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Space Wolves WIP

I’ve been working on finishing up my Space Wolves army before the tournament this Saturday.  Everything is basecoated with Astronomicon Grey and I’ve been adding the black to the shoulder pads and weapons.  Next up is to add silver to the details and then wash them all with black.  I’d like to get at least that much done before Saturday, but I don’t really have much optimism for that.

Njal Stormcaller

Njal Stormcaller.  Once I’m done painting him, I’ll attach the wolf pelt cape from the Terminator set and paint that up to make him look even more epic.  The beard was done with greenstuff, and the I attached a split wolf tail to the bottom.  His left arm will have a Raven sitting on it, once I find a suitable model.

Arjac Rockfist

Arjac from the side

Arjac’s hammer was made from a standard Space Wolf Thunderhammer.  I cut it down so it’s bit shorter and I removed the cables that attached it to the armor.  He will also be getting a cape, this time from the Chaos Terminator Lord box.

Nothing much for conversions on the last ones, but here at the pictures.

Wolf Guard Pack 1

Wolf Guard Pack 2

Long Fangs

Grey Hunters (one was still at the bar when the picture was taken)

Lone Wolves

Space Wolves vs. Dark Angels – Rematch

200th post!

Ryan and I played another 2200 point game on Wednesday between our Space Wolves and Dark Angels.  The lists were the same as last time.

We rolled for mission and deployment as usual and ended up with Annihilation with Pitched Battle deployment.  Ryan won the roll and decided to go first.  His Land Raiders deployed to the right and his Speeders on the left.  The Dreadnoughts were deployed on either side of the Raiders.  For my deployment, I placed the two Long Fangs squads in the cover of trees on the left and right sides.  My Wolf Lords sat in the middle, and were flanked on either side by my Wolf Guard squads.  The two Lone Wolves were in front to the right to get them as close as possible to the Land Raiders.  The tiny Carniflex in the center of the table was my Chooser of the Slain.


Turn 1:

I failed to steal the initiative, so Ryan moved first.  His Speeders made a beeline for the nearest Long Fangs, and the Raiders and Dreads just ambled forward.  In shooting, the Raiders and Dreads were able to kill off one of the power armored Wolf Guard and put a wound on Njal.

My empty drop pod dropped in behind the Speeders as a distraction, and everything besides the Long Fangs moved forward.  I  failed to do anything other than stun one of the Speeders with shooting, and my Lords didn’t get much out of their running.  I was able to get just close enough with the Thunderhammer Lord to assault Land Raider #1 and managed to immobilize it.

End of Turn 1

Turn 2:

The Terminators in Raider #1 jumped out and assaulted the Wolf Lord.  They managed to kill him, but not before he took out two of them himself.  The two mobile Speeders hit the Long Fangs with their flamers, and while they shrugged off the first bout of flames, the second one roasted all three of the marines that it hit.  They made their leadership test, though, and would stick around.  The Raiders also managed to kill off 2 more power armored Wolf Guard.

Thunderhammer Lord gets assaulted from behind

On my turn, the Lone Wolves moved up to attack Raider #3, and my remaining Wolf Lord moved up to avenge his brother.  The Grey Hunter drop pod landed behind Raider #2 and they jumped out to give it some melta-loving.  The Long Fangs and Wolf Guard destroyed one Speeder, stunned another and shook one of the Dreads.  The Grey Hunters were successful in destroying Raider #2, and the Lone Wolves made short work of Raider #3.  The Wolf Lord charged in and killed off one of the Terminators, shrugging off all return attacks.

Land Raider Punch!

End of turn 2

Turn 3:

Ryan’s Dread and remaining Land Raider shot up Logan’s squad and managed to kill the last of the Power Armor guys and the Terminator.  Arjac and Logan were both wounded in the barrage as well.  The Terminators from Raider #2, shot up the Grey Hunters, killing 2.  In assault, the Wolf Lord finished off the two Terminators he was fighting; Belial charged Logan’s group and killed Njal, but lost 2 of his Terminators in the scrum; and the Grey Hunters were charged by the last group of Terminators, lost a few and made a tactical retreat (ie. failed leadership test and ran).

On my turn, I finished off one of the Land Speeders and the Lascannon Dread.  The Grey Hunter’s Drop Pod made an epic shot and actually killed a Terminator with it’s Storm Bolter (definitely a highlight).  The Wolf Lord joined Logan’s fight, killing a couple Terminators.  The Lone Wolves managed to kill the Dreadnought and the last Land Raider.

End of Turn 3

Turn 4:

Turn 4 was pretty much just cleanup.  Ryan’s Terminators tried to finish off the Grey Hunters, but couldn’t do it.  The Wolf Lord and Logan ganged up on Belial and made short work of him.

Logan and Wolf Lord vs. Belial

As a last desperate attempt by the Lone Wolves to receive a glorious death, they both assaulted the last of the Dark Angels.

Lone Wolves battle as Logan and the Wolf Lord look on

The Dark Angel was not a worthy opponent, though and did not even do a single wound before perishing.

