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Weekend Gaming: Away from Home

We were away from home this weekend so Gina could run in a 10k race.  While we were out, we were able to play some games with Nick, Laura, Dana and Phil.

Friday night was dominated by a game of Cards Against Humanity with everyone.  It was crazy fun with plenty of inappropriateness to go around.  Then on Saturday, Nick, Phil and I played Clash of Cultures while the kids were all playing together.  It was a very peaceful game, with only Nick and I building any armies to defend ourselves from barbarians.  I upgraded my economics advances to grab Taxation.  With that I was able to essentially ignore the happiness of my cities, which was good because I was hit with both an earthquake and a volcano during the game.

Nick and Phil decided to push the Democratic route and both were picking up a bunch of cheep resources with Economic Liberties.  Nick was struggling a bit to find his groove, and it wasn’t helped that he spent resources building armies to fight barbarians and then failing twice.  Phil, on the other hand, managed to build two Wonders, while I was only able to build one.  He also built the first, just before I could, robbing me of a potential objective.

When the game ended, Phil had just barely squeaked past me, winning 45 to 43.  Nick brought up the rear with 32.


After a break for dinner, Nick and I started the evening by learning his new game, Trains.  It was definitely an interesting take on the deck-building genre.  Very reminiscent of Dominion, but the ability to focus on the board rather than just point cards makes for some interesting decisions.  I was able to build more stations, making my track more valuable in the end.



Dana had called it a night by this point, so Nick, Laura, Gina and I played a quick game of Love letter, won by Gina followed by Phase 10.  I was getting terrible luck with my opening draws, and was well behind when Laura phased out for the win.

Phil had returned and we finished the night with The Resistance.  I was a rebel, and got us off to a great start, succeeding the first mission with Gina.  Gina then sent Nick and I on a mission with herself, for the second success.  Phil failed to put together a good team, while Nick sent Laura with us, resulting in a failure.  Laura put Phil on the team for another failure, but I was able to seal the deal for the rebels, sending Nick, Gina and Myself on the final successful mission.

Until next time, happy gaming!


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