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Daily quests = FUN

Last night was one of the best half hours of WAR I have experienced.

I didn’t have a whole lot of time to play, so I just logged on with Knob to complete the Heavy Metal daily quest for the day.  When I checked the Tome, it told me that I needed to complete 3 stages of a Public Quest.  I immediately checked the Open Groups in the area and found, to my delite, that there were three decent sized groups running PQs in my area.  I jumped in with the closest one and got there in time to finish the first stage of the PQ.  As a group, we then managed to easily take down stages 2 through 4 and finished up the PQ.  The rewards weren’t great for me since I was a few levels over the intended, but it was the first time in months that I’ve completed a PQ.  I really miss the days of overly populated PQs in Tier 1, and it was a lot of fun being able to jump into a group and just blaze through a PQ.

I think Mythic has done a nice job so far with this latest event, and I really hope they can continue to provide this kind of incentive to get people interested in these kinds of things.

Altitus has struck…

…and I had been doing so well.

For quite a while there Tinius was my only character.  I still enjoy playing him, but he’s kind of reached a plateau.  He’s higher than all my friends’ alts, but he’s stuck lower than their mains, so I’m stuck soloing or PUG RvR-ing.  Then my wife started playing and so I’ve been playing Knob the Ironbreaker with her and it’s looking like he will take over as my highest level character pretty soon.

Last night, though, I decided to roll a warrior priest.  I got him up to level 7 and he’s a lot of fun.  I really enjoyed playing a cleric in Dungeons and Dragons, and a Paladin in WoW was one of my higher level characters.  The warrior priest fits in well with that kind of mentality of hitting things hard while keeping your friends alive.

So now I have three “mains” that will be splitting my time.  I’m sure Knob will get the bulk of my time, as I’m dedicated to get someone to 40 for guild play, but knowing the way my wife and I play, the others will get plenty of attention too.

WAR Witching Weekend

Thursday night I spent about 30 minutes out in BFP fighting until the PQ started.  It was nothing but a zerg with Destro pinning us in the warcamp.  As a Witch Hunter there wasn’t much I could do, so after gaining 25 influence I left.

Saturday I managed to grind out some Specters with my wife and got a few gobbo masks, which are great.  Still didn’t even get close to the first influence reward and didn’t really care enough to go for more.

Yesterday I managed to get into 2 of the PQs in BFP with my Witch Hunter.  Both were won by Order and the first one I actually got a few swings at the Lord before he was taken down.  Somehow I managed to place in the top ten for contribution and ended up with the second place roll netting me a purple bag.

The second PQ was a much more unorganized zerg, and I saw Syp running around shooting everything.  I was much less productive in that one, as anytime I got a little far away from the group I would get sucked in by a Magus and killed.  Order still managed to win, but I barely got within site of the Lord before it died, so no kill count for me.  And I ended up placing 38th in the roll.

Over the course of the weekend I managed to get about 5k influence on two characters.  So even together I wouldn’t have made it to the first reward.

High points:
– Interesting combat in the RvR lakes.  Sure it was like herding cats, but it was fun.
– The masks are great, and I’m glad I was able to get at least the one.

Low points:
– Small PQ area forcing a zerg.  A wider area, or at least an area farther from the warcamps would have been nicer.
– Limited PQ objectives.  I would have liked to see some sort of static objective so that if the other side doesn’t participate you could still win.
– Influence needs were way too high.  With the tiny about of influence gained in the PQ, and the limited number of spawns for the NPCs it took a huge amount of effort to even get the first level of contribution.

Overall, I had fun.  I think it was a successful test, but there are definitely things that Mythic could have done better.

Iron Breaker at 14

Looking forward at my skills for the next few levels, it’s apparent that 14 is when things start to really look good for Iron Breakers in RvR.  I just got my knockback ability, which is simply a blast.  Knocking healers into my group for quick destruction or knocking that Witch Elf away from my healer is a wonderful thing.  Then I get some nice tactics, my anti-snare ability at 18, and at 20 I get an AoE taunt.

Things are looking up for Knob (at least more than normal for a 3′ tall tank).

Iron Breaker at 13

Knob, my mighty dwarf Iron Breaker, is about to hit 14, so I figured I’d git a recap of what I’ve been up to lately.  My wife is playing a Bright Wizard and acts as a companion to Knob most of the time.  We’ve been journeying through the dwarf pairing, and I have to say that I am enjoying it a bit more than the elf pairing.  It’s not that it’s strictly better, but the feeling of the quests are just more my style.  They all revolve around vengeance against the orders of destruction, finding lost artifacts and gold, or getting someone more ale.  It’s much nicer than the stuffy elf quests.

As far as powers go, in PvE I basically spam Grudging Blow and the occasional Taunt to keep the baddies off my wife.  She does all the damage, so I just need to tank.  Vengeful Strike and Shield of Reprisal get some use when fighting bigger mobs, but usually it’s a pretty basic chain.  RvR adds a few more in at this point.  I get my snare in Binding Grudge, and I get to unleash a few of my higher damage powers, but still I pretty much rely on Taunt and getting in the enemies’ way long enough for my team to take them down.

My biggest issue at this point in RvR, is that I have few good ways of potecting my team.  I have Guard, which is awesome and of course Taunt, which can be quite useful, but that’s it.  Hold the Line seems ok, but doesn’t get a lot of use.  Shield of Reprisal could be awesome, but it requires me to block an attack first, which doesn’t happen nearly often enough, especially when they are attacking my team instead of me.  Eventually I’ll be getting some knockbacks and better defensive things, but for now I’m just a speedbump.

Beyond that, I’m really enjoying the Iron Breaker.  He’s short and ornery and carries a big axe.

Eventful Weekend

We were originally planning on visiting my grandparents this weekend, but due to the weather and my parents not wanting to drive we had a change of plans.  Instead Gina and I drove the other way and visited my parents, since my sister and aunt were also in town.  We only stayed one night, though, because we had other things we wanted to do this weekend.  Like play WAR!

My wife is now playing and having a blast.  Literally.  She’s playing a Bright Wizard, which for those who don’t know, is the class that throws fires around.  I’m playing a dwarf Ironbreaker to protect her.  It’s been a lot of fun so far and we made it into Tier 2 tonight.  I’ve even managed to get her into some of the RvR stuff.  Here is a screenshot of my dwarf.

As for Tinius, things have been going well.  They’ve increased the amount of experience for the high levels, so I’m progressing a bit quicker now.  Here he is in his latest outfit.

And here he is at the last fight of a public quest.  We’re fighting a sorceror that has just summoned a giant demon to attack us.

Weekend Wanderings

First off, I’d just like to say that I really wish that the Raiders could finish off a game as well as they started them.  The Raiders would be 3-1 right now if it weren’t for the 4th quarter.  Grrr.

In other news, I managed to get Tinius to level 20 last night.  He now has a horse and a last name.  So if you see Tinius Olsen the Witch Hunter riding through Avelon on Phoenix Throne, that would be me 😀  He’s really starting to look pretty damn awesome.  Right now he’s decked out in white and blue.  Eventually once I start being able to reliably make dyes, I’m going to try for either a dark blue or possible deep red.  As it is, though, the red available from the vendors looks more pink than anything, and that just isn’t right.  I took a screen shot of him last night, so I’ll have to post that later today when I get the chance.

I’ve also decided that I am going to concentrate fully on him until he hits the cap.  I had started an Ironbreaker that was a lot of fun, but with Tinius I’m already lagging a ways behind the rest of the guild, and I’d rather not be stuck without people to play with any more than I have to be.


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