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Completed Blood Angel

I finished up the Space Hulk Blood Angel for the competition this morning.  I know I was planning on painting 3 and going with the best, but that was just a bit too ambitious and time was not on my side there.

In the end, I really like the way this guy turned out.  There are still a few things that could probably be tweaked and worked on, but I’m quite happy overall.

As far as the pictures go, I’ve put together a light box to work with now.  It really helped with capturing the details, but the pictures still turn out a bit too yellow, so I need to get some brighter, whiter lights to work with so I don’t need to do any brightening in Photoshop.  I also need a tripod.  I’ve gotten away with just setting the camera on something for now, but a tripod would be a huge help.

Anyways, here are the pictures:





WIP: Blood Angel

A little more work on the terminator.


WIP: Blood Angel Terminator

I managed to get some work done on one of the Blood Angels Terminators tonight.  I’m planning on finishing this one completely before I start working on another one.


WIP: Blood Angel Terminators

I’ve started working on three of the Blood Angel Terminators from the Space Hulk set.  One of these will be entered into a painting contest put on by Jawaballs.  I haven’t decided which one, but I’ve primed three of my favorite models from the set and I’ll see how it goes.




First game of Space Hulk

My wife and I played the first mission of Space Hulk on Saturday.  It was great fun.  I played as the Marines, and Gina played the Genestealers.  The game went well and I put up a good fight, but ended up losing in the end.  I will need to work on my tactics before the next game.





Space Hulk!

My copy of Space Hulk was graciously delivered by my cousin today, and I broke into it tonight.

First thing, this game is huge.  The box itself is 12″ by 18″ and weighs about 10lbs.  It is also stuffed.  When you open the box, there is no wasted space. The sprues with all the awesome looking models are on top and then there are about 10 sheets of very heavy duty cardboard (like 3/8″ thick) sheets that contain the board parts and counters. It is very nice.

The whole this is extremely well packaged and looks wonderful.  My first impression is definitely an A+

Here is a picture of the entire contents in the box.  I will post more pictures as I start assembling the models tomorrow.



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