Weekend Gaming: Eminent Domain and Lords of Waterdeep

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Joe, Kevin, Louis, Gina and I kicked off games Saturday evening with Eminent Domain along with the expansion.  I decided to focus on colonization and research.  I quickly settled my first planet and then picked up a Peace Treaty to benefit from Joe and Louis’ warfare roles.  The others were quickly expanding their empires, while I focused on the research.  I managed to get two metalic planets, but the technologies available weren’t terribly useful.  I picked up a bunch of points early with the Peace Treaties, and then finished the game with a bunch of technology and a prestige planet that I picked up using the planet recon technology.  I had a sizable lead in point and handily took the win with 42.  The next closest was 26.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWe followed that with Lords of Waterdeep with the Scoundrels of Skullport expansion.  I was aiming for Warfare and Commerce quests.  I managed to get 10 of them completed, but most were smaller points.  Joe was able to build a building that provided 10 points for three adventurers.  Plus he had a quest that let him get the owner bonus when he used his own buildings.  He was consistently getting 12 points from that building, since everyone was focused on their own quests and didn’t bother to contest the building.

Corruption flew off the board, and the building that removed it from the game was available.  There were a couple points late where I had to take a 10 point hit to do an action, which ended up hurting my score significantly.  Louis, Kevin and Gina were doing well, but couldn’t catch Joe.


Until next time, happy gaming!

Weekend Gaming: Chicago Express and Eminent Domain

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI was joined by Joe, his friend Brent, Kevin, and Louis on Saturday.  We started off with Chicago Express.  I wanted to take the green line across country to Chicago and I did manage to get the first share of it, but things didn’t quite go as planned.  Joe, who didn’t have any shares quickly put the second share up for bid and it ended up with Brent.  Louis had sole control of Red, but Brent and I were making it difficult for red to continue.  Blue was pretty much halted after its first expansion.

Brent and I were working well on green.  Eventually, though, I lost any semblance of control when Kevin picked up a share and Brent bought a second.  At this point I knew I was out of it, so I tried to derail green, but was unable to before Kevin connected it to Chicago.  Brent picked up the first black share, and I quickly bought the second.  It didn’t end up mattering much.  Kevin quietly had control of green and yellow and was making quite a bit each dividend.  He finished with over $70 and the victory.


We followed that with Eminent Domain including the Escalation expansion.  It was interesting.  It took a bit to explain everything, since Brent hadn’t played before.  Once we got going, it was a little slow as well.  Adding a fifth player seemed to add a bit if you weren’t following the other players’ action often.  Joe was doing some warfare, while Kevin and Brent each had Peace Treaties in play for bonus points.  Louis and I were working with production and trade, but I was slow to get started due to expensive planets.  Kevin had picked up a bunch of research cards and got a nice combination being able to get replenishing fighters and the ability to trade fighters like resources.  Kevin won with a score in the 40’s.


Until next time, happy gaming!

Weekend Gaming: Sleepovers

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMy son had a friend over Saturday night, so we didn’t get the normal group together for games.  Gina and I did get to play a couple games Saturday afternoon, though.  We started with a couple runs though our newest game, Hanabi.  We were just learning things, and we didn’t score better than 11 in either game.  It was interesting to figure out how to communicate within the limited rules to get the cards played in the right order.

We then played Terra Mystica.  Gina was the Witches, and I played the Darklings.  I was able to get a city relatively quickly, focusing on temples.  Things were pretty even throughout the game, but Gina wasn’t doing much on the cult track, so I was able to easily take a lead in three out of the four cults.  I also had the largest empire by just a couple, thanks to my boats.  I ended up with a score around 120 and Gina had about 90.

Until next time, happy gaming!

Weekend Gaming: Another Birthday Bash

IMG_20140927_243807_061We headed out of town this weekend to celebrate Laura’s birthday over the weekend.  Joe, Phil, and Dana also joined in on the festivities.  On Friday night, after the majority of the party had quieted down, we started in with the board games.  Gina and I showed up while they were finishing up 7 Wonders.  We then setup Trajan and Agricola.

Gina played Agricola with Phil, Nick, and Laura.  I played Agricola with Dana and Joe.  I had intended to use wheat to feed my family and then gather sheep to take advantage of my loom.  Sadly that didn’t pan out.  I never got the wheat rolling, and ended up using my Manufacturer to get the Joinery and Pottery cheaply to help feed my meager family.  Joe and Dana were both grabbing sheep, so I missed out on them.

