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Weekend Gaming: Warhammer 40k

IMG_20150228_111949_575-1024This Saturday I played in a local Warhammer 40k tournament with my Space Wolves.  For 1850 points I brought seven Thunderwolves – including a Wolf Lord, two Drop Pods with Grey Hunters, a Drop Pod with Melta Wolf Guard, two Lascannon/Plasma Gun Razorbacks with Grey Hunters, and two squads of Missile Launcher Longs Fangs.  There were only five attendees, so the tournament organizer played against the bye. The other five armies represented were Tau, Death Wing, two Blood Angels, and an Imperial Guard.

My first game was against the Tau with three Riptides, a bunch of Suits, and some Kroot.  The Riptides all had interceptor, so my Drop Pods didn’t last long after arriving and my meltaguns weren’t able to do much against his army.  Then I didn’t rush my Thunderwolves straight into the Tau, so he was able to weaken them up quite a bit before they reached assault.  They were able to kill a Riptide, but that was it.  In the end, I wasn’t completely destroyed, but I wasn’t able to hold enough objectives to prevent him from getting full points.


After that I ended up with the bye.  I played against the tournament organizer’s Blood Angels consisting of three Drop Pods, a Land Raider full of five Terminators, two Dreadnoughts, a Vindicator, and a fancy Landspeeder.  The mission was a modified Kill Points thing, so I just needed to destroy everything.  I was able to destroy the Land Speeder with my Long Fangs on turn one.  My melta squads lasted longer this game, but were still ineffectual.  The Wolf Guard scattered off target and then completely failed to take out the Land Raider.  The Grey Hunters were more effective, with one squad dealing the final blows to the Raider and the other taking out a tactical squad.  The Thunderwolves were the MVP, though.  They chewed through his command squad and the terminators in assault and took out the Vindicator as well.  I manage to all but table him and walked away with full points.

At this point, no one was completely out of competition for first place and there were four of us within 15 points.  I was matched up against the Imperial Guard with six big tanks, a large blob of infantry, a Chimera with veterans, and three Ogryns with grenade launchers.  My drop pod meltas actually did their job this game and while I didn’t get the best shooting results, they were able to take out a few tanks on the turns they arrived.  The problem was keeping them around.  Once they landed, he would focus fire on them and pretty much wipe them out.  Thankfully, this allowed my Thunderwolves to advance up the left side mostly intact.  Once they hit his lines, things started to get chewed up.  The overall objective was to take and hold a relic in the center of the table.  I was able to sneak in with one of my Razorback squads and take the relic into cover on the fifth turn.  I was worried when the game continued to turn six, but they held their ground and even after a seventh turn controlled the objective and there wasn’t much my opponent could do.  I won the game with a majority of the points available.


Overall I ended up in second place, while the Tau player took first.  I walked away with a new box Thunderwolves to increase my pack.

Later that evening we celebrated Nick’s birthday with his family.  We played 7 Wonders with the whole group and Firefly after his parents had left.  I managed to win 7 Wonders with a strong science collection.  Nick won the game of Firefly without hiring a single crew member after picking up a job to transport passengers across the galaxy.  He filled his cargo hold and dropped them off for a 3,000 credit payout.  After that it was a quick pick-up and delivery to satisfy Harken and he was off to pay his debt.  The rest of us had barely begun to get going.

Until next time, happy gaming!

Weekend Gaming: New Games and Warhammer 40k

This weekend, we were out of town for a Warhammer 40k tournament.  We were staying at Nick’s house, so we spent Thursday night learning one of his new games, Tzolk’in.  It was an interesting game with plenty to track and plan for.  The main part of the game is an ingenious gear mechanism that moves the players’ workers around each turn.  You need to plan ahead to make sure that your workers were in the right place to get their actions done.  The game was close as we all tried to figure out the best way to go.  Nick ended up winning, thanks to a strong monument purchased on the last turn.

Then on Saturday, Nick and I played in a Warhammer 40k charity event.  It was a fun tournament setup using a 500 point list for one game and a 2000 point list for the other two games.  There were six other there playing Chaos, Tyranids (two of them), Tau and Imperial Knights, Dark Angels, and Imperial Guard.  I was playing Eldar and Nick had his Orks.

