500 Post Celebration Giveaway!

pic1873572_tIn celebration of my 500th post to this blog, I want to do a little give away.  Since it seems fitting to the content of this blog, I have an open, but unplayed copy of the Space Hulk: Death Angel card game that I will be giving away.  Along with that, I will be painting a Space Marine miniature that will also be included. In order to be considered, just post a comment on this post answering the following questions:

  • What is your name?
  • What is your favorite color? (this will be considered when I’m painting the Space Marine)
  • What is your favorite board game?
  • (optional) What is your email address? (obfuscated formatting such as name [at] whatever [dot] com is acceptable to prevent spam)

The winner will be picked randomly from the comments using Random.org.  The winner will be announced on the blog and will be contacted via email on August 1st.  The emails will only be used for the purpose of contacting you if you win.  If you win but didn’t leave your email, then I will expect an email from you by midnight on August 5th otherwise a new winner will be randomly chosen.

The rules:

  • “No purchase necessary.”
  • One entry per person/email address.
  • If you don’t want to comment, just send an email with “MTDS Contest” in the subject to dahli [dot] llama [at] gmail [dot] com and answer the above questions to be included in the drawing.
  • Contest is open to entrants worldwide.  Just a note that I am shipping from the US, so if you are outside the US it might take a while for the prize to arrive if you win.
  • Contest ends midnight CDT July 31st 2014
  • Prizes: 1 opened, complete copy of Space Hulk: Death Angel card game.  1 painted Warhammer 40k Space Marine miniature.
  • The winner will be picked randomly from the comments using Random.org.
  • The winner will be announced on this blog on August 1st

Good luck, and happy gaming!

Weekend Gaming: Cards, Castles, and Caverna

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIt’s been a busy week of gaming around here.  I played Tigris and Euphrates and Kingdom Builder with Joe, Louis, and Ben – a guy who found us via BoardGameGeek – on Wednesday.  Then Thursday Joe, Gina, and I played Agricola.

Ryan was going to join Joe, Gina, and I on Friday, but he was running a bit late, so we played Dominion while we waited.  Joe got off to an early start with his Bishop, while Gina kept hitting us with Witches.  I eventually got an engine running with Laboratories, but even though I bought a bunch of Provinces I was still a couple points short of Joe.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWhen Ryan arrived we played Castle of Burgundy.  It was a pretty even game throughout.  Ryan pulled ahead early with animals, but we all managed to catch up eventually.  I picked up a couple of bonus point tiles and managed to get five of the estates for a big bonus.  I also had a large shipment of the purple goods pushing me well into the lead.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAGina was out of town Saturday,  so it was just Louis, Joe, and I.  Again we kicked things off with Dominion, and  I managed to win both games we played.  The first was dominated by Louis’ Saboteur, but I was able to work around it using Goons to score points.  I also had some Ventures that provided enough money to pick up a few Duchies.  The second game got a bit ridiculous.  We had two different Villages and a bunch of plus-draw and buy cards.  At one point I had so many buys that I was able to buy a Province and six free Peddlers on the same turn.  A few turns later I bought the remaining four Peddlers.  At that point I was able to consistently buy two Provinces at a time, and the game quickly ended.

Kevin showed up at this point and we played Caverna.  I grabbed the Office early and was using it to get as many tiles as I could.  It was taking quite a bit of work, so I was glad that I was able to get a dwelling and then the Couple’s Dwelling fairly early, and by the end of the sixth round I had a full family.  Feeding them was a bit of a challenge, but eventually I managed to get some vegetable farming going and shortly thereafter a herd of boars.  Kevin was also following the full family path, concentrating on his farm and maximizing a single dwarf in the questing.

Both Louis and Joe only had two dwarves throughout the game.  They were both using the questing spots for strong gains.  Joe had monopolized the sheep, ending the game with twenty of them, while Louis was gathering rubies and ore for bonus points.

The difference in the game ended up being the tile that provided me with bonus points for veggies and wheat that I picked up in the last round.  I received twelve points from that and ended up beating Louis by eight.  The differences in scores was interesting, as Kevin came in last with his full family, with Louis and Joe – with only two dwarves each – came in second and third.


Until next time, happy gaming!

Weekend Gaming: Lords of Waterdeep

Saturday was spent celebrating my son’s birthday, which was LEGO themed this year.  He had a blast.  Along with that, our friends Nick and Laura were in town.  We were joined by Kevin, Louis and Joe that evening for a game of Lords of Waterdeep with the expansion.

My Lord awarded a bonus for each corruption I had at the end of the game, so I focused on completing high point quests using said corruption.  I was expecting the game to be similar to last time where most everyone was sitting on a fair bit of corruption, but boy was I wrong.  There were a few quests that reduced corruption and a couple of buildings were built later that helped as well.

