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Weekend Gaming: Terra Mystica

Joe, Kevin and Louis joined Gina and I Saturday for a game of Terra Mystica.  Louis was playing as the Chaos Magicians, Kevin the Mermaids, Joe the Witches, Gina the Hobbits and I had the Darklings.

Gina got off to a very fast start taking advantage of her digging bonuses and the round bonus for building dwellings.  Louis and I were lagging behind a fair bit, but we were getting power from Joe on the left side of the board.  I went straight for a Temple to start powering my terraforming.

I wasn’t able to really take advantage of the round bonus, as the second and third rounds rewarded building the big buildings.  I just didn’t have the income until the fourth round.  Then I really got moving.  I was able to get two towns built, and then upgraded to the big buildings on the second to last round.  I then started heavily using my priests to take over the cult board.

Joe had managed three towns by the end, and spent the last round positioning himself on the cult tracks, which he had ignored for the rest of the game.  He didn’t have enough to get ahead of me in any but water, but he was second in the rest.  Louis took the earth track, while I held fire and air.

The final scores were rather close.  Kevin had the biggest empire, but Gina and I tied for second.  I had enough on the cult track to overcome her lead, and was able to score the win by just a few points.


Gina and Louis called it quits, so Joe, Kevin and I played Eminent Domain.  Joe and I were pressing the Survey and Colonize fairly heavily early, while Kevin was going the Warfare route.  Once I had a couple planets colonized, though, I was able to get into the Produce/Trade business.  I was drawing cards perfectly, and rarely missed a chance to score with my goods.  At the end of the game I had 15 points from goods along with my 15 from my four planets.  Kevin and Joe each had 27; Kevin from Planets and research; Joe from mostly planets, though he did have a few from trade.


I finished the weekend off with a game of Trajan with Joe and Louis.  It was my first time playing, so there was definitely a learning curve.  I was working the legionaires and the senate for my bonus tiles.  Louis was grabbing up trajan tiles and the shipping tiles, while Joe was left to run free in the workman area.  That was a big mistake, as Joe pulled in 40 points of bonuses just from the workmen.  I did end up in second with a strong endgame and finished a couple points ahead of Louis.


Until next time, happy gaming!

Weekend Gaming: Agricola, Terra Mystica and Keyflower

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAJoe and Kevin joined us Friday night, and we kicked things off with Agricola using the Netherlands deck.  I had plans to use the  General so I didn’t need to worry about empty spaces, and the Match Maker to send off one of my workers on the last turn to get the extra items I needed.

I was forced to keep my empty area in the center, because I used a flower garden card that let Gina pick a space that must remain empty.  I did get everything else going, though, and was able to feed my family quite easily after scoring a huge load of grain from Joe’s Night Watch.

Speaking of Joe, he had the Monastic Vows occupation and decided to use that as much as possible.  He ended up with 11 Begging cards, but still did relatively well.  He played one silly occupation on the last turn that doubled his negative points, but without that he would have scored in the mid-thirties even with the begging cards.

I did end up winning, but it was pretty close with Kevin and Gina right behind me.


Gina headed to bed, and Joe, Kevin and I played a game of Terra Mystica. I was playing as the Halflings, with Joe as the Witches and Kevin as the Alchemists.  I quickly upgraded my spades to decrease my terraforming cost.  I then quickly set to work expanding my empire.  Joe was working towards Temples, and Kevin had his own area in the upper left that he was building in.


I managed to get one town completed rather quickly, and then I set out completing my second.  The cult track was getting rather crowded at the top, with Kevin climbing the Fire and Water tracks.  Joe had the Air track, while Joe and I were close on the Earth track.  I was able to build my Sanctuary and get three more points in Earth, pushing me to the top.

We were each able to construct two towns, and I was able to get a boat upgrade, netting me 12 total buildings in my empire.  Joe was actually able to complete three towns and had 13 buildings in his empire.  He took first for that and the Air cult, and Kevin had the Fire and Water.  The final score was close.  I won with 115, Joe had 109, and Kevin had 92.  Had Joe beaten me to the Earth cult, he would have won.



Then on Saturday, Joe, Kevin, Tyrell, Jeff, Louis, Phil and I learned how to play Kevin’s new game, Keyflower.  Since it only had enough for six, Jeff opted to sit out.  It took us about 30 minutes to go over the rules, and then we were off.

I happened to have a bunch of blue workers, so I decided to keep that up. I was able to get a gold mine, and a stone mine that provided gold when upgraded.  From there, I focused on getting more and more gold.  In the Fall season, I managed to snatch a stone statue from Joe and won another tile that upgraded with Gold.  In the winter, I was able to collect my Jeweler tile, which doubled the value of my Gold.