My first game was 500 points against Chase and his Tyranids.  My Warp Spiders were the MVPs, destroying his Zoathorpes and generally being a nuisance as he failed to kill them in assault and then watched them jump out of combat just to shoot more into the bugs.  I had two units of jetbikes that didn’t do much.  They were protecting some objectives, but one group, including my Farseer got tied up by his Mawloc and perished.  The other squad survived the game, but I ended up losing by a couple points.


I played against Nick next, which is always fun.  I was doing well early, destroying the majority of his vehicles within the first couple turns.  The highlight was my Wraithlord destroying a Battlewagon with a single well placed bright lance shot. After four turns, the game ended in a draw.  I just couldn’t kill off enough of his orks since they were actually armored, and he wasn’t able to get close enough to get into assault.  Things would have been really interesting on turn five, but we were out of time.


My final game was against John’s Tyranids.  He had a lot more big bugs than Chase, but there were plenty of smaller things too.  I was able to destroy a squad of gaunts and his warlord on the first turn with some nice shooting.  On the second turn, he had a huge squad of guants outflank to my left and a Mawloc appear near my Avengers.  The guants killed all but one of my Warp Spiders, and that Spider managed to survive the rest of the game in some ruins.  The Mawloc missed on his entrance and couldn’t do anything on his turn, so I was able to put a ton of fire into it and then assaulted it with a Wraithlord, killing it.  The Guants were shot up by Dire Avengers  and jetbikes, and then wiped out in assault.  At this point it was mostly clean up for the Eldar.  I just had to avoid the worst of the big bugs and finish out the last two turns for the victory.


The Tau ended up with the tournament victory.  I did end up winning a gift certificate, which I used on a new game, and ultimately the 8 of us raised over $120 for Sanford Children’s Hospital.

That evening, Nick, Gina, and I learned my new game, Lords of Xidit.  It was another game with lots of planning.  This time the planning involved deciding on your next six actions before each round.  Then the actions were carried out in order to move around recruiting warriors and defeating monsters.  The pre-planning aspect made things somewhat relaxing as we weren’t working out every move with excruciating detail.  You had to plan ahead and try to guess what the others were doing, but once those moves were set, it was just a matter of executing.  Nick won again, just barely beating me with the tie-breaker.

Until next time, happy gaming!

Warhammer 40k Report

I played in a Warhammer 40k tournament on Saturday with my Wolves.  Sadly only five other people showed up, but we still played and had a good time.  There were two Codex Space Marines armies, Orks and Nids.



In the first game, I was matched up against my friend Nick and his Orks.  We were playing the Kill the Alien mission with Hammer and Anvil deployment.


I had managed to kill off a wagon, two trukks, his Warboss, the Mek and two squads of boys.  He had scared a squad of Wolf Guard away with a tank shock and they didn’t get a chance to regroup.  My Thunderwolves died to the nobs and both of my Lone Wolves survived.  I ended up winning by a couple points.

Next up, I was playing against the Tyranids going for 5 objectives with Dawn of War deployment.


He had two Trygons, genestealers and some Zoathorpes in reserves.  I made the mistake of moving my Thunderwolves too close to his Swarmlord, and they got assaulted on the first turn and slaughtered.  His Tervigon only managed to make 8 gaunts before tiring, and the rest of the game pretty much went my way with all of my missiles.  I was able to take down all of his big creatures except the Swarmlord.  Logan’s squad did their best against it in assault, but didn’t last long.  Logan had a valiant last stand, but failed the his last save on a reroll and perished.  By that point, though, the bugs didn’t have any troops left and I was able to secure three objectives to win.

Things were a little weird at this point.  Because of my victory points, I ended up with the bye for the last round.  I probably should have questioned it at that point, but I didn’t.  I did end up playing the tournament director and his Necrons in a smaller game.



It was my first attempt at playing Necrons and it was a wake-up call.  I was having a tough time keeping anything down, while my Thunderwolves just caved to the Tesla fire.  I also had an impossible time assaulting.  He had two squads of Deathmarks drop into my backfield and kill my Long Fangs.  I managed to assault one squad and kill most and get it running.  I couldn’t sweep because of my Terminator, so they ran and then regroup.

On the next turn, I tried to assault both squads, and only managed to roll 2’s or 3’s for my charges and came up short with three different squads.  It was pathetic.

At the end, I hadn’t finished off and Necron squads and he had killed 5 of mine.  It was an ugly game for me and my dice came up very short when I needed them most.

