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Weekend Gaming: Up Too Late

0215132316My wife and I headed out of town this weekend as a Valentine’s Day gift.  We ended up spending both Friday and Saturday playing games until the wee hours of the morning with Nick and Laura.

On Friday, we taught them Village and Nick took us all to town.  I was trying to travel with some City Council support, and it just didn’t work.  Nick was able to dominate the market and picked up a ton of points there.


We followed that up with a couple games of Tsuro, which was quite entertaining and quick.  A great filler game with plenty of thought.  The night ended with some bid euchre.  I got off to a hot start and quickly managed to get 19 points, but then stalled.  The rest of them pulled up close and everyone was positive within a hand or two of the finish when finally managed to snag the last two points I needed to take the win.

On Saturday, Joe was able to join us as he was in town as well.  I had picked up a copy of CO2, but hadn’t finished reading the rules, so that would have to wait.  When we arrived, Nick, Laura and Joe were in the midst of a came of Pillars of the Earth.  When they finished, we broke out Cards Against Humanity.  It was a great game full of silliness.  Fun was had by all.  The final haiku round was great, and I failed to read the winning haiku seriously as I cracked up halfway through.  I have a picture of the final haiku, it is read from the bottom up.  I do apologize for the raunchy nature of the card, that is kind of a recurring theme in the game.


After that, we settled down with a game of Tsuro and then Joe convinced us to stick around and play a game of Village.  I was trying to use the Council and Market to maximize my points while aging my family quickly.  Gina was disrupting my plans in the Market, though, so I wasn’t able to capitalize as much as I’d like.  Joe and Laura were doing the Church thing.  Travel was pretty much ignored until later in the game.  Joe had wanted to play in the market as well, but with Gina and I there, he ended up using his wagons to travel instead.

I had to force the end game, as I knew I wasn’t going to score much more, while Joe was racking up points each turn.  It ended up not being enough, though and Joe still managed to beat me by nearly 20 points.



Until next time, happy gaming!


Weekend Gaming: Welcome to the Village

I made it back from California with little trouble.  The training was interesting and the area was nice.  Not much nearby for games stores, so I wasn’t able to pick up anything new while I was away.  That said, though, Gina did buy me a new game for Vallentine’s Day.  I can’t leave a game unplayed for that long, so when Joe wanted to play a game Saturday afternoon, I knew we had to play Village.

I spent that first game doing a bit of everything.  I spent most of my effort in the market, council and church, though.  Joe and Gina spent a lot travelling, while Jaime was focused on the church.  It was an interesting game, and I came up just one point short to Joe.


Then that evening, I was feeling pretty wiped out, so it was just Gina and I.  We played another two games.  In the first I focused heavily on the market, and the second I was solely in the church.  Gina did some travelling in both games and really hit the Council in the second.  In both games, I was able to score nearly 60 points with a very focused strategy.



Finally, on Sunday, Joe was interested in another round of Village.  Ryan also joined us for this game.  I was trying a travelling strategy and expended a bit too much just travelling.  I did end up with a bunch of family in the church, but it wasn’t very focused.  Gina was working the council chamber, and Ryan was doing a bit of everything.  Joe had been monopolizing the Market and scored 28 points just from satisfied customers.


Until next time, happy gaming!


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