early cotton mills.  Kevin was just setting up for the second phase, while Nick did a little of everything.

In the second phase, I was setup to build a boat in the northern-most city, so I directed my builds in that direction.  Also, no one was building cotton mills, so I was able to drop a couple to take advantage of the external market for some income.  Joe’s income wasn’t quite enough and he had too much coal on the board, so they weren’t emptying out causing him to struggle a bit.  Kevin was building track like crazy, and that ended up being the difference in the game.  Nick and I were both able to build our boats, but Kevin scored 60+ points from his links and my buildings weren’t able to overcome that difference.


Until next time, happy gaming!

Weekend Gaming: Sleepovers

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMy son had a friend over Saturday night, so we didn’t get the normal group together for games.  Gina and I did get to play a couple games Saturday afternoon, though.  We started with a couple runs though our newest game, Hanabi.  We were just learning things, and we didn’t score better than 11 in either game.  It was interesting to figure out how to communicate within the limited rules to get the cards played in the right order.

We then played Terra Mystica.  Gina was the Witches, and I played the Darklings.  I was able to get a city relatively quickly, focusing on temples.  Things were pretty even throughout the game, but Gina wasn’t doing much on the cult track, so I was able to easily take a lead in three out of the four cults.  I also had the largest empire by just a couple, thanks to my boats.  I ended up with a score around 120 and Gina had about 90.

Until next time, happy gaming!

Weekend Gaming: Terra Mystica

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWe weren’t able to play Saturday night, but Joe, Kevin and Louis joined me Sunday afternoon for a game of Terra Mystica.

I was playing the Chaos Magicians.  Louis played the Merfolk; Kevin, the Halflings; and Joe, the Nomads.

I started in the middle of the map next to Louis and Kevin, building a temple quickly to get the favors for better income.  I was able to quickly build a city in the center and eventually migrated to the right side for a second city.

The others were gaining points quickly, and I was falling behind.  I was able to get the top spots in the Earth and Water cults; barely beating Louis for water after he stole fire from me.  I wasn’t able to get the most connected civilization, though.  That went to Joe, who maxed out his boating ability and spread out all over the place.  Joe ended up winning, while I pulled up the rear.


Until next time, happy gaming!

Weekend Gaming: Cards and More

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERALouis, Kevin and I kicked Saturday off with Terra Mystica.  Louis was playing the Giants, I had the Halflings and Kevin the Merfolk.  With only three players, it was tougher to build next to each other, but we all managed to cluster in the upper center of the board with our initial buildings.  I was the first to get a town, with a Sanctuary and two trading posts.  Once I got that completed, I went to work digging in the lower right of the board.  Kevin had taken control of the fire and water cults, while I had my hands in air and earth.  Louis had built a decent lead, but I was able to catch up.  My expansion was able to challenge Kevin for largest empire, but I was one short.  I thought I could keep him out of the lead in both earth and air, but ended up losing out in air anyways.  That effort cost me a couple points from not building my last dwelling, and Kevin beat me by three points.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERADana, Gina and Joe joined us, and we busted out Dominion, with the Intrigue and Prosperity expansions.  I was the first to buy an Expand and proceeded to use it to transform many of my Estates into Duchies, and further.  My deck worked quite well, with a King’s Court providing a couple extra expansions.  I managed to finish the game with three Colonies, only one of which I had actually purchased.  My 41 points was enough for the win.


We followed that up with 7 Wonders.  I thought I was doing well with science, picking up four compasses, four tablets and a gear, but I missed out on the clay needed to get my third wonder entry.  Louis was next to me, and he was grabbing all of the Civilian cards available.  He finished with 40 points just from that, and another 18 from military.  He won with a solid 71 points.


Louis and Dana took off, but the rest of us stuck around for one last game of Eminent Domain.  I focused heavily on military, while the rest mostly were colonizing.  There was a lot of surveying as well, especially by Joe who was trying to survey and colonize as much as possible, while trashing as many cards as he could.  All of their surveying helped me get a decent number of planets, so I could focus on warfare and research.  I ended up with six colonized planets and a level two research card.  I ended the game relatively quickly with the last survey card, so my 19 points was just enough to get the victory.