The tournament games finished up and the winners were announced.  After a little bit of confusion due to the way scores were tallied, I ended up in first with an undefeated record.  It was a little weird, but it was the director’s first tournament and some kinks needed to be worked out.  The games were a lot of fun, and everyone had a good time.  Nick’s Orks ended up winning Best Painted and the Tyranids took second.

Now here are the rest of the pictures from the day.  Until next time, happy gaming!



Weekend Gaming: RTT Report

On Saturday I played in a 40k RTT.  It was kind of an odd setup, where each person brought a 1500 point army and then in each round we were paired up with another player.  So in each game there were two 1500 point armies facing off against each other.  I was playing the first list from this post.

In my first game, I was playing with a Grey Knights player against Orks and Tyranids.  The game was Kill Points and the Orks and Nids had first turn.  They setup with a big squad of Nob Bikers on one side and some normal bikes on the other.  The Nids had Hive Guard in a building, a Tervigon and Tyrant behind the Nobs and a Trygon, Genestealers and Zoathorpes in a pod in reserve.  We setup with the Grey Knights with their Terminators across from the Nobs.  I setup on the opposite side to get the most shooting as possible.

The Nobs zipped forward and the Grey Knights Terminators met them head on.  That assault went on for the first few turns.  While that happened, my Rune Priest lost his ride, but managed to get forward and use Jaws on two of the Hive Guard.  His squad got shot and assaulted by the Ork Bikers and while his squad was wiped out, he survived and actually managed to sweep the Orks off the table.  The Dreadknight tried to flame some hormagaunts, but didn’t do much.  The Gaunts then managed to swarm the Knight and take him down.

We only made it to turn four, but the assault and Jaws were definitely strong points.  The low point for me was the Genestealers popping out in the building where my Long Fangs were holed up and eating them.  The game ended with us barely winning on kill points 11 to 10, but that was only good enough for a draw based on mission points.

The next game had me paired with another Space Wolves player against the same Orks as game one and an Imperial Guard player.  The mission was 5 objectives, with a Spearhead deployment.  The odd thing with the deployment was that the teammates were in opposite corners and the opponents were in the other two corners.  We won first turn, so we took the corners that held two nice buildings.  We then agreed to basically stay away from the Orks and converge on the IG.  The thing was, both of us had Rune Priests with Jaws, so on the first turn our Priests headed toward the Orks and just hammered them with Jaws and Missiles.  By the end of the first turn there were 4 Nob Bikers left and my Thunderwolves were dug into a pile of Guard.

After the Orks were pretty well wiped out, the Guard didn’t last much longer.  They did have a nice shot with a melta blast that took out two Rhinos, but that was the limit.  My wolves spent all game eating Guardsmen and we were able to gather up all the objectives.

Going into game three I was four points behind the leader (the other Space Wolves player).  I was playing with another Grey Knights player against a mech Imperial Guard and a horde of Orks.  The mission was Capture and Control, but where each team selected an HQ to be the objective.  If the HQ died, then the objective would fall on the ground.  We put our objective with Draigo and he just holed up in a building all game.  The Ork Warboss held their objective.

Being Dawn of War, the first turn was rather uneventful.  We did pop one Chimera, but that’s it.  They managed to down our Stormraven carrying a load of Paladins.  On the second turn, my Rune Priest managed to peak through a window and snipe the Warboss with Jaws, but that’s the closest we’d get.  My Thunderwolves slugged it out with a squad of Boyz, but eventually fell to the power fist.  We just could kill enough Orks in the three turns we had, and we weren’t quite able to get to the opponents’ objective.

The Paladins did quite will eating up Orks, and our dice were hot blowing up tanks left and right, but it just wasn’t enough.

In the end, I finished with a win and two draws.  The other Space Wolves play managed to win Best General, while the Ork player I played in the first two rounds took Best Sportsman and an Eldar player won Best Painted.

The tournament was a lot of fun, but 3000 points per side was a bit much.  Things ran a bit slow and very few people managed to finish their games.  I’d love to play another team tournament in the future with slightly smaller armies.

Now for pictures!

