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Weekend Update

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving weekend!

My wife and I took advantage of a Black Friday “Buy 2, Get 1” sale and picked up the Rasputina box, the Sonia Criid box and the Rising Powers book for Malifaux.  We then both did a bit of painting over the weekend.  My wife started painting her Victorias crew with one of the Victorias.  I painted up Rasputina’s Ice Golem and started working on the Witchling Stalkers.

Ice Golem:



WIP: Warlocks… and a Daemonette

My wife and I did some more painting tonight.  I started working on my six Warlocks that make up my Seer Council, while my wife worked on another one of her Daemonettes.  The Warlocks are basically Shining Spear bodies with swords from a Wood Elf Glade Rider Champion.  In some cases the whole arm and sword was used, but in others the sword was removed and attached to a different style arm, like a Dire Avenger or Shining Spear Exarch.



Wife's First Daemonette

I mentioned it before, but my wife has decided that she wants to start painting and possibly even playing.  After looking through the GW catalog, she decided that Chaos Daemons, primarily Daemonettes were the way to go.

With a little coaching from me, she completed her first Daemonette model tonight.  This is the first mini she has ever painted, and she did a pretty good job of it.  The still needs practice, and there’s plenty to learn, but it’s a damn fine start.


Also, since mommy and daddy were painting, my 3 year old son wanted to get into the mix as well.  So I let him paint of of the ancient Space Wolves models that I have.  He did a wonderful job of getting most of the paint on the mini and very little on himself.



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