End of the Game

The Space Wolves had made short work of the Dark Angels this day.

Talking with Ryan afterwards, he was intentionally ignoring the Lone Wolves in order to get the kill points from them, but since they managed to account for 4 of the points I gained, I think he would have been better off killing them.  The Speeders did alright, but they probably could have been used better as road blocks to slow down my ability to get into assault.

In the end it was a fun game, and was rather close until the end.

Space Wolves vs Dark Angels – 2200 points

Last week, my friend Ryan and I got together for some Warhammer 40k.  He was playing his Deathwing Dark Angels and I was playing my new Loganwing Space Wolves.  An overview of the armies is below.

Space Wolves:

  • Logan Grimnar
  • Njal Stormcaller in Runic Terminator Armor
  • Wolf Lord on Thunderwolf with Storm Shield, Thunderhammer and Saga of the Bear
  • Wolf Lord on Thunderwolf with Frost Blade, Belt of Russ and Saga of the Warrior Born
  • 2 Lone Wolves in Terminator armor with Chain Fists and Storm Shields
  • 5 Wolf Guard including 1 Terminator with Cyclone Missile Launcher and Power Fist, 1 Wolf Guard with Combi-Melta, and Arjac Rockfist
  • 5 Wolf Guard including 1 Terminator with Cyclone Missile Launcher and Power Fist, and 1 Wolf Guard with Combi-Melta
  • 10 Grey Hunters with 2 Meltaguns and a Wolf Standard in a Drop Pod
  • 2 Long Fang squads with 4 Missile Launchers and a Squad Leader.  One had a Drop Pod.

Dark Angels:

  • Belial with Lightning Claws, 2 Terminators with Lighting Claws, Terminator with Assault Cannon and Power Fist, Terminator with Thunderhammer and Storm Shield in a Land Raider #3
  • 4 Terminators with Power Fists and 1 Terminator with a Power Weapon in a Land Raider #1
  • 5 Terminators with Lightning Claws in a Land Raider #2
  • Dreadnought with Lascannon and Missile Launcher
  • Dreadnought with Assault Cannon and Close Combat Weapon
  • 3 Land Speeders with Multimelta and Heavy Flamers

We just rolled for mission and deployment.  We ended up with Capture and Control with a Pitched battle deployment.  My objective was behind the center hill, while Ryan’s was behind Land Raider #2.  Ryan won the roll to go first.

Deployment can be seen below.  My two Lone Wolves were setup to rush straight at his Raiders.  The Long Fangs were setup with good line of site to their targets, but lacked cover.  Logan and Njal joined the Wolf Guard squad with Arjac on the hill in the center.  My Long Fang’s Drop Pod would be arriving empty on the first turn.


Turn 1:
On Ryan’s turn, Land Raiders 1 and 3 moved forward 6″.  The Land Speeders boosted forward 24″ and prepared to hit the Long Fangs on the left.  I weathered most of the shooting, and only ended up losing a single Wolf Guard from Arjac’s squad.  On my turn I moved everything forward.  I had forgotten to deploy the Drop Pod, so I ended up placing it in the corner where it wouldn’t affect anything.  My shooting destroyed the Lascannon Dread and stunned two of the Land Speeders.

Turn 2:
Land Raiders 1 and 3 advanced again and their Terminators disembarked to assault the Lone Wolves, who managed to survive the shooting phase.  The one mobile Speeder moved around the trees and flamed the Long Fangs, killing the squad leader.  In assault, Belial easily dispatched one Lone Wolf, but the other survived assault with one wound, but failed his leadership and fell back out of combat (which I now realize he shouldn’t have done because he’s fearless).

The one that survived.

On my turn, the Lone Wolf regrouped and headed for Land Raider #1 along with the Wolf Lord with Thunderhammer.  The Long Fangs on the left destroyed the Land Speeder, while the Long Fangs on the right failed to do any damage to Belial’s squad.  Njal tried to have the ground eat Belial, but Jaws of the World Wolf only managed to get one of the Power Fist Terminators.  In assault, the Frost Blade Lord and Logan’s squad destroyed the Power Fist Terminators, and the Lone Wolf and Hammer Lord destroyed the Land Raider.

Turn 3:

Start of turn 3

The Land Raiders shot and killed the remaining Lone Wolf, and the Speeders managed to kill off another Long Fang.  In assault, Belial’s squad charged the Thunderlord, but didn’t do much.  In return the Wolf Lord killed off three of the Terminators.

On my turn, Logan, Arjac and friends joined the brawl.  Logan used his +1 attack ability, and they managed to cut down Belial and company with little trouble.  The Thunderhammer Lord went to smash Land Raider #3, but only stunned it, and the Long Fangs managed to wreck the remaining Speeders.