I did managed to build a decent lead, but stalled in about the sixth round.  Laura was able to overtake me and jumped out to a huge lead by the end.  Nothing is ever as it seems, though, and she didn’t have a enough end game bonuses to counteract the few corruption she still had.  Louis — on the other hand — had a bunch of end game points and finished in first.  I lost 32 points from my corruption even after my Lord bonuses and ended up in fifth, just ahead of Nick.


Gina joined us and we played 7 Wonders with all of us.  I was playing Babylon, and somehow managed to get a ton of Science cards.  I did poorly in all other categories, but I had a bunch of science plus my wonder and the guild card that let me choose which science icon to score.  After a little help from the others choosing which icons to score, I managed to beat Louis and his Giza wonder by only a couple points.

Gina wanted to finish the night with Flash Point.  Joe sat out and just observed.  We used the more challenging of the two base game maps and had all but the medic and commander roles represented.  It ended up being a fairly quick and straightforward game.  Louis was working the deck gun masterfully and hit nearly every time.  The fire was constrained to one side of the building, while the victims were typically on the other.  Nick kept the hazmat to a minimum and we quickly cleared the house of victims with zero casualties.


Until next time, happy gaming!

Weekend Gaming: Domination in July

I hope everyone had a great 4th of July.  We spent most of Friday just hanging around the house and playing outside.  Saturday, we went to the parade and then spent the afternoon at the lake before heading to Phil and Dana’s for grilling.  The kids loved it and the food was great.  We finished the night with some fireworks and then bedtime.  We opted to skip the big fireworks show because the weather was turning sour and everyone was dead tired.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThen on Sunday, Gina decided that she was in the mood for a longer game and invited Kevin, Joe and Phil over for Dominant Species.  Joe was the reptiles, Kevin – the birds, Phil – the amphibians, Gina – the arachnids, and I – the insects.  Early on, I tried to worked to push the glaciation away from my area towards Phil and Gina.  Those two were duking it out early, and because I ended up not taking a card, it allowed Phil to take a card that removed the elements that Gina needed to survive in her area.  That caused an extinction of her existing species.  She was able to come back on the other side of the board on the next turn, though.


I had just to an early lead, but Kevin had control of the tundra and was scoring survival points, while Joe was amassing points by dominating with lots of species on the board.  Three turns before the end, Phil had to leave, and Dana took his place.  She ended up teaming up with Gina to attack Joe and I.  I ended up getting wiped out in the upper right of the board.  I had made moves into the left side of the board, though, and started dominating the tiles away from Joe.


By the end, Joe had taken a substantial lead, and Kevin had a large influence in the tundra and was dominating plenty of tiles.  I was able to adapt to and control the entire upper left of the board, and then damage Kevin’s position in the tundra slightly.  I scored 45 points with the Ice Age card, launching me into the lead.  Then in final scoring, Joe and Kevin came close, but I managed to finish in first place.


Until next time, happy gaming!

Weekend Gaming: Manhattan Project

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAGina, Joe, Kevin, Louis and I kicked off Saturday evening with The Manhattan Project.  After grabbing the University that provided three scientists for the cost of one, I decided that I would focus on espionage.  Joe and Kevin were building bombers and fighters like crazy, while Louis and Gina were diligently expanding their engines.

When Gina started the first Bomb Design, I was able to pick a simple Plutonium bomb to start my game.  With the help of my espionage, I was able to mine enough cake to produce a few plutonium to build and then test the small bomb.  This put me on Joe’s radar, and he bombed my reactors into rubble after only one use.  Luckily Kevin decided to buy a few reactors, and I was able to buy another of my own.  After getting a nice big plutonium bomb from the design stack, I was able to use Kevin’s and my remaining reactors to gather up the plutonium needed.  I was going to have to wait two turns to recall my scientists before I could build it, but Kevin was nice enough to recall first.  This sent my two scientist back to me and I was able to use them to build my bomb and get a bomber to load it into for the winning points.


We then played Railways of Europe with Gina sitting out.  My baron rewarded having the most connected cities, and there were four service bounties available in the first round.  Joe won the bid to go first, and built into Madrid for that service bounty.  That left me building from Athens to Constantinople for that one.  Since those two cities could easily swap cubes, I was looking for two other cities to connect to get two more colors for the Passenger Lines bonus.  I ended up building into Paris from Essen and then Berlin to Amsterdam.

Kevin was working from Moscow into the center and Louis had built into Paris and was heading south.  I was able to get the Passenger Lines bonus, while Joe got both the Speed Record and a Service Bounty to Marseilles.  By the end, Kevin, Joe and Louis were making 4-5 point deliveries, while I was doing three at a time.  I did end up getting a couple four point deliveries, but an easy Service Bounty for Louis gave him a bit of a bonus.  Joe was trying to get the most total links, while I was trying to connect cities, and I ended up squeaking out a win in that category.  It wasn’t enough, though, as I finished in last with Joe, Kevin, and I all within one point and Louis ahead of us by five.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWe finished the night with Eminent Domain.  I followed Louis into a warfare strategy, and I wanted to work production and trade.  My planets were too expensive to quickly conquer, though, and while Kevin piled up a ton of planets, I was barely able to get three.  They did synchronize well, though, with one production and one trade planet.  I scored twelve points from trade, but I didn’t have enough time to catch up.  Kevin had colonized a bunch of planets with two prestige planets for a final winning score of 27.