Warhammer 40k RTT Report

I played in a 1250 point RTT on Saturday using my Space Wolves.  It was a lot of fun.  There were 8 players there to start, and a 9th showed up at the start of round 2.  The armies present were two Imperial Guards, two Orks, Dark Eldar, Blood Angels, Necrons, Grey Knights and Space Wolves.  The organizer had his Daemons available.

Game 1:

My first game was against Fred who was playing Imperial Guard.  His list included a Valkyrie full of Vets, a big blob of troops with Lascannons, a small squad of troops, a Hydra, an Earthshaker cannon and a Leman Russ.  The game was annihilation and there was basically no terrain on the table at the beginning.  Then each turn a large blast sized “crystal forest” would randomly pop up on the field.

I ended up going second, and I didn’t think I’d have much luck against all the big guns.  Luckily Fred rolled pretty badly all game, and nothing was touched on the first turn.  I then returned by blasting his smaller Guard squad with my heavy bolters causing them to flee.  My Long Fangs knocked the Valkyrie out of the sky, and then a squad of my Wolves finished it off.  Those Wolves did last long, though, as they took a wound from the Leman Russ and then got shot by the Vets’ plasma pistols.  The one wolf failed his shield save against the plasma pistol, and then they failed their leadedship test and ran off the board.

That was the last that I’d really lose, though.  My Wolf Lord and the other squad of Wolves made it across the board and ate basically all of his army.  By the end of turn 4, I had basically tabled him, and finished it up turn 5 scoring 47 of the 48 points available.

Game 2:

The second game was against my good friend Nick’s Orkz.  He was running with two Battlewagons, one with a few Burnas and Mekz with a big gun.  The other was full of Boyz.  He also had a small squad of Nob Bikers, a large blob of Boyz and some Lootas.  I was playing on the same table, but this time we had terrain and the objective was to capture terrain pieces.

Things started off badly with us forgetting about the Night Fight portion of Dawn of War, so his big gun was able to immobilize one of my Razorbacks.  My Wolves all made it around the side of a building and hit his big squad of Boyz all at once.  They proceeded to get chomped by the wolves quite quickly.  Later in the game the Wolf Lord made it’;s way over to eat the Lootas, while a single Thunderwolf tried to take the Bikers, but came up short.  One of the more entertaining battles, though, was a squad of my Grey Wolves taking on a squad of his Boys from the Battlewagon.  The Wolves managed to win combat, and then swept them up.

On the last turn, one of my Grey Hunter squads was able to regroup and just barely run back to the trees in the center of the table.  The final results had the Nobs holding one hill, and my Grey Hunters holding some ruins and the central trees.  Neither of us managed to get the second or third objectives.  I ended up with 22 points, bringing my total to 69.

Game 3:

The last game was against Jerad’s Orkz.  He had two Looted Wagons, three big squads of Boyz, a squad of Gretchin and a Big Mek.  We were playing for three objectives; Jerad placed one in each corner and then one in the center.  I decided to make the one in the far corner the primary.  Jerad then proceeded to win the roll-off, which hurt my chances from the beginning.

I deployed my Wolves as far forward as possible, and then launched them on the first turn towards the Orks.  I was able to destroy both Wagons on the first turn, but other than that things went poorly.  One squad of Wolves along with the Lord charged into one of his Boyz squads and I immediately regretted it.  Obviously my last game had made me overconfident.  I only managed to kill 7 orks and all three of my Wolves had taken wounds.   On the next turn, my other squad of Wolves got shot up my his Boyz and each took a wound.  The wolves tried to charge those same boyz, and ended up doing very little damage before dying.  The original assault also ended up badly for my wolves, and the Wolf Lord perished on the following turn.

At that point, I had really no chance of killing all those Orks.  I ended up driving my Razorbacks around trying to avoid the Orks.  At the bottom of turn 5, I had managed to contest  the central objective, control the objective in my deployment zone with a single marine, and I had units in all four quarters for the secondary.  Sadly, the game went on to turn 6.  The lone marine died, and I was unable to contest the center.  I did still get the secondary objective, though for a total of 14 points.

I learned after the game, though, that I would have needed to get the full primary in order to win, as the Grey Knights player had massacred his opponent, scoring nearly full points and edging Jerad out of first place by a single point.  I ended up in third place, but I did pick up the Best Painted award, which I used for a box of Necron Warriors.

It was a well run tournament, and while the first mission was a bit goofy, it worked out alright.  The store has decided to stop hosting 40k and Fantasy tournaments on the same day, so there should be a lot more participants in the future, which should be great.