Turn 3 - Assault phase



Logan vs. Belial

Turn 4:

We decided to call it after turn 4, because it was getting late and the game was pretty much under my control.  Ryan didn’t have much left.  My Drop Pod full of Grey Hunters finally showed up and landed right on Ryan’s objective to contest.  They tried to wreck the Land Raider, but couldn’t.  Arjac smashed the remaining Dreadnought with his magic hammer, and that was the end of it.  I controlled my objective with a Wolf Guard squad, and Ryan’s objective was contested.  Victory to the Wolves.

Turn 4 - Far objective

Turn 4 - Near objective

Overall it was a fun game.  I know Ryan wasn’t quite prepared, because he had put together the list right before we played and missed a couple things.  He also had the wrong group of Terminators in Land Raider #1, which hurt.  My list definitely performed better than I expected against his list, but I do think that if he had used his Land Raiders more aggressively it would have been a much different game.

Also, I certainly learned that I need to re-read my codex a bit better before the next game.  I was referencing things a lot, and even then I forgot things.  I also played a few things wrong.  I attribute a lot of it to only playing non-Space Marines in the past.  They have a lot of special rules.

Space Wolf Lord on Thunderwolf

All but the shoulder details and the base is finished on the first Lord.  I need to look into Norse runes, as that is what I plan to put on the shoulders and armor of the entire army, but I’d like there to be some meaning and not just random characters.

I really like the way the wolf turned out.  The rider looks good, but I feel like something is missing or he just needs a bit more detail.  Adding the runes might be all that is needed.  Other than that, I’m very happy with the way he looks.

So here he is:

Space Wolves List

This is the list that will include the Space Wolves that I’ve been showing lately.  It’s still a work in progress, and I’m not 100% satisfied, but I think it is close.

Logan Grimnar

Wolf Lord
Storm Shield
Runic Armor
Wolftooth Necklace
Wolf Tail Talisman
Saga of the Bear

Wolf Lord
Frost Blade
Belt of Russ
Runic Armor
Wolftooth Necklace
Wolf Tail Talisman
Saga of the Warrior Born

Njal Stormcaller
Runic Terminator Armor

Lone Wolf
Terminator Armor
Storm Shield

Lone Wolf
Terminator Armor
Storm Shield

5 Wolf Guard
4x  Terminator Armor with Thunderhammers and Storm Shields
Arjac Rockfist

5 Wolf Guard
1x Terminator Armor with Cyclone Missile Launcher
4x Power Armor with Bolt Pistol and Close Combat Weapon

5 Wolf Guard
1x Terminator Armor with Cyclone Missile Launcher
4x Power Armor with Bolt Pistol and Close Combat Weapon

3x Wolf Guard in Power Armor and Combi-meltas
Drop Pod

2x Long Fangs with Missile Launchers
Squad Leader

2x Long Fangs with Missile Launchers
Squad Leader

2199 points total

The list revolves around the heroes.  Logan and Njal join the 5 Terminators and march up the board along with the Lone Wolves.  The Thunderwolf Lords bound forward to eat anything that gets close.  The Drop Pod is to take out a Land Raider or other major threat early on.  While the other Wolf Guard squads and the Long Fangs sit back and shoot missiles all day.

It has some weaknesses, but it should be a fun list to play.

WIP: Wolf Lords on Thunderwolves

Here are my new Wolf Lords for my Space Wolf army.

The first is riding a Vampire Dire wolf from the Dungeons and Dragons minis line, and wielding a Frost Blade.

The second, armed with a Thunderhammer and a Storm Shield, is riding a Fenris Wolf from the Heroclix line.

Putting these to together was a lot of fun, and I’m looking forward to painting them.  One thing I realized while doing this is that I have a lot to learn about using green stuff.  I tried making a saddle, but my skills are pretty limited.

WIP: Long Fang

Here are the beginnings of a Long Fang Squad Leader.

WIP: Space Wolves Logan Grimnar

I’ve been toying with the idea of a Space Wolves army for a while now.  Then as a Christmas gift, a friend of mine gave me the Marines from an Assault on Black Reach set.  With a 2200 point tournament coming up at the end of February, I figured this would be a good time to give it a whirl.  I am doing the army in a light grey color instead of the traditional greyish-blue color.  Beyond that, though, I plan on sticking with standard markings while still giving each member of the army a uniqueness fitting to the space wolves.

Of course, the first model to get the paint had to be the Great Wolf Logan Grimnar himself.

I need to attach the cloak, finish the base, and add some detailing to the shoulder armor.


A gun drone and two shield drones from my Tau army.

Tau Pathfinders

Here are my Tau Pathfinders.  They are simply Fire Warriors with the Pulse Carbine instead of the Pulse Rifle.  Then I painted them with a tiger stripe style camo to represent their ability to blend in and provide the long range spotting support.  They have not been highlighted, and some details still need to be picked out, but they are ready to hit the tabletop.

I also did something a little different that what I am accustomed to by painting up a couple without helmets.  I usually stick to helmeted guys, since I just think it makes more sense and looks better, but for these I decided to paint up two “squad leaders” without helmets.  I achieved the grey/blue skin by starting with a base of Astronomican Grey and covering it with a light wash of Asurmen Blue.


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