Until next time, happy gaming!

Weekend Gaming: Busy Labor Day

I hope everyone had a great Labor Day!

We spent all day Saturday painting our house with the help of our friends and family.  It was a lot of fun, and things got done very quickly.

Following all that Gina called it a night early, while Joe, Kevin, Phil and I played games.  We started out with Railways of the Western US.  The game started with three service bounties and two hotels available, but even with only four people I did not take any of them.  Hotel Denver wasn’t available by my turn, and the only Service Bounty was for Bismarck, which didn’t have an easy delivery.  I ended up taking Government Land Grants and using them to build my tracks.  I took control of the North Western area, but really wasn’t able to maximize the deliveries until too late in the game.

Kevin spent a bunch of bonds, but started off quickly with service bounties and major lines in the lower right portion of the board, but the debt was too much.  Phil was working around Denver early, but then took on the task of connecting San Francisco to Omaha.  Joe Had control of the West coast, and though he started slower, he was able to get the train upgrades needed to really ship a lot up and down the coast.

I managed to finish the game with only four debt, but I hadn’t been making many points so I still ended up in last place.  Kevin was close to Joe, but the his debt did him in.  Joe’s deliveries had carried him to the win.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWe then broke out Ginkopolis for a quick break.  I managed to win with 60 points by focusing on the construction.  I had bonuses that propelled things and I was able to take control of two larger areas, much to Kevin’s chagrin.  He was urbanizing a bunch and had a solid grip on a huge red area until Phil split it.


We finished the evening with Dominant Species.  I was playing as the reptiles, Kevin had the birds, Joe the arachnids and Phil was the insects.  I was pushing for dominance through heavy adaptation, but about halfway through the game, Joe ended up with the same adaptations as I had, negating my dominance.  Phil managed to take control of the tundra early, and scored a bunch of points before the rest of us realized what was happening.  Kevin moved in to kick Phil out, but it was too little too late.  Phil had spread all over by that point and was scoring a bunch of point in dominance as well.

I did manage to score 45 points from dominance with nine tiles at the end, but it wasn’t enough to catch Phil.  Kevin and I tied, and Joe brought up the rear.


After a busy Saturday, Sunday was definitely a day of rest.  We did get together with Phil and Kevin, though and started the night with Caylus.  I wanted to focus heavily on building, but Phil ended up doing the same thing.  This resulted in a ton of building built early.  The Lawyer wasn’t built until after the gold space, so there wasn’t any civilian builds for most of the game.

Once I realized that the building strategy wasn’t going to work very well, I started just gathering as many resources as possible to assist in the building of the castle.  Kevin and Gina had supplied a little, but no one was heavily focused.  I was able to out supply Kevin on most turns and earned enough favor to help continue my supplies.  Kevin did manage to build a prestige building for 16 points, but I had supplied enough to hold the lead.

The game was accelerating quickly, since there were so many building past the Bailiff, the Provost was constantly out in front.  Without that speed, I don’t think I would have been able to sustain  the lead, and Kevin would likely have been able to catch up with buildings.  The game did end quickly, and I held the lead by a few points.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWe finished the night with Terra Mystica.  I was playing the Witches, Phil the Darklings, Joe the Giants, Gina the Morbanks, and Kevin the Halflings.  Everyone started off crammed into the middle and a lot of us went for strongholds early for the first turn bonus.  I was also able to pop out a couple dwellings and a bridge, costing me a large chunk of my power.  After turn two, though, I wasn’t feeling good about the game, as Joe and Kevin had kind of blocked me in in the center, and Phil was getting in the way in the lower right.  I didn’t think I was going to get much going at that point.

