Weekend Gaming: Firefly

It was just Kevin, Louis, and I on Saturday and Louis suggested Firefly.  After explaining the rules, we were off and running.  The goal for the game was an elaborate heist to try and steal the crown jewels.  There were three separate tests that needed to be complete across the ‘Verse with misbehaving required for each.

I tried to get a jump on the competition with a mission right where I started, but things went sour and I ended up with a warrant on my head instead.  I was eventually able to build up enough cash and negotiation skills to be the first to complete the first goal of buying an elaborate counterfeit.

Kevin wasn’t far behind, but I was on my way to get the second goal in the heist.  Louis had built up a sizable crew, but had run into some morality issues and they were a bit disgruntled.  The trouble hit when he ran across a ship in distress and didn’t have the fuel to help.  His crew deserted him at that point and he was starting from scratch.

I was on my way to the second goal, but then trouble hit.  I was taken by the guys in the blue gloves and didn’t have a means of escape.  My entire crew was killed and I was back at square one.  That gave Kevin the time he needed to catch up and overtake me.

I did manage to replenish my crew and complete the second goal, and came close.  Kevin and I had some run-ins with the Reavers near the third goal, and after Kevin failed his first attempt to steal the jewels I made a last chance, desperate attempt.  I nearly made it after succeeding all of the misbehaving tests, but I just didn’t have the guns to do it.  Kevin finished it on his next turn, taking the crown and the game.


Until next time, happy gaming!


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