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Completed Genestealers

The first group of Genestealers that I am painting is now finished.  It was a very quick and easy process and still manages to look good.  The ability to use a “dirtier” technique is a lot different from the very clean lines of the Eldar models.

The Brood:




WIP: Genestealers


Here is the remainder of the brood prior to a wash and highlights.

First Tyranid Genestealer

I ordered a copy of the Space Hulk game last week, and I’m definitely looking forward to getting access to the models, especially the Tyranids.  I was really tempted to start a Tyranid army when I first started playing, but I’ve put that off until now.  As a prelude to painting the Space Hulk stuff, Ryan gave me the Tyranids from the 4th Edition starter set Battle for Maccrage to paint, since he had no interest in doing so.  I’ve have to do some clean-up, but here is a first look at the color scheme on one of the Genestealers.



I need to do some highlights, details, and then of course the base, but I’m liking the scheme so far.  I was originally thinking of a Hive Fleet Kraken type scheme with the red carapace instead of the dark brown, but I decided to go with this route for a more desert themed army.  Also, the brown and bone are a lot easier to paint than the large areas of red, so I think that will make it easier for me to paint the large number of models needed for this army.


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