With all of my tiles upgraded and a pile of Gold, I managed to score 70 points; enough for a win.  Louis was a close second with 64.  Definitely an enjoyable game that mixed a lot of neat functions like auctions and tile laying, and worker placement.



Until next time, happy gaming!

Weekend Gaming: Pollution, Building and Terraforming


As it turns out, our Saturday night of games had a nice world-shaping theme to it.  Kevin, Joe, Louis, Gina and I started the night off with CO2.

Things started off well enough.  Everyone was proposing projects, Joe was installing projects for people, but money was a bit tight. There were a couple plant built in the second round, but by the third round, there were a bunch of uninstalled projects and a few of us didn’t have the necessary expertise to construct plants with the projects that were installed.  We finished round three with only 70 PPM before the game ended, and we received 80 PPM worth of bad power plants, thus ending the game in a collective failure.



The next game up was the similar themed Ginkopolis.  I had a good mix of urbanization and construction bonuses, but I was having a tough time getting building tiles I could use.  There was a lot of urbanization going on, especially with Joe taking full advantage of a bunch of urbanization bonuses.  It was Kevin that ended up winning, though.  He able to take control of large blue and red districts and had a good number of bonus cards.  Gina was a close second, though, as she had been picking up points all game, but just didn’t quite have enough from the district scoring.



OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAJoe, Kevin and I finished the night with Terra Mystica.  Joe was playing as the Dwarves, Kevin as the Chaos Magicians and I had the Auren.  We started the game pretty spread out, which was a bit surprising. Joe and I went straight for our strongholds, while Kevin decided to head for a temple instead.

I was able to use my stronghold power to really take advantage of the end of game cult bonuses, scoring one every round for the first time ever.  This really helped me as I was also able to maximize my power to built the cult tracks.

Joe was building all over his area of the map, but he was struggling a bit for resources, slowing him down.  Kevin, on the other hand, had plenty or resources and was building temples to get cult favor.  His issue, though, was he was somewhat trapped in his corner and unable to efficiently expand.  Kevin and I battled over the cult tracks, but in the end I was able to build two towns and get to level 10 in the Water and Air cults.  Kevin took the Fire cult and we tied at nine for the Earth cult.

In the final empire scoring, I had managed to fully upgrade my boats, so I scored the largest empire, finally catching Joe, who had been scoring points all game.



Until next time, happy gaming!

Weekend Gaming: Busy Days

This was a busy holiday weekend for us. Saturday was spent in the yard doing some gardening and playing. Then in the evening, the games started.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIt began with Joe, Kevin, Gina and I played Ad Astra and Terra Mystica.  Kevin and I were playing similar terraforming strategies in Ad Astra, but his was more balanced and edged me out in the end.


Then in Terra Mystica, Kevin again managed to beat us all.  He was playing as the Cultists and took advantage of the cult tracks while still managing to create a large empire.  I was playing as the Engineers and at one point built a bridge expecting to be able to terraform and build on the other side, but Joe beat me to it with his Nomads when I realized I lacked the right resources.  With one bridge wasted, I had a hard time recovering.


On Sunday, Gina and I played another game of Terra Mystica in the afternoon.  I was trying the Dwarves, while she was using the Mermaids.  I was happily expanding my empire across the board, but she was more focused.  I never managed to build a town and that ended up costing me.  While I had a large empire, she had me on the cults and score in general.


Joe joined us for another round of Terra Mystica after that.  I tried the Witches this time, and boy were they fun.  Joe had the Chaos Magicians, and Gina had Halflings.  I managed to use my Witches to fly all over the world to build houses.  With that I managed to build three towns for the bonuses, and then on the last round, I upgraded my shipping twice to score the largest empire with all but two of my buildings on the board.


Joe joined us again that evening for even more games, starting with Ginkopolis.  I was planning to go with a construction focus, but that never panned out.  Joe was constructing a bunch, but I did manage to do a fair bit of urbanizing.  On the last turn, though, I decided to exploit rather than urbanize, looking to score some quick points.  Joe, though, managed to steal a district from me, costing me the game.


Eminent Domain was next.  I was focused on colonization and research, and managed to do it well.  It just wasn’t enough.  Joe and Gina were both producing and trading, and I just couldn’t keep up.  There wasn’t much surveying, and I just couldn’t get the planets.  It was a close game, but Joe did managed to have the winning score.


