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Fiasco: Gangsta London



Phil, Ryan, Gina and I played our first ever game of Fiasco last night.  Ryan and I had kind of decided on the Gangsta London playset, and when the others agreed we were off and running.

The Cast:
Mickey “Fingas” Smith – Bumbling thug/wannabe crime boss, spent time in AA with Anya
Dmitri Andropov – Russian henchman, Petra’s cousin
Petra Andropov – Auction house employee and Anya’s reluctant lover
Anya Flarehety – Auction house proprietor

The game started out with Mickey attempting to move a valuable katana through the auction house.  Dmitri was supposed to deliver said katana, but got sidetracked by his cousin.  The cousins were out to try and steal the katana for themselves as both of them wanted to be more than just underlings.

After the tilt revealed plans gone wrong and some mayhem, the package delivered by the cousins ended up being a golf club.  Mickey had aspirations to bust into the auction and steal some merchandise.  Mickey and Petra ended up in a golf club/sword fight, but were disarmed when Anya reprimanded them both.

The sword ended up on auction anyways, but didn’t sell as well as Mickey hoped.  He got pissed, pulled a gun and started shooting before running off into the night.

In the aftermath, Anya had Petra’s baby.  Dmitri became the leader of a small time operation, but then got busted when Petra screwed up another job.  Petra ended up dying in prison, while Mickey ended up working for Anya and stealing the occasional petty item from the Auction house.

Overall it was a great time.  The story unfolded far different from what I expected going in, and I’m certainly looking forward to playing again.

Until next time, happy gaming!


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