Weekend Gaming: Rogue Trader

I didn’t play any board games this weekend.  Instead I spent most of the day Saturday playing in a Warhammer 40k Rogue Trader Tournament.  It was 1850 points and I brought my Space Wolves with an Astra Militarum allied detachment.  The exact list is below:

Primary Detachment – Space Wolves

Rune Priest

10x Grey Hunters
2x Plasmagun

5x Grey Hunters
Razorback, Lascannon, TL-Plasmagun

5x Grey Hunters
Razorback, Lascannon, TL-Plasmagun 

Heavy Support
5x Long Fangs
4x Lascannon

5x Long Fangs
4x Missile Launchers

5x Long Fangs
4x Missile Launchers

10x Wolf Guard
2x Terminator Armor, Cyclone Missile Launcher
6x Storm Bolters
2x Combi-melta

Secondary Detachment – Astra Militarum Allies 

Company Command Squad
Company Commander with Shotgun
4x Veterans with Flamers

Veteran Squad

Fast Attack
Vendetta Squadron
2x Vendetta


There were quite a few people at the tournament.  I think the total attendance was 12.  The armies were nicely diverse with a couple Necrons, Chaos Marines, Daemons, Tau, Space Wolves, Space Marines, and Tyranids all getting representation.


My first game was against a Space Marines player using the Ravenwing rules.  He had four Rhinos and a Razorback full of Marines that scouted halfway across the board.  Going first, I had setup to pound them with my missiles early, but he ended up stealing the initiative and going first.  That swung the entire game.  He was able to destroy or neutralize all of my tanks in the first turn.


With all of these marines sitting right in my face, there wasn’t much I could do.  I took down a few of his tanks and started into the squads, but there were just too many to deal with.  My Vendettas didn’t come in until turn three, and by then there wasn’t much left.  I conceded the loss on turn four when all but my Vendettas were dead.


My second game was against Tyranids with four units of Genestealers, six Carnifexes, a flying thing, and a Tyranid Prime.  The game was a modified version of kill points where the unit that got the kill received the kill point and each unit could only score a single point.


I deployed first and we had short table edges.  I was able to get into some ruins and had a nice setup.  I wasn’t able to kill anything completely first turn, but I did weaken one of the Carnifex units.  He then couldn’t assault with his Genestealers in the first, so they were left fairly exposed.  My Vendettas actually made it on second turn and shot up his flyer, while my marines shot up the Genestealers, but failed to kill them all.


He got a couple of easy points from my tanks, and then the Genestealers got into combat with the marines and killed them off after a few turns.  I was able to finish off three of the Genestealer squads after the combat ended and one unit of Carnifexes.  The game ended turn 5, denying me the opportunity to shoot more and resulted in use getting a draw.

My final game was against Necrons with two Monoliths, a Nightscythe, Deathscythe, Anarath in a Command Barge, some Warriors, Immortals and a Ghost Ark.  The mission was to secure five objectives, one in each quarter and one in the center.

Again I decided to go first and setup with my Long Fangs on a hill with good firing lanes to wherever he deployed.  Sadly he stole the initiative and again I was left in the open.  His monoliths were able to use their large blasts to decimate my Long Fangs and Wolf Guard.  Then on my turn, I rolled up to one his Monoliths with my melta-guns, and promptly failed to hit with all of them.  Those Grey Hunters promptly died on the next turn.


The only things I managed to kill the entire game, was a unit of Deathmarks and a unit of Immortals that I was able to get into close combat with.  The only positive was that after my Vendettas arrived on turn four, they survived and due to some misplacement on his part I was able to switch them to hover mode and claim the center objective.  I had the objective in my quarter claimed as well, and contested another.  So we each held two objectives, but the center was worth an additional point.  Had the game ended then, I actually would have managed a win even after getting destroyed.  Sadly the game went on to a sixth turn, and he was able to mop up the little that was left. and took the win.

The Tau player ended up taking first with a Farsight Enclave army.  For being the first games I’ve played with 7th edition and the first games in over two years, I played pretty poorly.  That said, my opponents were great and the games were fun.  I am really glad that Paradox has started hosting them again, and I am looking forward to the next one in November.

Until next time, happy gaming.

Weekend Gaming: Happy Father’s Day!

Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there!

I didn’t get any board gaming in on Saturday night, since some of my group was out of town.  I did play a couple games of Pokemon with my son, and I sort of taught him Netrunner on Sunday.  Overall, my Father’s Day weekend was nice and relaxing.

Until next time, happy gaming!


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