I stayed the course, though.  I built a Sanctuary on round three to get my first town and took the favor lowering the requirement for towns from 7 to 6.  I was then able to easily build a town in the lower right on the following turn.  That really changed everything.  I had the income and had enough time left to build a third town in the upper right.  I was also able to fully develop my shipping to connect my empire and tied Joe for first.

At the end, I held one of the cult, and was in second in two others.  Kevin had similar position and we were neck and neck all game.  The points for my empire were the difference maker, and I ended up beating Kevin by three points.


Until next time, happy gaming!

Weekend Gaming: Navegador and Terra Mystica

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWe kicked off Saturday with Louis, Kevin, Joe and a game of Navegador.

Louis and Kevin were both sailing pretty regularly.  Gina was picking up Gold factories, while Joe was sailing behind and buying up a bunch of gold and sugar colonies early.

I decided to ignore sailing altogether and went straight for factories, picking up a couple sugar early.  There wasn’t a ton of colonies out early, so I wasn’t making a ton of money, but it was enough to get me a few workers and eventually setup to start buying churches.

By this point, Joe had started making a ton of money with his colonies and was buying shipyards and ships to make a push to Nagasaki.  Kevin, Louis and Gina were trading off sailing through the Indian Ocean.  With my workers I was able to buy multiple buildings and had the prestige to maximize points for both Churches and Factories.

In the end, the couple points gained from putting my king’s prestige in shipyards was enough to knock off Joe and his colonies.


We followed that with a game of Terra Mystica.  Louis played the Mermaids, Kevin the Chaos Magicians, Gina as the Witches, Joe the Engineers and I had the Cultists.

I started off right in the midst of everyone and quickly progressed to a Temple and used the power for a spade and the spade from my scroll ability to setup a nice little area in the center.  People were taking power, allowing me to bump myself up the cult tracks a bit, positioning myself for the bonuses (primarily the spade bonuses on the 3rd and 6th rounds.

The 4th round provided a bonus for building a town, and everyone except Louis took advantage.  Gina managed to get two early, while I had set myself up for one with a Sanctuary.  This ended up comboing into a second town, because I took the favor that made it so I only needed 6 power worth of buildings for a town.  This turned my buildings on the right hand side of the board into a town and allowed me to sneak past Kevin into the top spot on the Water and Fire cults.

I figured I was done with towns at this point, but I realized that the upper right corner was available and only required a boat.  I sailed across and got to work, while also working up the Air cult.  With the help of some digs from the cult rewards, I was able to secure four buildings and finally built my Stronghold for a third town and the top spot in the Air cult.  Kevin had been right with me, but couldn’t get the second town.

Gina and Louis had tied for the largest empire, with Kevin taking third.  I had first place in three of the cults, and Kevin controlled the Earth cult and had second in the rest.  Gina had a strong showing with her Witches, but the Cultists and the three towns couldn’t be topped.


Until next time, happy gaming!

Weekend Gaming: Away from Home



We spent the weekend visiting family, but we did bring some games along.  Gina and I played a couple games of Cribbage and a round of Terra Mystica Friday.  I managed to take all three games.  Cribbage took some excellent luck with the cribs, and Terra Mystica was a close game with the witches triumphing over the mermaids.

We both built a bunch of dwellings early, taking advantage of the bonuses.  The cult bonuses all required four power, so they were pretty much ignored.  I had a slightly better position for my towns, and with an early temple and sanctuary, I was able to grab the favor that made it so towns only required six power worth of buildings.  That really helped, and I was able to get three towns completed.

Gina did get the largest empire bonus, but I had most of the cult track bonuses and came away with the win.

Terra Mystica


Saturday evening we joined Nick for a game of Trajan.  I had went for the crafting tiles, but didn’t really play it all that well.  I did get quite a few Trajan tiles, while Nick and Gina got most of the bonus tiles.  Gina and Nick also did most of the work in the legionnaire area.  In the end, Nick’s cards and bonuses were just too much to overcome, and he beat me by three points.


Until next time, happy gaming!



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