Joe and Dana both managed to fill their farms, but Joe had played a ton of Improvements for points.  I managed to score 33, but Joe ended up with the win.

While the others finished Trajan, we played a quick game of Dominion.  We had a fairly expensive selection of cards, but the 6 Gold Village that gives another card when it is purchased was available, so that and the Highway went very quickly.  Joe was using the Highways to get a couple Provinces, but wasn’t drawing many cards, so it was hard to sustain.  I had picked up a couple Margraves, so it took a little longer to get my engine running.  It got rolling, though, and I was able start getting points, and even managed a couple multiple Province turns with extra buys.  That was enough to take the victory.

We finished the night with Cards Against Humanity.  Everyone had a blast, and while I only won a few hands, it was entertaining all around.

On Saturday, Gina and I finally went to see Guardians of the Galaxy.  It was awesome all around.  I loved the characters, the special effects, and the music.  I can’t wait to see it again.

Until next time, happy gaming!

Weekend Gaming: Birthday Celebration

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWe celebrated my daughter’s birthday on Saturday.  It was held at the local gymnastic center, and she had a blast with all of her friends.  It was great to see them all running and bouncing around.

That evening Nick, Joe, Louis, Kevin, and I got together for some games.  We started with Caverna.  I was working towards a huge animal-centric game using wheat to feed my family, but my game was cut short.  I had to bow out about two-thirds of the way through to help Gina when my daughter couldn’t go to bed because of an ear-ache.  After getting her some medication and settled down I was able to see the end of the game.  Joe and Nick had taken over the animal husbandry, while Louis had collected a ton of good and turned them into points.  He ended up with 105 points and the victory.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI needed to relax with a game after all the craziness, so – after Louis took off – Gina joined us for Glen More.  I was slowly making my way around the board, picking up villages and goods to sell at the annual fair.  I was able to get the castle for bonus points with the villages, but I messed up my last round.  Had I saved some goods instead of selling them, I would have had enough to buy Lock Oich and score more from my Fair.  Instead I ended up three points of Joe.


Sunday was spent unwinding, and I did get to play a quick game of Small world with my son.  It took a little for him to get things figured out again, but we had a lot of fun before cutting it short to eat dinner.

Until next time, happy gaming!

Weekend Gaming: Family Time

I didn’t play any board games this weekend.  Instead, on Saturday my son helped me install a new motherboard, processor, and memory into my computer.  He had fun helping and it was neat to do something like that with him.

Then Saturday evening, Gina and I finally watched Captain America: Winter Soldier.  It was quite good and we really enjoyed it.  It was one of the best Marvel superhero movies we’ve seen.

Until next time, happy gaming!

Weekend Gaming: Mystics and More

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe usual crew of Joe, Kevin, and Louis came over Saturday and we kicked things off with Terra Mystica.  I was playing the Witches; Louis – the Nomads; Joe – the Cultists; and Kevin – the Swarmlings.  With bonus points for building big buildings in the first two rounds, everyone had built their stronghold in the first round.  I started flying around with my witches trying to setup for a town in round three.  I managed to get the town built, but it cost quite a bit of resources.  

Joe was working the cult tracks pretty well, but didn’t have much of a presence on the board.  Kevin and Louis were spreading out nicely and Louis had a fairly well connected empire.  I built a second town, and caught Kevin and Joe by surprise, quickly overtaking them for the first place position in the Air cult.  I then spent the last rounds trying to increase the size of my empire, but I couldn’t quite catch Louis.  It didn’t matter, though, as Kevin had a solid position on all of the cult tracks and had built a sizable point lead during the game, winning with about 120 points.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAGina then joined us for a quick game of Glen More.  I went heavily into the distilleries and wound up taking all three taverns.  It took quite a few jumps to the front, though, so I only had nine tiles and missed a few scoring opportunities.  Joe had grabbed a ton of villages, creating a bunch of chieftains and then took the castle that provided bonuses for each village.  That was the decider, as he wracked up points with chieftains and the villages.


Kevin, Joe, and I finished with Eminent Domain.  I went with a heavy military strategy, conquering as many planets as I could.  I did alright, with two planets giving me bonuses to warfare roles.  The problem was that every planet I managed to survey required six fighters, except for the one that required five.  It took too many resources to get them flipped quickly, so I ended up in last while Kevin and Joe managed to tie at 20 with a bunch of colonized planets.


Until next time, happy gaming!


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