And now for all the pictures:

Malifaux: Lucius vs. Pandora

On Wednesday, Ryan and I played a game of Malifaux for the first time in ages.  We were a bit rusty on the rules, so we were only able to get through four turns in the course of two and a half hours.  I was playing my Guild with Lucius, two Guild Guard, a Guard Captain, an Austringer and Ryle.  Ryan was using Pandora, Candy, Baby Kade and three Sorrows.

We played on the sewer board that I have been working on.  The mission was to kill the opposing Master and I took the scheme to have more models on the table at the end, while Ryan took the one to have more Soulstones (he started with seven and I, one).

Ryan's Crew

The game started pretty slowly with us just moving up towards the center.

On the second turn, a Sorrow managed to Paralyze Ryle, keeping him from doing anything.  The Austringer got his first kill, when Ryan made the mistake of moving a Sorrow into range of his raptor.

Kade and a Sorrow ganged up on a Guild Guard to take him out, but not before the Guard could seriously wound the Sorrow.  Ryle tried to get some shots off, but didn’t do much.

I forgot to take any pictures after that.  Ryle beat himself up because of some influence by the Sorrow and Pandora.  Lucius guided things, but I was having a tough time doing much damage.  At one point, I was able to hit Pandora with a Raptor Strike and flipped a Red Joker, dealing 7 damage.  On the next turn, Ryan healed Pandora with Candy and flipped a Red Joker to heal all the damage.

We decided to call it on turn four.  Ryan tried to make on last hit on a Guild Guard with Pandora, but failed.  In doing so, he moved Pandora away from her guards, and the Austringer was able to some good hits and finished her off.

It was a fun game, and it was nice to be playing again.  I really liked the way Lucius works as a master, though he’s not the best against the Neverborn.  Playing again made me really want to paint more Malifaux stuff, so hopefully you’ll see more of them here soon.

Tournament Recap

On Saturday, I helped to run an 1850 point 40k tournament.  Since there was only 5 other players and the other guys were okay with it, I played my Space Wolves.  The other 5 were Ravenwing, two Space Marine armies, Dark Eldar and Eldar.

My first game was against Robert’s Dark Eldar.  The mission was 6 objectives and Dawn of War.  I took the second turn, and the game was pretty uneventful early on.  Robert was deep striking most everything, so the first two turns left little to shoot at.  Eventually, my Lone Wolves and a Thunderwolf Battle Leader engaged Lilith and some Wyches.  That battle lasted for a couple turns, but eventually my wolves were finished off.  That left Lillith in the open, though, and she got blown up by some missiles.  On the other side of the board, a Wolf Guard squad was blasted down to a single man by some Warriors.  He was then assaulted by some Hellions, miraculously survived, killing one and chased them off.  I was able to control two objective, two others were contested, and Robert controlled one.  This gave me the minor win.

My second game was against Jeremy and his Ravenwing.  It was Annihilation with pitched battle deployment.  I was going second again, and deployed the majority of my army to the left hand side of the board.  I was able to fire away with my missiles for most of the game and made it quite difficult for Jeremy to get close unscathed.  The Lone Wolves got into combat with his Speeders and some of the bikes and did incredibly well surviving.  In fact they contributed most of my kill points.  All that was left of the Ravenwing was Samael, and I ended up with a narrow win on kill points.

My last game was against Ryan, who was playing Space Marines.  The objective was table quarters with spearhead deployment.  My Thunderwolves and Lone Wolves dueled Ryan’s Terminators in the center for a few turns, leaving a single Terminator alive.  The rest of my army spread out into the other quarters.  My Wolf Guard (including a Chainfist terminator) shot and then assaulted a 5 man Tactical squad in one quarter, but failed to finish them off.  Another 5 Marines joined the fight, and managed to drag that fight out for the rest of the game.  Even with the Chainfist, I was only killing 1 marine a turn, and it just wasn’t enough.  At the end, Ryan and I controlled our deployment quarters, but the other two were contested, so we finished with a draw.

Overall, I ended up with two wins and a draw, which was enough for 1st place.  Jeremy took second and Dana with his Space Marines took third.  It was a nice tournament, and everyone appeared to have fun.

Now some pictures from the day.


Last Three Plays:


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