Gina’s last game of the evening was Village.  I didn’t get a picture of the game, but Joe and Gina again had similar plans, while I was out on my own.  They were using the Council Chambers to get goods to trade, while I was out traveling.  I did manage to get a couple family members into the church and plenty into the book, but Joe’s trading resources were too much for us to overcome.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAfter Gina went to bed, Joe and I stayed up for one last game of Terra Mystica (I’m really liking this game, if you hadn’t guessed).  I was playing the Fakirs, and Joe had the Engineers.  After building my Stronghold on the first turn, I was struggling with gold for a long time.  Joe was racking up points building Trading Houses, and getting his bridges built.  I was about 35 point behind coming into the last round.

I had gathered my resources and was ready for a big build.  I managed to build a temple and four dwellings, maximizing the round bonus and my bonuses to score 30 points in that round.  I also had the bonus for my Stronghold and Sanctuary that I turned in for another 8 points.

Sadly, it wasn’t enough. We were evenly matched on the cult tracks and  Joe’s score on the last turn was enough to keep him ahead of my even with my empire.  Joe managed to win his fourth game of the evening.



We ended the weekend with a rather lazy holiday Monday.  We did go and see Star Trek: Into Darkness, which we both thoroughly enjoyed.

Until next time, happy gaming!

Weekend Gaming: Terra Mystica

First off, happy belated Mother’s Day.
IMG_20130511_242649_135-1024Now on to the gaming. Friday, I taught Joe, Louis, and Kevin Terra Mystica. I was playing as the Nomads again. I spent most of the game building all over using improved boats to get around. While doing that, I was ignoring the cult tracks which would be my undoing.

Kevin was mastering all of the Cults, and had built a sizable lead there.  Joe was a strong competitor, but couldn’t quite squeeze past Kevin.  Louis’ Giants were working toward a large empire, but my boats were the key to my dominance on land.

In the final scoring, it was the cults that made all the difference.  Kevin’s points there pushed him over 100 points for the win.


Saturday night, Louis and Kevin joined us for another game of Terra Mystica.  I was playing as the Chaos Magicians, with Gina as the Fakirs, Louis playing the Darklings and Kevin as the Dwarves.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI started by building my Stronghold on the first turn.  I had planned to take advantage of the double favors for Temples, so a temple came shortly after.  My kingdom wasn’t huge, but by the end it consisted of a Stronghold, Sanctuary, and two temples.

While I was working on that, Gina and Kevin were expanding through the center, and Louis had the right side of the board mostly to himself.  He was maximizing the Darklings’ bonus points for terraforming and jumped to a big lead.

I had managed to take control of three of the four cults, but even maximizing that and trying to get as many bonus points each round it wasn’t enough.  Louis, Gina and Kevin all tied for largest empires, and Louis had too big of a lead to catch.


We finished the night with a game of Glen More.  Louis and Gina were focused on whiskey, but Louis managed to snag the first two Taverns.  Kevin was getting a bunch of points early using an Annual Fair and Butcher, but didn’t have much for end game.  I was all about villages, chieftans and special tiles. I had some points from a sheep butcher, but most of my points came from the chieftans and the castle that provides a bonus for villages.  The final score was extremely close, with Louis losing to me by a single point.


Until next time, happy gaming!

Weekend Gaming: Birthdays and Comics

FCBDI celebrated my birthday over the weekend, and it also happened to be Free Comic Book Day.  Since we were out of town, we were able to stop into the local comics and game store and my son and I picked out a bunch of comics, an Iron Man Heroclix and I picked up a new game, Terra Mystica.

I was able to get through the hefty rules on Saturday, and that evening, Nick, Gina and I gave it a try.  I was running as the Nomads, Nick had Alchemists and Gina was the Witches.  It took a bit to get going, but once we had things figured out it ran pretty smoothly.  There are a lot of things to keep track of for scoring in the game.  Each round there are bonuses that can be earned.  Points are available for various upgrades, and then there are points earned at the end for having the biggest area controlled and for having the most power in each of four cults.

I was trying to influence the various cults, but I ended up losing track of that while attempting to increase the structures under my control to stay ahead of Gina.  Nick was making a much better use of the bonus points each round, building a pretty solid lead.  He also managed to bump his influence in the three lesser controlled cults on the last turn, which guaranteed him the win.  I was able to hold the largest area, and had the lead in one cult, but it wasn’t enough to catch up with Nick.


After the long game, we were all ready for something a bit quicker.  We ran through Tsuro, which I barely lost to Nick.  I managed to win at Mexican Train Dominoes  after a huge starting train, and then we finished with Cribbage, again won by Nick followed closely by Gina.

Until next time, happy gaming!


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