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Completed Warlocks on Jetbikes

The Warlock portion of my Seer Council is now complete.  Here they are in all their glory.








WIP: Warlock Highlights and shading.


I was hoping to finish these tonight, but the highlights took longer than expected.  They just need some detailing on the gems, swords and control panels to finish them up.

WIP: More Warlocks

More work on the Warlocks.  Now all that they need is some detailing and cleanup.


WIP: Warlocks… and a Daemonette

My wife and I did some more painting tonight.  I started working on my six Warlocks that make up my Seer Council, while my wife worked on another one of her Daemonettes.  The Warlocks are basically Shining Spear bodies with swords from a Wood Elf Glade Rider Champion.  In some cases the whole arm and sword was used, but in others the sword was removed and attached to a different style arm, like a Dire Avenger or Shining Spear Exarch.



Completed Warlock Jetbikes

The Warlock Jetbikes for my Eldar force are now complete and awaiting riders.



WIP: Jetbike Runes


All of the Warlock Jetbikes with the runes.  The inner portion of the runes need to be detailed, and then the outline needs to be cleaned up, but things are coming along well.

WIP: Jetbike Runes

Tonight I managed to draw the runes on the Warlock Jetbikes and start painting.  I don’t know if I will continue the assembly line approach with these, or just finish them individually.  It worked alright up to this point, but now I think the blending will be easier doing one at a time.


WIP: Another Jetbike Update

More work on the jetbikes.  Finished up the gems on all of them, and started with the blue highlights.  Once that is finished, it will be on to the freehand to finish them up.



WIP: Jetbike Gems

A little work got done on the jetbikes tonight.  I started working on the gems, but didn’t get too far.  I got all of them base coated, but only managed to do the second coat on 3 of the bikes.  Here is the progress on one of the bikes.


WIP: Seer Council Jetbikes

More work on the jetbikes tonight.  I finished up the silver detailing and then went back and cleaned up the black.  I added the yellow to the top of the polls on the Warlocks’ bikes and then I gave all of the silver parts a heavy wash of Babab Black.  Next up is to highlight the silver in most areas with Mithril Silver, then I intend to attach the hoods and start working on the freehand there.  The final part will be going back and finishing up the details like the gems and the highlights.  Then it will be on to the riders.




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