Weekend Gaming: Terra Mystica

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWe weren’t able to play Saturday night, but Joe, Kevin and Louis joined me Sunday afternoon for a game of Terra Mystica.

I was playing the Chaos Magicians.  Louis played the Merfolk; Kevin, the Halflings; and Joe, the Nomads.

I started in the middle of the map next to Louis and Kevin, building a temple quickly to get the favors for better income.  I was able to quickly build a city in the center and eventually migrated to the right side for a second city.

The others were gaining points quickly, and I was falling behind.  I was able to get the top spots in the Earth and Water cults; barely beating Louis for water after he stole fire from me.  I wasn’t able to get the most connected civilization, though.  That went to Joe, who maxed out his boating ability and spread out all over the place.  Joe ended up winning, while I pulled up the rear.


Until next time, happy gaming!

Weekend Gaming: Clash and March Wrap Up

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAKevin, Joe, Louis, and I decided on Clash of Cultures Saturday night. It started off pretty peacefully. A mountain range separated me from Louis, and the middle was unexplored for much of the game.

Eventually Joe and Kevin ended up next to each other. Kevin took the first aggressive action in attacking Joe. He was defeated and Joe took advantage of his weakened state to take Kevin’s city.

I had built up a nice city in my corner and was using my economic liberties for income. I was able to build the great mausoleum wonder, but building armies to defend was difficult with limited access to ore. I did take a couple of Louis’ nearby cities to dissuade him from attacking my capital.

Kevin had climbed back into it and was giving Joe trouble, but Joe decided I was the biggest threat and started working his way over to my city. I was barely able to build an army to defend and survived his attack with a single army remaining.

I finished the game with 38 points, while Louis had 34, Kevin had 33, and Joe had less than 20.


I had forgotten to post my March wrap up, so here it is. Flash Point was definitely the game of the month.  Nothing else even comes close.

Game Qty
Flash Point: Fire Rescue 9
Hawaii 2
The Castles of Burgundy 1
CO₂ 1
Railways of Europe 1
Spyrium 1

Until next time, happy gaming!

Weekend Gaming: Trains and Castles

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAJoe, Kevin, Louis and I kicked Saturday off with Railways of Europe.  I was working towards the “connections to Spanish cities” baron, so I picked up the Hotel Madrid and then started making connections.  There were a few deliveries in the area, but things slowed down after the first few turns.

Louis and Joe were both fighting for the middle area, while Kevin had the Eastern European and Russian connections.  Kevin was able to build a pretty nice loop near Moscow and connecting into Vienna that he used to consistently make long deliveries.  Louis had a similar thing going around Paris.

I was never able to catch up, and while Joe managed to connect Paris to Constantinople, and have the least debt; it wasn’t enough to catch Kevin.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERACastles of Burgundy followed, and I was playing the map with a single large animal pasture.  I picked up some cows in the first round, and started filling in my mines.  Joe was looking to ship and Kevin was using boats to ensure he was going first most of the time.

Cows didn’t show up again for a couple rounds, and by that point Louis had nearly completed chicken and sheep fields.  Kevin was looking at pigs, and Joe was ignoring animals altogether.  I had a pretty tight monopoly on the cows, and was able to use that to score a ton of points.  I ended the game nearly 100 points in the lead.




Until next time, happy gaming!

Weekend Gaming: Smoke on the Water

Flashpoint was yet again the game of choice to begin the night.  Gina, Kevin, Louis and I started with the alternate side of the base board on the Veteran level.

Thing started off smoothly.  Kevin was mastering the deck gun, clearing the fire while Louis and I took care of rescuing the people in the other part of the house.  Gina was putting out the rest of the fires around the house.  It was looking like it would be a quick win, when suddenly some hazardous material burst into flames in the bedroom, quickly raging out of control.  Kevin had moved away from the firetruck to help with rescues, so there wasn’t much that could be done.  It quickly spiraled out of control and the house ended up collapsing on us before we could recover.


The second game introduced the Merchant Ship from the Dangerous Waters expansion.  It started off badly and then just went downhill quickly.  I managed to save two people, but the hallway running down the center of the ship caught fire and we never managed to get it under control.  Kevin was knocked out twice due to standing too close to the hallway, and the game ended with the cabins taking too much damage, destroying the ship.


We finished the night with a less stressful game of Hawaii.  Boats were far away on the island, but started cheap, so Louis and Kevin went for boats early.  Gina was looking at spears, while I went and bought a cheap shell hut.  I continued to buy shell huts with the intent to meet the quota each round, but even with a decent income I came up short in a couple rounds.  Louis, Kevin and Gina were all scoring points throughout the game.  I was relying on my Kahunas to do most of my work, but they weren’t enough.  Kevin scored 51 points in the end, and Louis had 61 bonus points from a single huge village.  Louis was just able to sneak past Kevin for the victory.


Until next time, happy gaming!

Weekend Gaming: More Flashpoint

I played in the State Darts Singles tournament this weekend (taking 3rd in my division), so we stayed with my parents.  On Friday night, Gina and I played a couple games of Flashpoint.  We lost both games with the house collapsing around us.  We weren’t able to spread out and control the fire while also taking care of the victims efficiently.  If we had concentrated on the fire first, and then the victims, it may have been easier.

On Saturday, I visited the local game shop and ended up buying two of the expansions for Flash Point: Dangerous Waters and Extreme Danger.  They look like they should be fairly challenging with some interesting twists.

Then, that evening we taught Flashpoint to Laura and Dana.  They enjoyed it, and we beat the game fairly handily with there being almost zero fire left on the board.  We did lose two victims to fire, though, simply because of bad luck.

We finished the evening with Phase 10.  I ended up winning, narrowly beating out Laura, with a bit of help from Dana and Gina in the last phase.

Until next time, happy gaming!

Weekend Gaming: Flashpoint

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERALouis had requested that we learn Flashpoint: Fire Rescue, so that is exactly what Louis, Kevin, Joe and I did on Saturday.

The first game was just the basic setup with the experienced rules. Kevin did a great job with the deck gun, putting out a ton of fire.  Joe worked the CAFS firefighter perfectly and we were able to get it done with zero casualties.

We decided to step it up in our second game, going with a random, veteran setup.  I started off as the Rescue specialist and Joe was the EMT.  This left us with a lack of fire extinguishing, but with Louis commanding us and some fairly favorable fire rolls, we were able to quickly evacuate the building.


We then finished the evening with a game of Spyrium.  I built a couple factories and a basic mine in the first round and worked them all game.  There were a few turns where money was short and spyrium supplies dipped, but with the factory bonus card, I was able to propel myself to a first place finish.


Gina wanted to play a game Sunday, so I taught her Flashpoint as well.  Our first game did not go well.  The fire quickly got out of control in the living room, and the next thing we know the walls started falling down around us.  We managed to save six victims, but the building collapsed before we rescued the last one.


We play again, and this time our son joined in.  He was playing the Generalist and I had the CAFS Firefighter to hopefully deal with the fire.  After being forced to deal with a bunch of false alarms in our previous game, Gina decided to start with the Imaging Tech.  Things started off a bit like the last game with the living room quickly becoming engulfed in flame.  Jax was able to save the first couple victims, while I worked on taking care of the fire.  Gina ended up switching to the Commander and later the Driver in order to use the deck gun to really take care of the fire quickly.

The building was in dire straights, but Jax rushed the last victim out the back door and into the waiting ambulance to seal the victory.


Until next time, happy gaming!

February 2014 Wrap-up

With only four Saturdays, and being out of town for one of them, we only managed seven games in February.  The top two were CO2 for the first time in quite a while, and Louis’ new game, Kemet.

Game Qty
CO₂ 2
Kemet 2
Caylus 1
Glen More 1
Gloom 1

Until next time, happy gaming!

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